One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Des Fish.

SeaWorld was not on the top of my agenda for our Orlando trip.

However it was free, and I’ve often thought of Disney World, Universal Studios & SeaWorld to be a trifecta of sorts. When I was a kid, I was whale and shark-obsessed. I actually still am, but after seeing 13 whales while whale watching off the California coast, the obsession somewhat melted away. Having seen 50 or so moose in my life, I’m not sure why that fascination won’t budge but I’m NOT arguing with it. It’s strange but it feels really nice to have a thing, or things, that make your heart beat faster at the mere thought. And it’s sad to lose those heart-beating parts of life. A blue whale is still high on my bucket list.

So is swimming with dolphins. I had a chance once, but I chickened out. I stayed to the side and took photos.

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Like I do, so much in life. Swimming with these “non-human persons,” as India says, would be wonderful. I’d love to do it in their natural habitat, though. I haven’t seen Blackfish and I’m not authorized in any way to comment on what kind of life is better for these animals. I have my doubts that a theme park is it but.. going there was a free gift and it was about the kids.

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When I was a kid, I was taken to Miami Seaquarium. It wasn’t the same. No bottlenose dolphins. No sharks.

I finally went to SeaWorld at 19. It was so hot and humid that I wanted to pass out. I sat in the front row of the splash deck and let “Shamu” splash me with his (her) whole body and soul.

At 23, I stopped into Orlando on a random trip to Key West and we wandered into SeaWorld like it was nothing.

And now, I went again at 33.

I’m going to let my photos tell my story now because I feel horrible and I was up late last night playing Cards Against Humanity at a fabulous party, and that was all decidedly un-horrible, but this morning had a rough start. Not enough penguins, I say!

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And my morning didn’t have any shark tunnels.

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Obviously the people watching was fun too.

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I was so fascinated by these hands in the water. They’d try to touch dolphins, but often pull their hands away at the last moment. They wanted to do it, but then got scared.

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This one may have come close. There may have been contact.

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Then there was my favorite exhibit of all..

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What’s your favorite exhibit at the aquarium? And the Des Fish is a totally valid answer.

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  1. It looks like you and your family had a fantastic time at Sea World! Dolphins are my absolute favorite animal and I actually did go swimming with them on my honeymoon. We went to Orlando, FL because (at the time) my husband had never been and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. Either way, one of our wedding presents was a trip to Discovery Cove where you get to swim with dolphins (and other sea creatures). It was so much fun and an unforgettable experience. Naturally, whenever I go to any aquarium, I look for the dolphins and then the turtles for my husband, haha.

    • I always wanted to go to Discovery Cove! I didn’t know if it was still around. Just checked out the website and it looks better than ever.
      I have always loved dolphins, but turtles are amazing too.

  2. Love it! Des is like a breath of fresh air, isn’t he?

    I’d be chicken to swim with the dolphins, too. Although I think it would be exhilarating! I’m glad you guys got to do so much on your trip.

    • He is a breath of fresh air! Mostly. He’s also a little adorable runner-awayer. And screamer.
      I just may make it to the dolphins one day. Maybe Scarlet will make me be brave again.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I went to Sea World with the kids two years ago and like you, it wasn’t on the top of my list of parks to go to but we had huge discounts so we did. I don’t remember the shark tunnel. I wonder if that is new or if I just missed it. I went snorkeling in Hawaii and swam with fish but it freaked me out the way they were chasing me so I’m not sure I would swim with the Dolphins. I might be one of those hands. πŸ™‚ Des is all kinds of adorable. I just want to smooch him.

    • It’s not new, but it could have been under construction. I know it was there when I was a kid. And it was the basis for the movie, Jaws 3D – freaky, right? The shark rams into the tunnel and breaks it! It’s funny because when you go through it, there’s a sign that says the glass is strong enough for 28 elephants to stand on. I guess they need to put that there for people afraid that could happen!

