Your Kiss is On My List.

Title inspired by a song in my head and a blogger in my heart – Kiss My List.

Well. It’s been a weekend for sure. Cassidy went to Cape Cod and I drove the kids to New Jersey to see some of their favorite cousins, aunts and uncles. This has never happened to me in my life but I managed to “kiss” another car on my way into a parking space. Previously, I had never even hit so much as a small rodent, although I have hit the curb and I hit my garage door once at my old house. That said, I waited to tell the people and it was just a scrape on their car – tiny, tiny – but I realized then and there that I will never have the kind of life in which I will worry about scratches on my car. It’s just not worth it to me. (ugly car or not) And if someone “kisses” my car? I will nicely say, “Have a nice day and no worries.” Clearly that happened in San Francisco… daily… and Cassidy’s bumper is pretty much one network of 17,000 lines or “kisses”.

This is how concerned Cassidy was about scrapes on his car:

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And it’s all good. After a few great dinners and the Blairstown Memorial Day Parade, which was the longest parade I’ve ever seen (about an hour long), we’re home and I’m cuddling Dinah and linking up with Tuesday Ten – Summer 2015 Bucket Lists.

The Liebers

I discussed our family bucket lists HERE, but this one here will be all mine. All weird, all mine, and hopefully all completed by fall of 2015. What’s on YOUR personal summer bucket list, if you were just thinking about your own summer dreams?

1. The White Mountains are alive with the sound of music. One of my birthday wishes is to visit the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my family. One of my dreams is to ride the Cog Railway up Mt. Washington but it’s very expensive and I’d be happy to go to the summit in our car. I haven’t been there in ages, but I do remember and I have read that there’s clam chowder (and other goodies) at the top of the tallest mountain this side of the Mississippi. Do it for the chowder. I also want to ride the gondola at Wildcat Mountain or Loon Mountain, take the kids to Story Land, and DEFINITELY try to see moose.

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2. Well, heck. I’m even trying to do this next weekend, family willing. I want to go back to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. We went for our sixth anniversary last April, just the two of us, and it was very cold and rainy. Fun and successful, but very cold and rainy. We had talked about bringing the kids back to the bogs and basins. It’s so moose-y there!

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3. Since my parents live near the Poconos, I would love to go back to Bushkill Falls. I haven’t been in decades! Another dream is Hershey Park but that might be next summer instead. In the least, we can go to The Land of Make Believe with the cousins!

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4. New England day trips! I always have big dreams and I always think summer will just be a series of wonderful, weather-perfect day trips. And then real life and thunderstorms and day camp and anxiety pile up like a brick wall and I can’t quite get through. So I lounge around in air-conditioning. Well-planned trips and accountability do leave room for a lot, and the kids will be game and I will be pushing through. I’m thinking Six Flags a lot since we get season passes, Legoland Boston and Flour Bakery (Hi, Bev!), and Edaville. Thomasland is opening in mid-August. Perfect. Add in museums, zoos, and parks galore.

5. Cape Cod, of course! Last year we didn’t get to go for very long. Two years ago we went twice – once for a quick overnight and a second time mid-week without Cassidy to spend more time there. That second time was key. The weather was horrible but we were never rushing anywhere. It was the feel of a real summer vacation – within our own state, and within our own family’s beach house. You can’t beat it! Last year we went out for ice cream – bonus points this year for a romantic dinner.

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6. Fireworks, of course! Scarlet and I try to go on a fireworks date each year. Perhaps, Des will join us. Perhaps not.

7. Meet Janine! And see Allie, Bev, Jennifer and many other blog friends again along our travels.

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8. We always do Tanglewood in the summer but I also want to see a concert there! Sheryl Crow is playing with the Boston Pops.. Huey Freakin’ Lewis is playing.. James Taylor is playing but it’s sold out. I believe we already missed the Indigo Girls.

9. Nature-ous stuff! Berry picking and even some light gardening. I get weird after too long in the sun but I’d like to help Scarlet and Cassidy. Is night gardening a thing? I also want to climb Sugarloaf Mountain with the family!

