Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Heart Explosions.

I think I had a dream last night about heart explosions.

I mean that in the good way. Those feelings of love and light so powerful that your heart feels like it could beat right out of your chest and lift you up. If this blog post had a soundtrack, I would start it right now. Press the triangle. Enjoy. Scroll on.

It’s the fact that my sister is getting married next weekend and I can’t even think about that without wanting to cry happy tears. Or as Scarlet says, “I’m so happy right now, it’s coming out of my eyes as tears. But I’m happy.” There’s no need for a “but” about it. I’m happy. Scarlet and I cuddled on the couch last night to watch the DVRed season premiere of “Once Upon a Time” because it wasn’t a very scary episode, and there was nothing in it that was any darker than in the princess movies she watches. How fun to watch Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, the trolls, and Marshmallow come alive. And how fun to watch Elsa get so excited for her sister’s wedding. I know things will take a downturn, in the show, but I’m thinking of the best for my sister.

wordless wednesday

Will I get through her wedding without sobbing? Eh, maybe I won’t. Maybe that’s okay anyway.

Sometimes you have to let your happiness come out of your eyes as tears. — Scarlet, age 5

wordless wednesday

I saw one of my favorite bosses of all time last week, and I hadn’t seen him in nearly a decade. I saw his wife and met his son.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There have been many beautiful photo shoots for beautiful people and beautiful houses and beautiful things this week. This one (below) was actually just a test shot before the shoot even started, but I found her to be very glowing in it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And then there are my beautiful children, and their contagious happiness.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Thank you all for the comments and love from the last few posts. It has been astonishing.

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  1. As wordless as you were today, you still said so much in the words and photos you did share and again left me with so much food for thought. I know I say it a lot here and yet I truly love and adore you and I know you know you are overwhelmed with all the emotions of your sister getting married in only a few short days, but agree with Scarlet on this and she is truly wise beyond her years and then some! Hugs and by the way, best infor ever with Led Zeppelin, too πŸ˜‰

    1. I think I’m just going to live by Scarlet’s Life rules right now. She would love that. Ice cream for dinner!

      You know I truly adore you too, and every comment you make ever.

        1. Although it was suggested in a previous comment to have ice cream for breakfast. I didn’t do it, because I had a photo shoot today. Next time!

  2. Heart explosions are the best. So is letting happiness come out of your eyes as tears. What a wonderful celebration of love this wedding will be. I can feel it from this post. So exciting!

  3. Let the tears flow! I cried a lot at my friend’s wedding. No shame at all… streaked up my makeup and had to have it touched up before pictures. Beauty is beauty and happy is happy. Your sister wants you to be yourself… well, I’m sure without taking away from her day. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations to her! Hugs!

    1. It’s funny because I usually only cry at weddings, when I’m only a guest or a date and I don’t really know the person very well! I nearly cried at one wedding I photographed once. Let the tears flow!

  4. My heart is exploding and my tears are coming down….Thank you Tam..so beautiful as always and with the music….oh lordy, I cant wait to share this day with you! As i watched once upon a time these past two weeks I thought about the irony……us, Mike (Kristoff), a wedding….cosmic …love you!

  5. There is love in every word that you wrote Tamara. I love what Scarlet said. The pictures are more love,and the beautiful instrumental of this Led Zeppelin classic complete these beautiful pictures, and your sisterly love for Lindsay.

  6. Lovely! So much beauty and happiness in your pictures and words. Best wishes for your sister! A wedding is always reason to celebrate. We too watched Once Upon A Time last night (finally) and as the episode ended welcoming in the arrival of the Snow Queen/ ice cream shop owner we all decided ice cream was a must. So one trip to the store later and at about 10 p.m. we all tucked into bed having enjoyed both the episode and ice cream. Win-win on both counts, can’t beat a night like that πŸ™‚

    1. What a fantastic story! And I want ice cream for breakfast right now.
      I think it was the first time I shared it with my daughter, and while the show can be a little dark for her to watch, that episode was perfect!

      1. Do it, ice cream for breakfast will just make your day sweeter! It can be scary! We usually pre-watch and then decide whether or not to let the rest of the family watch! This one was sweet though.

        1. Yes! If she wants to watch it again, I’m not so sure. I did not have ice cream for breakfast, because I had a photo shoot and I needed something more substantial. Tomorrow, maybe!