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Sea World, but I remember loving it. I did get to touch a dolphin and will never forget how that felt (and I won’t forget that he splashed me and I walked around soaking wet for a while…)
    Great pictures!

    • ha! I hope it was a warm or hot day. When I went ten years ago or so, it was 100 degrees and 90% humidity, or the terrible vice versa. The only way to survive it was to get splashed.

  5. Your pictures as always left me breathless and now I want to go to the aquarium again. Seriously, I loved the aquarium as a kid and was actually fascinated by starfish believe it or not. I went on a school trip and made my dad take me back to see them again about a week later. He even bought me a starfish, too. Side note, my then dog might have bitten the leg off of it and may have been a bit devastated at the time by this. But still love starfish to this day. By the way, I too chickened out with swimming with the dolphins on our honeymoon and kind of have regretted it ever since. Maybe someday we both can coquet this one together!! πŸ™‚

    • Oh no! Troublesome dogs biting starfish legs! I kinda giggled, though. Sorry!
      Let’s definitely swim with dolphins together! That would be something else entirely. The place we were at was near Key West. It was in a town called Islamorada and it was nothing like SeaWorld. You were in the ocean itself! Or little cordoned off pools with trained dolphins, but in the ocean itself!

  6. I’ve always had mixed feelings about zoos and aquariums. But then I had kids and I see how their eyes sparkle when they visit these places especially aquariums since Everett LOVES fish and all things in the ocean. There is something about aquarium photos that I always love and are so magical. And the Des fish exhibit really is the best!

    • I feel the same way. Circuses are the worst for me – they make me feel ill. My mom lost a student in a freak circus death. I kid you not. It was before my time, 1979, but I remember reading the article.
      And zoos…love/hate. Aquariums are amazing, but I struggle to believe that cages and tanks are better for birds and fish. The sky/ocean is just..too big.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I went to Sea World so long ago and I would love to go back. I know it’s not very PC to go to aquariums but there is a great one here on Long Island that we have been to numerous times. I love seeing my daughter’s reactions to the fish and especially the penguins. The penguins are just too cute so I have to cast my vote on that exhibit being my favorite. Glad it was a fun time!

    • Oooh, which one? Mystic or New England? We once went to both in a row which was very strange. I liked Mystic more because New England was mostly indoors and crowded and smelly.

    • Oh bummer! Next time!
      And I understand about needing theme park breaks. I guess if you live there, do you just get a season pass? Around here we have a Six Flags and the price of admission for one day is the same price as a season pass!

  8. I love these pictures. And Des fish is pretty superb! I went to the Mystic Aquarium and was pretty excited to see a Beluga wale, I’d never seen one before (he looked so soft). But I have a hard time in places like aquariums and zoos. I know they are helping with the conservation of animals but I hate to see animals in captivity. I am not sure how we will handle this with Jack honestly. I think, like you said, it’s about the kids and it’s great for them to be able to see these kinds of things. He was pretty excited when we took him to the Bronx zoo, and I remember loving the trips when I was a kid as well. I guess we have to keep the magic alive for them as long as we can.

    • We went to Mystic last summer (not so close from here) and it was a blast. I could so many photos. It still makes me feel horrible to see, though, but it was better than the New England Aquarium which we went to a week after Mystic. It was so crowded and smelly that one day!

  9. We go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which has improved a lot since I went as a kid! They have so many neat exhibits, and of course the Beluga whales and dolphin show top my list. I accidentally took a picture without turning off my flash and got yelled at, though. I still feel guilty about that!

    • We went to the Shedd a few years ago! It’s a really good one, from what I remember.
      When I was a kid the Camden one in NJ was the big one to go to for field trips. And it’s been built up a lot.
      I’m sure you didn’t harm any fish! People are constantly forgetting about their flash!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! The one of the penguin in the water totally captivated me. I’m not a huge aquarium/zoo fan but we’ve seen them all, it seems. So far they are the best way we have to educate ourselves about the animals that inhabit our world. Plus there’s something about seeing animals through our children’s eyes.