10. Personal growth, marital growth, parental growth, sexy summer nights, ice cream, and fighting my demons.

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**Bonus! Maine. We’re already planning a lot and the kids will have several weeks of day camp. I still dream, though. Baxter State Park? Moosehead Lake – where moose outnumber humans 3 to 1? Bar Harbor, crab cakes and a cozy bed and breakfast?

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  1. You know we need to meet and smiled so hard seeing I was on your summer bucket list as you are most definitely on mine, too. And since we are doing Disney this summer, I was thinking maybe Hersey next year and if you are still thinking it maybe we could make a plan for the following summer to go at the same time. Now that would be a blast!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Amazing list!! Sounds like this is gonna be a fun summer for you and the family. I did quite a lotta things this summer too (which is ending by now). The only thing I didn’t like about summer this year is the very warm weather! Ironic, because what do I expect when it’s summer?! Haha. But still, the heat is most of the time unbearable.
    Meeting blog friends is awesome too! And wishing you a great summer ahead!

    1. I can’t believe your summer is ending.. it blows my mind! Ours doesn’t start for another month but even within our country, kids are already out of school.
      The heat can be unbearable even up here!

  3. You are in my heart too, Tamara – thank you. Your bucket list sounds wonderful! If and when Hershey does make it on your list, let me know! We are less than two hours away. I would still love to make a reunion happen this summer – I’d drive up to NJ for the day for a quick visit.

    I hope you get to do everything on your bucket list. If you don’t, I hope you just take the time to enjoy whatever adventures await.

    1. Aww.. and now the song has been wonderfully in my head since last night.
      We can definitely and easily meet in NJ so I hope a reunion does happen!

  4. I love your summer bucket list. I have lots of dreams of adventures this summer and I too always think summer will just be a series of wonderful, weather-perfect day trips. But then, weather and life and uncooperative kids and moods. Life, I guess?

  5. Hey, that’s me! I love every bit of your list, especially the bonus at the end! #1 reminds me of my childhood. We spent a lot of time in the White Mountains. Gorgeous. I will need to bring my kids this summer. And, yes, we will need to meet up somewhere in New England at some point. We’ll have to start throwing out some dates soon. So excited for this warm weather!

    1. That’s you!
      I can’t wait to see you this summer. I’m confident it will happen and I love that it’s already happened more than once. Remember when we barely knew each other and you went to Six Flags but we were too shy to meet up??

  6. UI love you bucket list. I’m sad, because Cape Cod is out for us this summer – we hare headed out west. I kind of did the white mountains last summer (went as far as North Conway), but the cog rail was pricey, so I passed. Some day@!

    1. Yes, it’s so expensive! That’s why I gave it the chance for an out. It’s not like a life dream or anything. Just being there with my family is enough for me!
      I went there once with another guy and thought about Cassidy the whole time. It will be nice to be there and not have to do that..

  7. Nice bucket list! So relaxing, and beautiful picture worthy places. I’ve only been to one of the places on your list – Hershey Park. I would love to see it again as an adult now that I have an appreciation for chocolate πŸ˜‰ What I remember being most thrilled by were the street signs/names and lights.

    1. Yes!! It was the street lights for me! I thought that was SO cool. I went when I was nine or ten, and then my friends took me for my 25th birthday. It was so funny because a Jolly Rancher kept dancing with me and I didn’t notice him for awhile. This was before the era of smartphones so luckily no one got it on video.

  8. I love your list!! It looks like so much fun. We are traveling a LOTmore than ever this summer. I’m crazy excited. I think it has more to do with me being able to manage the kids a lot better under a lot less stress. Plus I gotta give them credit–they travel a lot better than I thought they would!

    1. Same here! And I’m often alone with the kids. Although I wimped out a bit at today’s farmers market because dragging around two tired kids in 90 degrees is hard! I hope it gets easier..

  9. Tanglewood is on my list, too for the free rehearsals! Cape cod too but can I call it a bucket list item if we go every summer?

    1. I go every summer too – haha! I guess it’s that summer vacation feeling. Of potato chips and beach days and nowhere to rush off to. We didn’t have that last year and I missed it!

