Silver-White Winters That Melt Into Springs

favorite things

And these are a few of my favorite things.

Everyone always knows what I love because I have this strange, ambitious way of making that known. Des is like that too. I have total middle-child syndrome. Or maybe it’s just that I’m passionate and I feel like I owe credit where it’s due. I love moose and chocolate and cookies and ice cream. Rainbow socks, flannel pajamas pants, tribal printed leggings, and tribal printed sundresses that fit and hold me just right. I love baby animals and spring; picnics and lattes. I love being in love, in as many ways as there are people I love. Especially with my husband and my kids, as different as they are from each other.

favorite things

Isn’t it strange the way we ache continuously for each other? The way we ache for those that grow stronger and straighter – and in a direction opposite of us. Then there are the ones we ache for who grow toward us instead – stooped and aged.

Love, the ultimate mystery. Love, the ultimate. Period.

favorite things

On the second Friday of every month, Finish the Sentence Friday goes into listicle mode. I LOVE listicles. Who doesn’t love a good top ten list? This week’s topic is “10 things that are better than anything except being in love.” And I thought, how easy it would be to write ten things I love nearly as much as being in love. I just did it above without a second thought. Those words came faster than my hands could type. I thought more about channeling a feeling. A glorious feeling. Many.

It’s a feeling maybe like this one. It’s 5:00am and the phone rings in the dark house. The radiators are creaking with heat and you pull your covers closer. You hear the light footsteps from the third floor getting closer down the stairs and up and down the winding hallways to tell all five of you the news – you last – with your room buried in the back of a house. Deep and cavernous. Radiating with thoughts and heat. Your mom comes to your doorway last, knocks softly, and tells you that school is canceled. She opens your blinds and even though the dawn’s light hasn’t even touched on the softly falling snow, it’s like you can see it. You can hear it. You close your eyes and stay in your warm bed indefinitely. Now that’s a feeling.

Here’s my list of 10 things/feelings/experiences that are better than anything except being in love.

1 – An open road with a new mix cd (or 4). Or since CDs are getting dated, you can work with me here with music mixes!

2 – A tiny baby in arms and the knowledge that I have at least 18 years (maybe up to 70) of this painful, aching bliss.

3 – The knowledge I could do it all over again if I choose to.. for now, anyway.

4 – Getting back your bed after months of it being in storage or off-limits, due to renovations or moving or whatever else makes your bed go away. Or lying in your new bed for the first time! Knowing it’s all yours and feels like grown up magic.

5 – Having money in your bank account, and knowing that you can go anywhere you want in the world.

6 – What used to be a freshly loaded roll of film, but is now your favorite camera – or the one you most know how to use – and your favorite lens. Then that moment or moments when your “vision” is on fire – and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s the moment before you hit click, during that click, and when you know that the click captured your vision.

7 – The prospect of a romantic walk with someone you newly adore, which is sometimes as good or better than the actual walk. Similarly, it’s a hotel room and time with someone special. Room service breakfast in a cushy bed. Slow rolling time.

8 – When there’s no anxiety because you’re doing what you should darn well be doing.

9 – Time to yourself to read a book or magazine in a bath or near a fireplace.

10 – Being a Super Aunt! And of course, raising Super Cousins.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week's topic is

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week's topic is

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “10 things that are better than anything except being in love.” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin: HERE.

What would you say?

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  1. What can I say, but the pics of your kids and niece and nephew are absolutely adorable! That said, I am with you so much above. And the way you described a snow day was beyond words here 😉

  2. Awwww to the babies. I love the picture of Des putting Parker’s sock on. I saw that on facebook. It’s just SO cute! Btw way I sang your title and sang your intro even though I couldn’t make it match completely, it had rhythm. Glad you love listicles! 😀 We should be able to sing along to the next one too – hint hint.

  3. Oh – the snow day feeling! I still get it. Or I should say, I get it again. When the kids were little, the bliss of a snow day was accompanied by a “how am I going to keep them busy all day?” feeling. Now, I just burrow back under the covers and enjoy the extra sleep.

    And yes, being an aunt is pretty darn amazing.

  4. Wonderful list, friend. We’ve had several snow days this year but no “real” snow. I hope we get a good storm for sledding before this winter’s over. The photos are gorgeous as always. Awww. Cousins! Sooooo sweet. xoxo

  5. I went to the beach photos (by ‘went to’, of course, I mean I was ‘ok lets start….hey! ocean pitchas!’.)
    (the snow day thing is … a real thing for me as well. The muffled atmosphere in the woods, that odd soft thump of snow falling from an over-loaded branch. but since I hate the cold, I’ll read of your enjoyment of the experience and identify, but stay warm.)
    … excellent postifying.

  6. Your photographs are wonderful. Beach and babies = Beautiful.
    It is quite amazing how different people in a family can be from one another, yet share a sameness in other ways. It is what makes life interesting.
    Your telling of your mother making her way to your room to tell you that school was cancelled was so descriptive, I felt like I was inside your house.
    Great Listicle.

  7. I don’t know which is my favorite item on your list! These are all happy things. Number 8 is pretty special. Keep it up lady, you make the world a happier place by being you 🙂

  8. What a great post. I can feel the magic of the snow day. I love the part about no anxiety b/c you’re doing what you should be. That’s so true….and I have SO much anxiety right now b/c I can’t choose school and house for our upcoming move. I’m digging and looking and looking and the deciding is killing me. I can’t even chew, I’ve been grinding my teeth so much. oy. Get it in gear, april.

  9. Oh my goodness – baby face… so very sweet! I need a baby in my life!

    Yes to the new mix CD and open roads – wow, nothing like that feeling!

    I love all your “things”.

    Thanks for sharing friend!

  10. Ah… this entire post made me SMILE SO BIG!! And I would like to add a good audio book cd and an open road… 🙂

    Those winter mornings with school cancellations are my absolute FAVORITE things too… 🙂

    Oh, and the no anxiety… yeah, that tops the list for sure.

  11. Hi Tamara, you’d be hard pressed to beat getting your own bed back or sitting near a fire enjoying a good book. Except maybe an early morning walk on the beach or up in the hills with the dogs running free…. Those photographs of the baby are really special. Very beautiful.


  12. A sleeping baby on your chest and your preschooler resting her head on your shoulder while you watch a movie with a strong female title character 🙂
    Such sweet photos of your kiddos with your niece & nephew!

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