    • I have been to many. I think the best one was one I went to in New Orleans and I was so sad to hear that Katrina killed pretty much all of the animals there. I do think they wanted to rebuild, though, so maybe they have!

  11. The Des fish for sure! We took the kids to the Sea World in San Diego this past summer – those orca whales are just amazing. After the Des fish, they are my favorites.

    • Ooh! I don’t think I’ve been there. I know that when we landed at the airport in San Diego, you could see it pretty close by. In fact, maybe we did go there? Isn’t it weird that I barely remember? I used to live like a nomad in my 20’s.
      I was with a very cute boy too.

  12. I’d totally say the Des fish! THose last few pics through the tank are just incredible. Ilove sea life, especially dolphins and your pictures did not disappoint. Glad your trip produced such great memories – and photos!

  13. Des fish for sure!!! So many great shots. I have to say I love the “hands in the water” too – so fascinating. I touched a Dolphin once at Sea World and I’ll never forget the rubber/foam-like texture of it. I have a lot of fond memories of Sea World and, unfortunately, I did watch a lot of Blackfish. I choose to not think about it (because that’s mature) t’d I would still bring my kids to Sea World. Maybe next time…
    PS – I’ve heard so many good things about this “cards against humanity” game. I need to get this b/f our ski trip this weekend…

    • Yes! Maybe if you like the game, I can bring it to our potential, hopefully not imaginary blogging meetup we’re having for New England bloggers one of these days.
      I don’t know that I’ve ever touched a dolphin! Probably at some point. It seems like something I’d do.

  14. I always love watching the people… I call it the “sea of humanity”. People are absolutely fascinating! The shots of the hands is my favorite, though. What an incredible eye to catch and photograph that….

    • The “sea of humanity.” I love that.
      The people are so interesting at theme parks! I could have spent hours doing that alone.
      And thank you – I couldn’t stop staring at those hands. Luckily I got some shots in.

  15. These photos are incredible. Some of my favorites of yours. Is that even possible – to have favorites I want to jump through the screen of my laptop and swim with those gorgeous fish. I had a rough start too today – although softened by getting to teach my Monday 9am class. I am drinking a home made salted caramel latte right now. I would totally share if you were here.

  16. I’ve never been to SeaWorld but we are planning to take the boys!!!
    I love aquariums – the shark tank is always my favorite.
    Your pictures are beyond amazing – those hands trying to touch the dophins? So cool!
    I hope you feel better and enjoy your Monday!

    • Thank you! The hands got me! I couldn’t stop watching.
      I do feel a lot better, thank you! Just not enough sleep to fight off all the mid February blues, glooms, cold-like symptoms, etc.

  17. Such wonderful pictures. Penguins are adorable. I love dolphins but since I went in the water with them in Cozumel I am tormented by them not being out in the ocean where they belong. I will never do that again, unless I can open the gate and set them free.

    And who doesn’t think Des fish is the most adorable?

    • I would so love to open the gate and set them free!
      And in Jaws 3D, I believe the gate was the problem. I really need to stop referencing that movie!
      Des Fish seems to be the clear winner so far!

  18. That Des exhibit is my favorite! I used to go with my mom to aquariums but over time it seemed to me that the animals looked sad in those tanks so I just haven’t gone anymore. I never like the Miami Seaquarium. They should shut that place down. I have swam with Dolphins in the Bahamas and that was amazing!! They are FAST!!! Your kids seemed to have loved SeaWorld and it really doesn’t get any better than free!

    • Wow! Was wondering about Miami Seaquarium! Went to their site and it does look like they finally added some bottlenose dolphins! The ones they had when I was there looked like mini whales – no noses! It was cool, though.
      Your Bahamas story is AMAZING!