  7. Aw, the sweetness you capture, Tamara is awesome! I love the music with the photos. Have fun at the wedding πŸ™‚ BTW, isn’t it a great feeling to wake up in the morning after a sweet dream? Heart Explosion! I’m going to hope for one tonight!

    1. I hope for a one for you too!
      I love waking up sweet dreams. Actually, I love waking up from bad dreams too and realizing that there’s so much sweetness in waking up from that!

  8. Zeppelin, now you’re getting into my wheelhouse with old school rock, Tamara. Perfect choice to lead off this post as a segway from your dream. Children’s happiness is always contagious – spot on there. It’s going to be a very happy day for you to enjoy your sister’s wedding and I have no doubt there will be lots of happiness coming out of folks eyes in the form of tears. Good one Scarlet πŸ™‚

    1. Pretty much a whole crowd of leaking happiness.
      I have always loved this version of the song. It’s 10 minutes long! I think it might be Boston Pops, but I’m not positive.

    1. What’s really funny is that I have cried a lot harder at weddings and funerals for people I didn’t know as well, than for my loved ones. Less shock, I guess. It’s a very strange thing!

  9. I can feel happiness radiating from this post, from your every word and every photo. Awesome choice for the intro song by the way. Scarlet is very wise ;). I hope your sister has a beautiful wedding day and I hope you have a wonderful day too.

  10. I cry at every wedding I go to!! Doesn’t matter who it is so I am sure if my sister ever gets married, I would be crying big time. I love hearing about all your wins and successes this week. Keep on keeping on friend!

  11. Scarlett says some of the most amazing things.. good thing you are writing these all down. What absolute treasures. Congratulations to your sister. I love seeing the way newlyweds look into each others’ eyes:)

    1. Yes! I keep sighing and calling it Young love, which is funny because she is my older sister.
      Scarlet is so quotable! Des is getting there too.

  12. Scarlet’s quote is going right in to my quote book!! Love her! And gorgeous, gorgeous pictures as always. The test shot of the little one with her curly pigtails is so darn cute!!

    1. Yes, the little girl with pigtails is just so cute. There are so many nice ones of her, even though she was making funny monster faces at times. That’s why I love kids.

  13. Ah…. I am going to use Scarlett’s explanation from now on. Your sister!!!! OHMYGOSH that feels like it came FAST… just a FEW days away from her glorious day. I am still listening to Stairway to Heaven. what a perfect soundtrack to listen to!! Now you are bombarding us with multi-media Heart explosions!!

    Perfect. All of it. Contagious joy? Lingers here.

    1. It’s been a good week.

      And the wedding is in 10 days! Every time I think of that, I feel a little funny in my stomach. Butterflies! The good kind.

  14. Happy tears are good!
    Reading your post while listening to Symphonic Stairway To Heaven, was beautiful πŸ˜‰ It’s truly lovely the way you love your sister. Happy tears are beautiful…. they’re overflowing joy spilling from your heart for all to see. You love hard, and that can be good, especially when it’s for the happiness of your sister.
    All the best~

    1. Yes, I’m sure you know all about loving hard. The good and the bad. Mostly good. And I love that 10 minute version of the song. I listen to it every now and then!

  15. I cry at every wedding – whether I’m there, or watching it on TV! Your sister – you’re goner:). Can you fly to Atlanta and take pictures of my family? Please?!?

    1. I want to! I was going to go to the women get social conference this weekend, but it made no sense with the wedding the next weekend. But I surely would’ve visited!

  16. If and when my sister gets married, I think I will be gushing tears. This is a beautiful soundtrack for your post. There is something magical about an orchestra playing music by a rock band.

    1. I think it is Boston Pops! And if not, they definitely do an intense version that I love.
      I didn’t cry at my little sister’s wedding, but it was a very scattered day because Scarlet was very sick and I was focused on that. It was a beautiful wedding, though.

  17. First of all, I love your nearly wordless Wednesday posts! I love and read all your posts, but sometimes shorter works very well, for me.
    Beautiful photos and a great choice of color in, especially, Scarlett’s clothes. One of the photos with both of them I immediatly thought: Hansel & Gretel πŸ™‚ And Athena chasing the bird – all pics are simply great, I won’t even comment on your sister’s photo and the wedding in – just a few days – yay! Have fun!