  10. I saw the title and immediately thought of Dana too lol. Wow you guys get around in the summer! We’re lucky if we get to travel once a year so I am definitely jealous. Especially love how you guys go to a regular spot (Cape Cod) every summer. What a great way to start a summer tradition.

    1. Yes, it just popped in my head and I thought of Dana instantly!
      I love summer traditions. We had a Myrtle Beach one as a kid and it was so good. We’d go for two weeks! And when you’re a kid, two weeks is forever.

  11. I need to stop reading your posts with Madison looking over my shoulder. She saw the pic of Scarlet and her grandma on that mini roller coaster and said “I have to ride that mommy”, so I guess you’ll have to take Madison with you to ride it. I need a break and you need another toddler in your house. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great week!

    1. ha! Madison is one of my great readers. Tell her to come visit – that roller coaster is in NJ – no so far from her mom’s old haunts.

  12. Cassidy and the kids and you have some fun activities on your wish lists. I hope you will have checked off every one of them before the summer ends. The activities that the mountains have to offer, and the day trips all around New England will offer many fun things to do for all of you. I hope you meet your blogging friends Tamara, attend those concerts you’d love to see, and spend at least one day schmoozing with moose.

    1. Thanks, Eddie! Cassidy has read the list and I think he’s on board. We’re feeling like it’s all very possible. And fun! I love New England so much!

  13. Nature-ous stuff! You are a riot. Yep, a good summer should definitely involve some form of produce picking. We do grapes, because it so so hot here! I like you bucket list and look forward to seeing the pics as your summer progresses!

      1. Grapes! That sounds fun! Is it weird that I don’t even really think about grape-picking, because I just assume all grapes are used for wine? (just kidding)

  14. I haven’t even started thinking about what I want to do this summer – better get on that :)! I’m going to NYC this weekend with my cousins and I can’t seem to think beyond that. I’m looking forward to hearing more about all your fun activities! Hope you had a great weekend.

  15. We’ve just returned from Cape Cod, which means summer has officially kicked off! I have so many things on my bucket list for this summer too- but the biggest one is taking a huge east coast road trip. We’re traveling from MA to Orlando and back up again!

    1. That sounds like fun! My in-laws have a house in St. Augustine all set up already for next year and Scarlet and I want to drive it. Cassidy doesn’t! However, then we could take Athena! I know I’m dreaming here..

  16. Oooh yay, I got two shout-outs! πŸ˜€ I want to also come out to your neck of the woods. Maybe I should make a plan to take Eve to the Eric Carle museum. It’s challenging with her taking a nap in the middle of the day to do some things, but as she gets older I look forward to doing so much with her. This summer I want to take her to the sculpture park at the de Cordova museum, the zoo, a farm (which we’re doing on Thursday!), the Boston Children’s Museum, Cape Cod (that’s hopefully happening a few times). My own list includes taking weekends off in the summer. Going on a vacation and not just saying I’m doing it. (Sadly, looks like Alaska may not be happening this year, but that’s ok!)

    1. Eric Carle is fun! We went during spring break because my friend had member passes for us. There’s a lot to do and I love the cafeteria. Free gourmet coffee!
      We still think we’re doing Legoland soon, but maybe we’ll do it twice!
      And Alaska?? Oh no!!

  17. I always picture summer as endless day trips and sunny skies too – and so far, the reality hasn’t matched up with that. But there’s always hope, right? These are fantastic and have filled me with such optimism that I find myself looking forward to the next few months. Also, I saw Huey Lewis in concert years ago – it was awesome. So much fun.

    1. Definitely always hope! I’ve had summers like that before and there’s no reason why they can’t happen again – even with two kids and sometimes stifling anxiety.

  18. Fireworks are always on my list, and so is sitting on the beach. I’ve been trying to get to an amusement park for a couple of years, so maybe this is the summer! And some outdoor concert somewhere.

    1. I was thinking we’d try Lake Compounce. I thought it was this new thing but Cassidy grew up in CT and said it’s been there since he was a kid! Oops.