  19. Such beautiful photos. Shark tunnels always freak me out because a Jaws moment comes to mind and I think the tank is going to implode. Ugh …
    That picture with Des and the fish is too cute!
    I love aquariums. There is something just truly peaceful about them.


    • Jaws 3!! I totally have been referencing that! The shark totally killed people through that tunnel! And the real life tunnel has a sign that says that the glass is strong enough to hold 28 elephants!
      This was very peaceful. Even the Des Fish was less spazzy than he is on land.

  20. These pictures came out fabulous for being in a dark aquarium! We went to the Mystic Aquarium. The penguins are always the best! They also had a pretty cool exhibit with bull frogs and lilly pads. The pictures with the hands are unexpectedly dramatic. You have a great eye.

  21. The dolphins are so majestic. I don’t know any other way to describe them. To me, dolphins always seem so full of joy. I am fascinated by sharks as well but I don’t want to see them except behind glass. I am terrified of them!

    • I would probably, honestly go boating in great white shark infested water, as opposed to..trying recreational drugs. I’m weird.
      I’d prefer to do neither, though!

  22. I wish my aquarium had Des fish! Very cute. I’d love to swim with dolphins some day. One swam with our boat once, but I don’t think that counts.

    • GORGEOUS photos!!! I have only been to the aquarium in Atlanta- and the Shed in Chicago… both fascinating. And did you know we have yet ANOTHER thing in common?? I was totally (And still am – didn’t leave yet!) fascinated and terrified and amazed with SHARKS!! Whales too!!! SO beautiful and powerful and intensely magical to me…

    • Yes, we had hundreds following us on our California whale watch! So..awesome. It’s not like I jumped ship and swam with them, though. I could never have kept up with their leaping.

      • Oh that first comment was to Jennifer. I seem to be replying to you with both, Chris! And for you Chris – the Shed (Shedd?) is awesome! I went with Cassidy years ago. I used to have sharks and whales in my dreams on a nightly basis.

  23. I’ve never been to sea world in orlando. when I’m in fl I have to spend all my time at disney! we did go to the one in san antonio though, and it was a good time!

      • Well I was 13 by then if that counts for not being little anymore. But I didn’t know that. I thought it was a newer thing. And I never saw another Jaws after the first one. Too chicken. Sorta off the subject, I’ve also on seen one Jurassic park.

        P.S. I hate that not enough sleep feeling. Blah.

        • Hm..well maybe SeaWorld built it AFTER seeing it on Jaws 3! I kid. They filmed on location. It’s been redone a lot, though.
          Also, Jurassic Park is torture. I can’t handle that movie.
          And Jaws the original is the scariest, followed by Jaws 2. The third was laughable and the fourth was pathetic.

  24. I actually have been swimming with dolphins! Went with my hubby on a business trip to Miami back in 2009(?). One of the “excursions” offered was a the Seaquarium where we got to swim with dolphins in the pool. I was terrified because I am NOT a good swimmer. With encouragement from my hubby (and his promise to save me if I was drowning) I did it! It really was fun. πŸ™‚

  25. I once watched a documentary about dolphins and swore off Sea world, but I’m pretty sure I will go if my kids are interested one day. I remember going as a kid and it was a really exciting experience, so I would not want to deny my kids that experience if they are interested. Clown fish are really cute πŸ™‚

    • I kinda feel the same way. It’s hard with kids being so interested because I remember being a kid and wanting to go SO badly to SeaWorld. I finally got my wish, I guess!

  26. Gorgeous pics ! I love sea worlds. I have once been to Georgia Aquarium, it was my first trip in US. It was wonderful I had so much fun. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals. Your penguin pics are beautiful and Des fish is just adorable !

    • I think that’s one of the few aquariums I haven’t been, but I’ve heard it’s great.
      Did you go in the whale shark tunnel? I think that would be a life dream of mine.