    1. 10 days until the wedding! I will be in the same state as you!
      I do like short posts, on occasion. It’s definitely nice to write them and it’s nice to read them too. I don’t mean that selfishly, but time is so limited and I do love my blogs that I read.

    1. Oh, and me too! I got very into this 10 minute instrumental version when Cassidy and I were split. I felt like it was the song of our love.

  18. I think seeing the people you love in love and happy is one of the best things in the world. And moose. (Mooses? Meese?) =)

  19. Scarlett is wise beyond her years. The photos, the words, the music the sentiment give ME a heart explosion! I didn’t attend my first wedding until I was 23 and it was my BFF’s! I was so excited and busy with my maid of honor duties that I never stopped to think how I would FEEL about her wedding. Needless to say I was a sobbing mess!

  20. So much love in this post <3 The picture with your son's arms outstretched? Darling. Also congratulations to your sister. Sometimes you have to shed a few tears (and what a beautiful quote from Scarlet πŸ™‚

    1. I have a whole set of him looking like that, just stretched out to the world! I just didn’t have a chance to put more than one in. So this was the first taste!

  21. I just love Scarlet’s happiness quote. So cute and your children are beautiful! How wonderful that you get to share your gifts with so many families in capturing them through photography! How exciting that the wedding is next week already! Time flies.

    1. I really can’t believe it! And I will be doing photography, but not until the day after the wedding. The matron of honor can’t be the photographer!

      I’m really learning a lot about myself and photography through all of these recent photo shoots. It’s so enlightening to know what it’s like to do what you want to do with your life.

  22. I know exactly how you feel because that is how I felt this past weekend!!!
    I say let the happiness flow no matter what form it takes – tears,smiles, laughter – all good!!!
    Enjoy and soak in all of the emotions and love this weekend!!!

  23. I love the idea of being so happy that it comes out of your eyes as tears. That Scarlet sure is wise. And I’m so so happy and excited for your sister. I can’t believe the day is almost here!!

  24. The older I get, the easier tears come out of my eyes as happiness. They even leaked out a little reading this, because your happiness is contagious.

    1. Aw!! I think I have something in my eye right now.. Sniff.

      By the way, Cassidy chopped onions the other night and I’m so sensitive that I was crying upstairs as the fumes wafted!

  25. I predict there is no way you will make it through the first 5 minutes of the wedding without crying. Heck, the photos and words here are so beautiful, I’m already starting to cry right now! (but they are happy tears like Scarlet’s)

    The kids are getting so grown up! I take a month off for surgery and Des has grown a foot and Scarlet is a “big kid”!!! Even the puppy had a growth spurt!! πŸ˜€

    Congratulations to your beautiful sister!! –Lisa

    1. So nice to see you here again! The kids are getting so big. I don’t think I’ll get into 30 seconds of the wedding without crying, because I already cry just thinking about it!

  26. Happy tears are good tears. It is great to feel so happy and overwhelmed with joy that the only thing that you can do is cry.
    I love the picture of the little girl, it is beautiful.

  27. I did blog about crying always during weddings and engagements. And if ever my younger sister ever gets married (which is gonna be a long time from now) since she’s still in college, I’d cry a bucket of tears. Hmf!

    I love Scarlet’s one-liners ALL the time. Brilliant kid! As brilliant as her red top. So cute!

  28. Awww there’s no way you can do a totally wordless Wednesday and I love you even more for it. I’m so loving that quote by Scarlet, she’s such an old soul in a very young body as my mom would say. And here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful day!

  29. omg! its happening so fast! Seems like yesterday they were engaged πŸ™‚ I am so excited for them, for YOU, for Scarlet because I know she is going to have so much fun. I love the photo of the little girl with the leaf and the photo of Scarlet running. Perfection!

  30. Many happy wishes to your sister on her upcoming marriage! Other than new babies, I can hardly think of any better reason for heart explosions or joy so exuberant it manifests itself as tears.

    1. Love and babies! And I can’t wait until my sister has kids. Not that I’m trying to rush that along, but I think she’s on that page.

  31. I love the color red…it just looks so vibrant with the green grass in the background. And your children are full of life! I’m sure this wedding is going to be one more the memory books..enjoy!

  32. Oh Scarlet – you precious, beautiful little soul!!!
    gorgeous pictures — really captured their spirits here.
    (darn it – I completely forgot about Once Upon A Time!!! I’ve missed the first 2 episodes.)

