5 Confessions of a Social Media Addict

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When you're a social media addict like I am, sometimes you don't even realize what you're doing to your eyes. See what helps! #ad #RohtoDryAid  #ByeByeDryEye

Folks, you heard it here first. I am a social media addict, both proud and not proud.

I’m proud because I have made a career of social media and when I’m checking Facebook or posting on Twitter, I’m actually doing real work! And I’m not proud because sometimes I miss real life – the kind right in front of your eyes. And speaking of eyes, sometimes I don’t even realize until late in the day that I’ve been straining my eyes, and that they’re dry and irritated. A day spent away from fresh air and sunshine will do that, but there’s nothing I would change about my social media routines, except to make sure that I’m well protected and feeling great. Luckily I have found a way to do just that!

Rohto Dry-Aid. You can read even more about it here, as I have done. I have written about it before, because I realized that after years of studying textbooks and then computer screens, respectively, it was time to take action. And Rohto Dry-Aid is clinically shown to improve key symptoms of dry eye disease, which include dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging, and it does this without the temporary blurring that can happen when you instill eye drops. I love that Rohto Dry-Aid contains a unique formula that cools and soothes burning, stinging eyes instantly. It also offers consistent and continuous dry eye relief, comfort, and protection throughout the day. You don’t have to continually re-apply the formula. You’ll feel good to go!

Rohto Dry-Aid provides long lasting relief of the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Optometrist Dr. Susan Resnick gives tips on how to help relieve dry eye symptoms. She says that when we spend a lot of time staring at our computer monitor or digital devices, we’re often concentrating on what we’re doing, which causes us to blink less frequently. This can lead to eye dryness and discomfort. So she says to follow the 20/20/20 rule, and that’s to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes. Focus your eyes on points at least 20 feet from your digital device and keep your eyes moving while looking at objects at various distances.

As you know, I started using Rohto Dry-Aid to help with spring and summer travel. It was while using it that I realized that my excessive social media screen time could also be leading to the stinging, dry, irritated eyes. So I made it part of my routine, and you can too! I feel confident to have found a solution for something that irritated me and made me uncomfortable.

Here are my 5 Confessions of a Social Media Addict:

1 – We probably downplay how often we check our email and social media. 4-5 times a day? More like 4-5 times an hour!

2 – When we get a new pet or we’re pregnant we’re always thinking in the back of our minds that new pets and babies are great social media.

3 – I have certainly deleted pictures and updates off Facebook if they didn’t get a lot of likes in a day.

4 – If it wasn’t for social media, I don’t know that I’d know the news of the world so fast.

5 – It takes at least a half dozen angles to get a selfie you’d actually post.

Rohto Dry-Aid brings fast-acting, long-lasting relief for dry, irritated eyes due to overuse of digital devices, environmental conditions, like arid or windy weather, extended use of contact lenses, laser eye surgery, or hormonal changes. You can find out all about Rohto Dry-Aid here. Make sure you visit the Rohto website for a $2 off coupon HERE.

Do you have a social media addict confession to spill?

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5 Smart Tips to Allergen-Proof Your Home

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5 Smart Tips to Allergen-Proof Your Home (1)

It’s estimated that asthma affects 24.5 million Americans, and that more than 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy. Those are huge numbers! I grew up in New Jersey and lived there for 27 years. I remember as a kid, people would say that at some point I was going to develop allergies. I was lucky to not have allergies growing up, however, when I reached my 20s, they finally came down on me. Here in New England, we suffer from both indoor and outdoor allergens. They affect my kids, my husband, and me, so I’ve been looking for simple and smart ways to combat them.


I can’t change the outdoors, but I CAN reduce allergens in the home. Here are 5 Smart Tips to Allergen-Proof Your Home:

1 – Close your windows. We have central air conditioning and we rely on it for cleaner air. Open windows, while nice, can stir up dust and allergens. You should also clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills.

2 – Remove clutter. The more you have in your home, the more places you have for allergens to collect! If you can remove unwanted items that collect dust, such as knickknacks, magazines, toys, and books, you can improve the quality of your air.

3 – Keep pets off furniture and out of bedrooms. Our cat especially likes to curl up in our bedroom, but I don’t like it!

4 – Focus on flooring. If you can use hardwood or linoleum flooring, as well as washable area rugs, that will help with carpet allergies. If that isn’t an option, use low-pile or high-pile carpeting. Vacuum at least weekly with a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and also shampoo your carpets frequently.

5 – Choose a system that fights allergens. Air quality is a huge comfort factor in your home, as airborne impurities can irritate eyes, noses, and lungs, and can also create odors that make any space uncomfortable. We chose to go with Lennox because in addition to heating and cooling, they have whole-home indoor air quality systems that fight these allergens and aid in making our home a comfortable, cozy space.


Lennoxnofollow provides whole-home solutions for complete peace of mind, and helps reduce allergens in the home.


Lennox has many products that can help you combat allergens in your home:

The PureAir™ Air Purification System from Lennox® is the only system of its kind on the market. It uses three different types of air cleansing technology to fight all three classes of contaminants that we talked about above. The PureAir™ whole-home air purification system improves indoor air quality better than any single system you can buy. Many technologies out there only combat one or two categories of air contaminants, and often only in one room! The PureAir™ system does not produce any ozone as a by-product and it actively works to reduce ozone – a known lung irritant. And, the Allergen Defender feature on iComfort® S30 and E30 smart thermostats checks the air quality and pollen levels in your zip code and automatically adjusts your system’s blower for automatic filtration, as needed. This is about protecting your whole home, and the people in it.

When you think about the air in your house, do you think of comfort and peace of mind? I know I do. I love that the products focus on the whole home, and all the members in it. This means our bedrooms, our bathrooms, our individual needs, and even our smart devices. We’ve been upgrading our home, little by little, to make it our dream home. I’m happy to say we’re getting there fast!


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Does your family have allergies? What do you do?

We have two kids and three pets, plus our outdoor chickens. Even the puppy gets allergies inside the home. With all the little ones around, that’s why we’ve fallen in love with Lennox products, and we think you will too!

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