  27. The Des Fish is now my favorite creature of the sea.

    I once accidentally swam with the dolphins – only, with their fins sticking up out of the Atlantic, I wasn’t sure if they were dolphins or sharks. I could have beaten Usain Bolt in a footrace before I realized they were dolphins.

    I thought Jaws and his friends were about to have Mexican takeout.

  28. Squeee, penguins!! They are by far my favorite animals to watch at the aquarium. Despite my four trips to Disney, I have never been to SeaWorld. Maybe next time? I look forward to taking to Eve to the New England Aquarium soon, though it will likely be more for my benefit than hers for at least the next few months! And I had totally forgotten until I read this post that I have swam with dolphins. Pink river dolphins in Bolivia, to be exact. It was in very murky water, though, so I couldn’t see when they were coming and it kinda freaked me out. Plus I was worried that I was accidentally kicking them as I was treading water.

    • We did the Mystic Aquarium followed by the New England one and I actually loved Mystic more. They’re great in different ways, though.
      Umm.. pink river dolphins? That sounds..astonishing. Freaky, yes, but..amazing.

  29. Oh, SeaWorld. I’ve never been. My husband keeps saying that we’ll go one day. I’m absolutely fascinated with dolphins. They are one of my favorite animals. I try to look for them when I’m driving to work. They’re kinda like my good luck charm. It’s on my bucket list to swim with them as well.

    • And?? Do you see them on your way to work ever??
      I find work commutes to be fascinating. In San Francisco, I had one that crossed the Golden Gate Bridge twice a day. Oh, those cliffs. I had another commute that was walking two blocks through Haight/Ashbury.
      My husband drives past cows, horses and wineries on his way to work.
      In New Jersey, I sat in traffic for 20 minutes and saw the ugly highways. Yay?

  30. The Desfish is definitely my favorite and you know that!! I am a tad afraid of seaworld, since my husband tainted me with the recap of black fish I don’t think I can ever bring myself to go πŸ™ Beautiful pictures as usual!

    • I think there as a movie called “The Cove” and even a 20 second trailer for it disturbed me for..well, I’m still disturbed. I saw some of Blackfish AFTER the fact. It’s hard to get the true story – I’m sure it’s somewhere in the middle of the two sides. And I’m sure orcas do NOT belong in captivity, but I couldn’t say for sure they’re being mistreated otherwise. Ugh. It’s a mess. If I saw the movie first, I’d try to free Willy or something.

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    • I’ve taken many terrible penguin photos! Thank you, though. The worst is seeing them in the New England Aquarium. Worst lighting ever. And last time I went..two of them were..getting very friendly with each other!

  32. Love that Des fish! I haven’t seen blackfish either but just knowing it exists has made us wonder about going to sea world when we are in Orlando in April. Your photos make a strong case of going πŸ™‚

    • I’ve never fed/touched any animals! SeaWorld is so big and crowded, but I bet I’d have more luck at a local aquarium.
      I think Des was trying to find Nemo!

  33. Beautiful photos, Tamara! And the Des fish is awesome!
    I think I would have been one of those hands that pulled away, scared at the last moment. I think I might have gotten up the courage for the next time, though. πŸ™‚

    • I might have pulled away too! At first I thought it was the trainers, but when I saw all of the hands reaching in and out, I realize they were just tourists and visitors and they were all unsure!

  34. Such great photos Tamara! I saw Blackfish and it does change your perspective of Sea World. But it does not change how beautiful these animals really are. I love seeing Des’s fascination through your lens. Oh and the Nemo fish are the best (I have no idea what their real name is but I love Nemo)! And why is it that CAH can be fun in such a wrong way LOL!

    • Hm… clownfish, I think?? Maybe.
      I think Blackfish would definitely have kept me from going. My kids are so young that they don’t really get their hearts set on anything. I mean.. Disney World of course, but we could have skipped this.
      What is CAH? I want to know!