    1. I think you can watch them online! Or even on your phone, if you’re so inclined. I do that while I’m washing the dishes. is that pathetic?

  33. I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOUR SISTER! Man, I want love in my life. I thought I had it and you better believe my heart feels it so heavily, but it’s not a healthy love. It’s not a healthy relationship. It’s not something I should continue to be apart of, but of course it’s going to take some time to untangle myself from. Slowly but surely though, slowly but surely I will find the love your sister has for her soon to be husband, and the love that you and your husband have for each other πŸ™‚

    1. I read this and couldn’t help but comment, GiGi…I totally know where you’re coming from. In fact, I woke up feeling the same way this morning, and reading your post encouraged me. (How about that! You accomplished something awesome without even trying!) xo!

      1. You two know each other, right? You are both beautiful and young and smart and with huge hearts. And I will photograph all of your wedding! Now I really am kidding.

    2. I think we always knew it would happen for her because she has a huge heart. You have such a big heart and it will happen for you too. And I will photograph the wedding. Just kidding! Sort of.

  34. Scarlet sure does have a way with words! I never cried happy tears until I’d cried the deepest and most painful sad ones. Then it was like I knew how to experience happiness in a new way. I’m glad, if even for today (yesterday? last week? whenever you wrote this haha) that you are feeling happy! May it continue through the wedding and beyond!

    1. It’s been a very good week. I actually wrote this Tuesday night!
      I think it’s funny when you laugh so hard that you cry, and then you have to wonder if even that is a happy and sad combo.

  35. β€œI’m so happy right now, it’s coming out of my eyes as tears. But I’m happy.” <– Scarlet has words of wisdom. Such a bright and beautiful little girl, so sweet. She definitely gets her words of wisdom from her mama. You have the best use of adjectives : ) I know that's probably a weird compliment, but I'm a grammar nerd haha

  36. It’s next weekend? That’s so wonderful, Tamara and I know that it will be as magical as you and she are hoping for. I love those big-love-filled happy heart explosions. So much. Your photos. Sigh. One day. One day you will take pictures of my little boy. It’s on my bucket list.

  37. I need to start watching Once Upon A Time. Natalie would probably like it too.

    Your daughter says some fabulous things!

  38. Congratulations to your sister! So exciting! I remember how excited and emotional I was when my big brother got married. As usual, your photos are spectacular. πŸ™‚ Love the Stones shirt and the Zeppelin soundtrack, too!

  39. NEXT WEEKEND! How exciting! Congrats to your sis & family! I loved Scarlet word about being SO happy πŸ™‚
    Side note: Mountain Road looked REALLY bad πŸ™

  40. You should be showered with love in the comments section of your blog. You deserve it! I love how your photos capture the essence of why fall in New England is just so mesmerizing. It looks quite spectacular! So wonderful that you will get to witness something so special for your sister. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful pictures. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you on all counts!
      I will certainly be sharing the photos, but I am not getting my makeup done, and I wonder if I will look like the worst bridesmaid there!

  41. 1. You should have a page of Scarletisms. They’re only going to get better.

    2. Cosmic is right. It just feels like good stuff is going on. Except for maybe that bird, if Athena has her way.

    3. How in the world did you get a picture of Carol Lombard and Mick Jagger frolicking as children? Oh, wait, that’s Scarlet and Des?

    You sure?

    1. Not totally sure. Although I’m pretty sure that’s not Mick Jagger!! Sometimes he steals from the wardrobe.
      The thing about Athena is that she is all chase and no bite. I think if we were to survive in the wild, she may not be able to bring us any prey.

  42. I love the fall photos…such beautiful light! I am a sucker for light. I am jealous we don’t get to experience it. Happy Wedding to your sister!

  43. There is so much love in those pictures! You have such a gift for capturing emotion. Was the wedding this weekend or is it next weekend? I am confused because I am behind reading and trying to catch up now!

  44. Omg!!!!! Wedding! Your sister’s Wedding!!!!!! That felt like a pretty quick engagement, geez time flies. I’m beyond thrilled and excited for you, for her, for everyone.

  45. Hi Tamara, there is an astonishing list of comments and well wishes here for your sister that I could not bear to add one more. But I still will to show that I care and to let you know your test picture of the little girl looks beautiful. πŸ™‚

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