  19. Moose play frequently in your wish lists, Tamara and it always makes me smile! Great bucket list for summer. You’ve inspired me to make my own, now before I blink and it’s over! Can I just say? If Cassidy isn’t the kind of guy to care about kisses on his car, then he is the real deal—a keeper 4eva! My ex—all he cared about was his Beamer (BMW) LOL!

    1. I swear all of my life dreams revolve around moose. Well.. many of them.
      My dad cares about scratches on his car! I guess I get envious because people who care about scratches on their cars probably have more free time than I do! Or prettier cars…

    1. That makes me feel better! I’m a good driver but they were inching up and cramping my style. Totally my fault, though.
      I can’t wait to berry pick! Although we bought strawberries at the farmers market and they were $6.50 for a small pint! Sheesh. I can pick them in my backyard for free but they’re not ready yet.

  20. This summer could be topsy turvy, but I’m hoping for some Carolinas getaways to Boone, Asheville, Charleston and maybe finally the Outer Banks. Savannah should make the list. So too should music festivals, day camps, college visits with Elise, days at the park and on the disc golf course and grill side, somewhere, somehow.

    1. My friend went to school in Boone and I just saw him last week for the first time in two years and I told him I was coming to Boone and Asheville. He lives in Greensboro which for all I know is 15 hours away from the madness.
      Anyway, any Harvard visits coming up??

      1. Greensboro is just a couple hours from Asheville or Boone and just an hour from Charlotte!

        Elise’s focus has been on Florida and two Carolinas schools, but we shouldn’t let that Harvard dream die, should we? Even for her.

  21. I love your list! I am working on mine too! Cape Cod sounds like a nice area to visit and I really want to see your photos so I hope you go. Tanglewood sounds like a great place to see a concert too!

    1. I definitely won’t miss Cape Cod. And I’ll surely have photos!
      Tanglewood is SO GREAT. I’ve been there three times for the Boston Pops stuff and once to see a nighttime concert with a full moon and perfect weather.

  22. It wounderful list that sounds like lots of great fun!! I am sad that I’m not going to any conferences to hang out with my blog friends again. I would love to see everyone – and meet some new people in person! MAybe next summer! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m sad too. I thought it would be a big year for conferences but I’m looking for something specific-ish – a real adventure. A getaway somewhere beautiful. BlogHer wouldn’t do that for me. And BlogU lost its luster without all of you.

  23. Awesome summer bucket list! It sounds like you have a magical summer planned. I would like to take a lot of day trips, too, although I’m lucky if I can squeeze in one or two over the summer. However, I want to make travel a priority this summer πŸ™‚

  24. Fun bucket list! I love that it’s full of fun, but accessible activities. Some of those bucket lists just feel like so much pressure! Save Hershey Park for next year! And then let us know when you go…our little daredevils would probably love it. πŸ˜€

    1. Janine said she’d go next year too! Maybe this can be a fun blogger meetup family day thing! We should totally get Hershey to sponsor us. Now I’m off and dreaming..

  25. What a great list Tamara. You have some beautiful places to visit and that is really awesome that you have meeting up with other Bloggers too! That is one of my goals for this year, to meet my blogging friends, here in NZ. Have a fantastic Summer.

  26. Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list. πŸ™‚
    Sounds like an absolutely fun summer bucket list to me! I would love to be a part of your various meet ups. We have DC on our list, but they may change if something comes up. I’m kind of wanting that something to come up… but I’m not getting my hopes up.
    Happy (almost) summer! Wishing you sunshine, cookies, and ice cream with sprinkles!!

    1. I would love to cross paths this summer! That would be the BEST! I know next summer might feature OBX so perhaps that will be our time!
      Wishing you all of the same!

  27. THANK YOU! This gives me so many New England ideas!! We live in California right now, but in a year we should move back to the east coast–DC area–and I just hardly even know where to begin, as an Alabama girl! I love the moose idea! That is one thing I’ve never seen. And the White Mountains! The boys learned about them this year in school, but that was the first I’d heard of them. And CLAM CHOWDER. We have surprisingly good clam chowder here too, and I never get tired of it. Never. I hope you get to do ALL of this stuff!