  35. Penguins are my absolute favourite! always have been. I have many dust collectors of penguins. I think it’s because they live in the freezing cold, so you know — I get them. πŸ™‚
    My daughter is home sick and really, really enjoyed looking at all your photos: especially the ones of Nemo. We’ve been on your page for about 20 minutes now. LOL
    I’d love to take them to an aquarium like this, first – because it’s in Florida so you know – Warmth!! but mostly because they are not likely to encounter these beautiful creatures in the wild. Which is of course the best place to encounter them; unless you are kayaking off Cuba and a giant sea turtle surfaces beside you and you can just barely hear the Jaws theme over the sound of your own screams.

    • I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed the photos! If she’s still sick tomorrow, which I hope NOT, I’ll have Disney World photos for you all to see.
      So did that kayaking story really happen to you??

  36. I was going to say Blue Fish… but you’re right, Des Fish is much better πŸ™‚

    Great photos, I especially love that first one of Cassidy & Scarlet in the tunnel. Looks like an amazing exhibit… we took the kids to the Ripley’s Aquarium here in Toronto last summer, loved it.

    • Ooh, I’ve been there in Toronto! So much fun.
      The tunnel was nuts. We got there when it first opened so we were alone in there with the hungry fish. (cue Jaws theme song)

  37. Aw I love the pictures of Des. Those are definitely my favorite. I’ve never been to Sea World, and now that I’ve watched Blackfish, I don’t think I could get myself to go. I think watching kids really see something for the first time is an absolutely beautiful sight. Better than any fish!

    • Ack, I saw even five minutes of Blackfish AFTER the trip and I was haunted. It’s hard to know the truth about anything. Usually somewhere in the middle. We didn’t see orcas during our trip because the stadium was closed for repair. I did see a glimpse of one who looked happy enough, but they always look happy enough.

  38. I love these pictures- the last time I was at an aquarium was after Thanksgiving, with my whole family. My favorite part was the seals and sea lions. But oh, I’m so torn. I haven’t seen Blackfish yet, but I think my curiosity will get the better of me!

    • Hm..we missed the sea lion show then! I just remembered they had one. It’s hard to get Des to stay still, though.
      I think the movie might break my heart, but I’ll probably see it.

  39. I’ve never been to Sea World before but these pictures make me want to go. I havent seen Blackfish but I already know that I resent taking animals from the wild and training them to perform tricks for us humans. Regardless, the aquariums do serve a purpose and as long as we don’t take any more animals- I can make peace with what’s already been done. It’s hard being everything you want to be all the time. You got great shots of the Des fish. I think I would walk out of all that blue feeling so relaxed!

    • You pretty much said exactly how I feel! I wish I could change everything so that it works for everyone and everything. I’m astounded that people even knew to trap giant sea mammals and teach them party tricks. What the heck??? And if they stopped, I’d be even happier. I’d just have to take my kids on boats (BIG boats) and hope to show them what orcas look like. I’ve heard in the Pacific Northwest, it isn’t hard to spot them!

  40. Look at all of the fun you guys had! I always enjoy going to aquariums and I love going to Epcot in Disney and going to the big aquarium they have there. It is really so beautiful! You always have the best pictures, I hope one day I can have at least enough talent as you have in your pinky finger!

    • They’re amazing! My sister loves them too. I want to hug them. And I won’t see that movie about them..because I heard they grieve like humans (or we like penguins) when one of their young dies.

  41. Wowzers!! Those pictures are amazing! I’ve been in FL practically all my life and never been to Sea World. I have been to the Miami Seaquarium and the Aquarium at the Atlantis. I vote Des Fish my favorite fish…hands down πŸ™‚
    50 or more Moose? wow…

  42. Okay, so Des fish is definitely one of the most adorable thing’s I’ve seen at an aquarium. I keep thinking about the scars on some of those dolphins and wondering how they got there and what kinds of battles those dolphins have seen. Gorgeous photos…as usual!

