Welcome, I’m Tamara!

Influencer | Blogger | Mother | Photographer

I’m a Social Media Influencer, Family Lifestyle, Blogger, Professional Portrait Photographer, Co-Author, Mama, Adventurer, and lover of random acts of kindness, sundresses, superheroes, cookies and moose. I’m also enamored with rainbow sprinkles.

If you’re curious about this blog, it’s a Family Lifestyle Blog about adventure, family, and inspiration. That is my niche all on its own. I write about parenting, recipes and food, pets, health wellness, DIY, travel, home design and organization, marriage and intimacy, friendship, connections, photography, and more.

I’m a professional photographer, and I have a degree in Journalism, so this blog is heavy with storytelling. Sometimes we do cosplay. Sometimes we book trips to Alaska. Sometimes we surprise each other with pets, flowers, cookies, and more. This is also a space of vulnerability and connecting through the joys and pains of life.

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I’m also the mother, or “Mama” as they call me, of four adorable people:

I started this blog after two cross-country moves (Jersey to California, then California to Massachusetts) and the birth of my daughter. We settled down in Northampton, MA. After being captivated (captured, really) by both writing and photography as a kid, I decided to formally study them both in college and beyond.

I am always a student, and I always will be. I will never tire of learning. About myself, this blog, and this life

People tell me it’s rare to be so avid in both writing and photography, but I feel that they go hand-in-hand. My blog began as a series of essays on the intensities of my childhood, (early death of my father, integration into a blended, Brady Bunch family) as well as thoughts on parenting, aging, anxiety, grief and loss, ecstatic joy, and more. Much, much more. Somewhere along the way, my blog picked up a photojournalism theme, and that is where it shall stay.

And… I co-authored 3 books!