Zulily Celebrates National Dog Week With Top Halloween Costumes For Dogs!

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Oh, the cute! Zulily Celebrates National Dog Week With Halloween Costumes For Dogs! Your dog can be a lion, pirate, Ewok, or panda! What will you choose #ad

First of all, Happy National Dog Week! It’s one of my favorite weeks.

I can’t wait to dress my dogs up. Personally, I think Athena would make an excellent pirate. She recently had to have half her face shaved near her eye from a porcupine attack, so an eye patch would be fitting there. And as for Astro, I originally wanted to make him rainbow colored! His doggie daycare has a grooming salon and they color dogs’ fur and nails. I never even knew this was a thing until he started going there. And now I have it on the brain. What will he be for Halloween 2018?

A graduate?

Or will he be a lion, a unicorn, a fellow pirate, an Ewok, or even a panda?! In honor of National Dog week, one of my favorite brands EVER – Zulily – has unveiled the top pet costumes for 2018. So if you’re pet-obsessed, Halloween-obsessed, Zulily-obsessed, or all of the above (like me), you’re in for a treat. These top pet costumes are going to be a scream on Halloween!

I just found out that nearly all millennials (84%) experience separation anxiety from their pets, and more than half (51%) are buying gifts for their pets at least once a month. And did you know that 71% would take a pay cut if it meant they could bring their pets to work with them every day? I worked at a company that allowed dogs and it was very cool! Imagine working somewhere that allowed pets, AND, they were all dressed for Halloween? It would make work so much more fun.

So, here are Zulily Pet Costumes We Love!

Zulily is an online retailer known for its unique and fun assortment of pet and animal-themed merchandise. This year they have rounded up the top-selling pet Halloween costumes, and they’re pretty awesome. They have a lion costume that ranges in size so your big dog or small dog/cat can wear it! Now this is a true king of the jungle.


The Panda Bear Deluxe Walking Pet Costume Set – pictured above – makes me smile whenever I see it. It’s a full-coverage jumpsuit costume that provides a safe way to include your pet in the dress-up fun for the day!

Of course, the Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume is super awesome and would make Astro fit right in with my Star-Wars loving family. Did you know that’s how I met Cassidy? He worked for Star Wars. In fact, Scarlet was an Ewok for Halloween once.

There’s always a Unicorn Cat & Small Dog Costume, because everyone knows that unicorns are ALL the rage right now. I might even be a unicorn for Halloween, if we’re being honest. It’s between that, a moose, or a pickle.

Athena might be what I mentioned with Zulily’s Pirate Pet Costume Set. So completely adorable!

So, do you dress your pet up for Halloween? Which costume is your favorite?

The Importance of Dog Flea and Tick Control Year-Round

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Many parasites are still active during the winter months, no matter how cold! That's why it's important to use dog flea and tick control. #ad #Vectra3DDog

As you know, we got our new puppy, Astro, in May.

Once he was old enough and weighed enough for Vectra® 3D, we were excited to start him on it. I’m sure it’s similar with many parts of the United States, but our fleas and ticks don’t die out just because the weather is colder. In fact, our vet told us to use pet flea and tick control year-round! We have made the decision to do so, based on a few factors.

Let’s talk Vectra 3D!

Vectra® 3D for Dogs is a fast and effective monthly topical. It kills and repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice, biting flies and mites* (excluding mange mites) before they bite your dog. I love that it’s fast, effective, and easy to apply too!

Also, it kills fleas in four hours, and repels ticks before they can attach to dogs and take a blood meal. I haven’t seen a single insect on Athena or Astro since we started using it. It’s so easy. You use the applicator to part your dog’s fur at the base of her tail and you apply the product in a continuous line from the base of the tail along the center of her back, and up to her shoulder blades. You squeeze the applicator tube until it’s empty, but make sure you avoid superficial application to her fur. Astro is a little wiggly, which is why I’m glad this is quick.

Why We Use Vectra® 3D Year-Round:

1 – It’s possible for fleas, ticks, and other dangerous parasites to infect your dog, at any time of year, and it only takes one bite to potentially spread the disease. You need something fast-acting, long-lasting, and broad-spectrum protection.

2 – Vectra 3D protects for 1 month!

3 – And it offers protection for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age.

4 – It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t take long to offer a month of dog flea and tick control.

Dog Flea and Tick Control

I used to think that since we live in New England, we don’t have to worry about fleas and ticks unless it’s summer. I was really wrong! There aren’t any months of the year in which fleas and ticks haven’t been spotted locally.

Dog Flea and Tick Control

Make sure you talk to your vet about the different size packaging. You can purchase Vectra® 3D with different color codes for different weight ranges for your dogs. So for example, Athena uses Vectra® 3D Blue since she is between 21-55 pounds. A smaller dog would need to use Vectra® 3D Gold or Teal, etc.

Just a reminder that you never use Vectra® 3D on cats. Vectra® 3D is available through your veterinarian. To find it near you, visit https://www.vectrapet.com/us/Home/Tools/Find-a-Vectra-vet.

Dog Flea and Tick Control

Do you use dog flea and tick control year round?