    • I know! Are they from each other? From trainers? Do dolphins in the wild have them too? Ugh! My mind has been spinning on the scars.
      Thank you for the compliment!

  43. SO STUNNING! Now I need a vacation. Okay I have needed one for a LONG time….but NOW I NEED a vacation in Disney. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was about 6 years old. Even though I did that college internship for Disney- I just never went to Seaworld or Universal. Did your tickets come with your hotel? you had said it was free and that is a great deal for a family!!!

    • We didn’t have a hotel! We stayed at my aunt’s house and used her car so those were huge expenses we were spared! And she works for Universal and has friends at Disney and SeaWorld so we used guest passes. It was..magical.

  44. I agree, the aquarium is a bit BLAH once you’ve been to Disney and Universal. This is more like a zoo but for underwater creatures. I loved the Des fish! We have an aquarium here in Chicago and my favorite was the jelly fish exhibit. Those things are amazing! My kids loved anything that looked like Nemo!

    • Is it Shedd? (Shed?) I went there and had a blast!
      And Scarlet learned who Nemo was when she was two and kids were calling the clownfish by that name at the New England Aquarium.
      She just saw Finding Nemo for the first time last week. I nearly sobbed!

  45. You WOULD get terrific shots in the terrible lighting of an aquarium. Great job. My favorite thing in any aquarium is always the brightly colored fish. Since I’ve been on a black and white kick for a few years now, I particularly love the fish in your last few shots …

  46. TAMARA TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUU so much for saving me $$$ and posting all of these phenomenal photos – now I don’t have to go to the aquarium for awhile. Okay for like a month, because I LOVEEEEE animals and sea creatures! What’s your favorite fish?!

  47. I love whales and sharks as well. I could just stare at a whale swimming all day. BUT, I would probably only go to Sea World if it was free. lol. Those are beautiful photos and what the heck with those hands? What if they fell in? lol

    • haha..yes. I would NOT have paid the $320 it would have cost us to go and park there.
      I hear in Georgia there is an aquarium with a giant tunnel full of whale sharks. Umm…amazing. I’d need a better lens for that.

    • I’ve never done that!! I was with my sister on a Florida beach and a giant ray swam right by us. I don’t think it was a stingray, though. Maybe a manta? We screamed and ran away!

  48. Ahaha, Des fish is totally adorable! I haven’t been into that kind of place though but your photos say it all.. It’s amazing to see sea creatures! πŸ™‚

  49. Des looks super cute looking at the fish and that picture with Cassidy and Scarlet is nice too. I actually have thought about what you mentioned though with whether or not it’s best for the animals to be in places like this. I just wonder. I’ve often gotten close to watching something regarding it just because in movies it seems like someone will mention that it is or you will see at the end the animals got to be in their own real habitat. It’s definitely something worth looking into one day. Harroll loves watching the channels where they video the animals where they actually live and study them. He knows so many random things about animals because he enjoys watching stuff like this πŸ™‚

    • I know exactly what you mean. It just seems wrong. We can learn things without gawking at them all day. I know there are certainly animals that live longer in captivity, of course. Prey animals and others. However, I always thought it wasn’t up to us to decide that.
      Although rehab centers/zoos are wonderful. There is one in Maine that takes animals who were hurt or hit by cars, and rehabilitates them. You can go see them and learn about them. If they get better, they are set free.
      They have two moose there a lot!

  50. Thank you, thank you for the penguin pictures! However, the whiny, six year old in me *has* to make this comment: we didn’t get to go to the penguin exhibit because the line was 90 minutes long and no one wanted to wait with me. I am still sad that I missed them. *sniff*

  51. i love all things aquatic! i haven’t been to sea world in forever, but i’d love to go again. i’ve gone swimming with dolphins in roatan, sharks and sting-rays in belize. i would love to go swimming with whale sharks. that’s on my bucket list.

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