    1. I lived in California too! Coming back was so much fun but I wish I had a whole other summer to do a Norcal bucket list!
      The chowder! I imagine it’s so good there because I remember everything being good there!

  28. Cape Cod one day — definitely on my summer bucket list.
    But until then, hopefully a lot of our very own beach this summer. and ice cream floats (sherbet for mama), definitely finding my zen in my garden, flying kites and days that end with bonfires; and carpet picnics for those rainy days. I would love to see a lot of history: beyond our own region, and not just museums; but lighthouses and log cabins and pioneer villages.
    Moose – always a bonus. always a miss. πŸ™

    1. I often wish we were next door neighbors.
      There is a lighthouse in Cape Cod – it’s exquisite! We tried to go up two years ago but Scarlet wasn’t big enough. I really hope this will be the year for it!
      Meet me there? It’s all misty and stormy and photogenic-y.

  29. 3:1 Moose ratio? OMG you so have to take the kids!!! And I’ve never been to cape cod but I want to go there. I also want to come visit you and have you take photos of Tucker!!! Also meeting Janine?

    1. 3:1, for sure! I went with an ex once and we saw about 15 moose. Then I took three friends there. They had never seen moose and the first time they did? They screamed! Not out of fear, but just like.. “holy cow!” (literally, cow. It was a female cow moose – good joke right?)
      I really want to photograph Tucker. On Cape Cod. Make that happen?

  30. What an awesome bucket list! Traveling with the kids, spending time with family, and naturous stuff, sounds like a wonderful plan! I would love to go to Hershey…and especially the spa! LOL! Have a great week!

      1. Well, when I get the chance to take our Northeastern road trip, from my #TuesdayTen Bucket list…that will indeed be one of our options! πŸ™‚ That would be amazing!

  31. ugh – just typed whole big comment and internet crashed!

    anyway we drove up WM in NH the summer before we moved. My daughter and actually me too were pretty scared – lol here’s link to an old post of mine lol http://www.sahmsue.com/2010/07/ww-115-some-pictures-from-camping-trip.html

    we also always went to Storyland and Santa’s village in NH (tip – if you go after I think 3 oclock then they give you a pass to get in the next day free)

    Hope you check some of these off your bucket list πŸ™‚

    1. I hate when the internet does that! So unfair! I did catch your post, thank you! Your daughter was terrified? So was I when we did it? I remember thinking the car would overheat and the views were scary!!
      Nice tip about Storyland!

  32. I was on the lookout for moose this past weekend… and I was totally thinking of you. I had camera ready and everything. Alas, I saw more road kill than live animals – BOO!

    I love your bucket list! It sounds like you have awesome plans for the summer.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. That makes me happy! The thought actually did cross my mind when I read your post. I was like, “Hmm.. I think that’s moose territory!”

  33. Sounds like a wonderful summer of family fun. I’m from NJ, although from the shore area, but there are wonderful things to do all over the state. Enjoy your summer. Ogunquit, ME is the only place I’ve been in that state, but it is awesome.

  34. Hmm, this is strange, I am sure I commented before. But from my iPad, I guess it went to never-never-land πŸ™
    Anyways, all of your bucket list sounds great to me. Seriously. And I’ve never seen a moose, never been to Cape Cod, it actually has been in my/our bucket list for a while, but – it just never happened.
    You have to have dreams.
    And live them – as much as you can πŸ™‚

    1. Oh no about the comment! It means a lot that you came back, though.
      When you pursue that Cape Cod dream, I imagine the photos will be exquisite.

  35. Oooh! Hershey Park! That might be doable for us. I don’t think it’s that far!! You’ve got a lot of great destinations on this list!!

    1. There have been a large handful of you to say that. I’m thinking next summer will be a big Hershey Park blogger meetup. Better plan it now!

  36. It sounds like you guys will have a busy and fun summer. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house a lot this summer once we finish up our homeschool lessons. Our family loves attending the Summer Reading Clubs events that are held at our local libraries.

  37. Your bucket list is filled with so much goodness. I hope you get to enjoy each item on your wish list. That opening photo is exquisite, Tamara.

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