5 Ways to Celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month With BJ’s Wholesale Club

This is a sponsored post, in partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club. All opinions are proudly my own.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination to give pets the very best! Here's how they help us celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month! #ad #BJsSmartSaver

I was so happy to find out that June is Adopt-a-Cat month! How perfect is that?

You see, two years ago in June, we adopted our cat, Juniper, at a local shelter. She was just a tiny thing – barely two pounds! I almost didn’t notice her because I had fallen in love with a four-year-old cat, Mimi, who was calm and quiet. The shelter coordinators suggested we get a tiny kitten because we were a home with busy children and a dog. I’m happy to say that they were right – bringing Juniper into our home was not a tough transition. And she has grown into a cool cat!

Recently, we brought a new puppy into the house. We had no idea how this would go over with Athena and Juniper. Athena is almost like a stern older sister to him, but they play for hours. The cat is pretty cool, but still getting used to him:

Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month with BJ’s Wholesale Club:

1 – Food and treats. Did you know that BJ’s offers a large selection of specialty pet food brands that cater to your pet’s needs without breaking your budget? BJ’s Wholesale Club members can shop wet and dry pet food, treats that support dental health, and specialty foods that cater to weight management or complete nutrition. We love 9 Lives Homestyle Classics Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, 48 pk. 5.5 oz and Friskies Party Mix Variety Pack for Juniper. She loves them too.

2 – Cat litter. Since cat litter is a must in a home with a cat, add it to your weekly BJ’s Wholesale Club shopping list! We love Berkley Jensen Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter, 40lbs. See what I mean about BJ’s Wholesale Club being a one-stop shopping destination to give pets the very best?

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination to give pets the very best! Here's how they help us celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month! #ad #BJsSmartSaver

3 – Don’t forget the dog food too! If you give your dogs great food, maybe they’ll be even more welcoming to the cat you’re adopting! Athena loves Nutro Wet Dog 24 ct Variety Pack, but Astro is still on puppy food for now.

4 – Get your cat a bed! That’s right, BJ’s Wholesale Club has cushy, fluffy pet beds. We have an incredible one here that Astro and Juniper share. Athena has her own two big beds, but we’re in love with our BJ’s bed too!

5 – Tell your cat owner friends about BJ’s and use my link to refer a friend! Pets are important members of our families, which is why BJ’s offers a wide assortment of food and accessories for your dogs and cats, and at an unbeatable price! Did you know that families can save up to $500 a year by shopping at BJ’s? And that they are committed to offering the best value of any supermarket or club? BJ’s Wholesale Club members save 25% off grocery store prices every day, and they are the only membership warehouse club to accept manufacturer’s coupons. What other benefits? So many!

My refer-a-friend link invites you to join BJ’s today and earn a $25 gift card! Also, BJ’s offers convenient shopping options including in-Club shopping, BJs.com and the BJ’s mobile app. You can save money and time by filling up your gas tanks at BJ’s Gas® with some of the lowest gas prices around. Make it your one-stop-shopping for your family and family pets!

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination to give pets the very best! Here's how they help us celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month! #ad #BJsSmartSaver

Don’t forget my awesome refer-a-friend link for you to join BJ’s today and earn a $25 gift card!

Did you know that BJ’s had so many pet items?

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination to give pets the very best! Here's how they help us celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month! #ad #BJsSmartSaver

It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month: Here’s How We Protect Our Shelter Cat

This post is sponsored by Catego® for Cats, but all thoughts, opinions, and cute cat photos are 100% my own.

I just applied Juniper's #Catego for the month! #byebyefleas in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Here's how we protect her all year long! #ad #CategoCat

It was nearly two years ago this week that we got our shelter kitten, Juniper (Junie).

As I write this, Juniper – my super cute cat – is sleeping on the kids’ bean bag chair next to my computer. When I woke up this morning, Junie was sleeping at the foot of the bed on my feet, waiting for me to wake up and feed her. I felt the weight and heat of her while still in my sleep and dreams, and then woke up to find us cuddled together on this cool morning. I have to say – it’s moments like this that make me realize that my heart is big enough to love dogs AND cats. They bring different personality traits, tasks, concerns, joys, and pros and cons to the table, I’m sure, but pet love is love.

And cat love is STRONG.


That’s why we do the best we can to take care of her. She’s strictly an indoors cat which I think makes her feel left out this time of year when all of the humans and dogs are frolicking outside. The thing is, Cassidy came face to face with a bear standing on its hind legs last week! We have fisher cats, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and who knows what else. Junie is not safe outside, BUT, with two dogs in the house, we have to think about fleas and ticks with her too. So we get Catego® for Cats.

Wondering what it is? It’s a powerful flea and tick control that is an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice for cats and kittens. It’s topical and easy to apply thanks to its tube and patented applicator. We love that it’s specifically designed to meet the unique needs of cats. And it has one low-volume formulation for all cats weighing over 1.5 lbs and over eight weeks of age. And Catego® kills within six hours.



Catego® kills all life stages of ticks through contact, including Brown Dog Ticks, American Dog Ticks, One Star Ticks, and Deer ticks. The thing is, even with an indoor cat, parasites find their way into our homes through other living and breathing things. So we apply it once a month to protect Junie from harmful parasites. Having a great shelter cat merits celebration!

That’s why we work hard to give her a full month of protection per dose.




You can buy Catego® at PetSmart, Amazon, and through your veterinarians. Make sure you check out their website to find out where you can buy it near you!


Do you have an indoor or outdoor cat?