Don’t Let These Issues Break You Down

Life isn’t always a bed of roses is it? We can hope that life will go smoothly, that we will be able to sail through pretty unscathed, but the truth of the matter is, everyone has issues in life they have to overcome at some point. While it is evident that you will go through some rubbish times, you also need to ensure that you know what you can possibly do to get through them. I wanted to share with you some of the common problems anyone can face, and hopefully allow you to get through them in the best possible way.

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A relationship breaking down

When you start out in a relationship, everything seems fantastic doesn’t it? The flirting, the lust, the fun times and dates. But as you stay together, and the longer your relationship goes on for, things can change. Sure you may get married, you may have children, and then suddenly you are two people living together and going through the motions of life. Does that sound familiar? However, if you feel like your marriage is on the rocks, you may want to inform the family law experts and find out what your options are. But, before taking drastic action, why not try and work on your relationship and smooth over those cracks. Date nights, rekindling the romance and communicating with each other can make a bad situation come good once more. You have to sometimes remember the reasons why you fell in love.

A financial situation gone bad

Finances are some of the hardest things we have to manage On a day to day basis. Not all of us have endless funds for everything that we need in our lives. But sometimes we need to be able to get through the tough issues without much damage. Financial situations can be resolved fairly quickly, if you start by not burying your head in the sand and hoping it will go away. Instead, why not focus on paying off debts, getting a better job or even just trying to pay things off as often and quickly as possible. It is never easy, and it can be a really stressful situation to be in, but it certainly can be resolved with a bit of work.

Losing your job when you aren’t expecting it

Finally, losing your job can be devastating, especially when you don’t see it on the horizon or expect it to happen. It can happen for many reasons. A mistake that you didn’t mean to make. A redundancy or a restructure in the workplace. But it can have you worrying about what is next and what might happen to the future. If this happens to you, try not to panic too much. Instead, focus on this being an opportunity to do something different or to find a better position. Be proactive and work on your resume, seek out job opportunities and make contacts with people. Network as much as you can. You may find that this bad situation turns out to be one of the best situations you find yourself in.

I hope that this has you motivated to get through some of the tough situations we can all find ourselves in.

5 Essential Items Every Influencer Needs, and How to Protect Them

This post has been sponsored by GoCustomized, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Are you an ambitious blogger? Do you have these five essential items at your desk and/or in your life? Find out how these custom phone cases can protect your phone AND brighten your day.

When I first got a smartphone, I never dreamed I’d have the career I have today in which I’d do work from my phone!

I’m a Social Media Influencer. If you had told me years ago that this would be the case, I would NEVER have believed you. Sometimes, often, I still have to pinch myself. I love this world I have cultivated which combines my journalism background with my photography background, and then with other marketable hats I wear. I’m a mama of two. I’m a multiple pet owner. I know something about marketing and I can make graphics. I have growing followings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. And I track total and unique page views on analytics. I measure engagements and algorithms.

I’m almost always thinking as an Influencer, when I’m not thinking as a mama or as a photographer. Exhausting, but fun.


I don’t do this alone. In terms of other people, I outsource work, hire assistants, commission unique ideas, and all around have fun collaborating with others. In terms of items, well there are some things a girl can’t live without for the Influencer life. It’s what keeps me going so well. I found something in GoCustomized that protects my phone, AND, keeps my heart close. Here are 5 essential items every Influencer needs, and how to protect the ones that need protecting!

1 – A smartphone or tablet, of course. And then you need to protect your devices with GoCustomized. They rock! They’re a start-up that specializes in customized gadget accessories – like smartphone and tablet cases. They have a user-friendly customizer so that you can create a custom design using any of their favorite designs, pictures, quotes, etc. Then it gets printed straight onto your product! Personally, I chose the cutest photo ever and now I get to see it when I’m on the go. Personalized phone cases are a must in my field!

When you get the chance to make custom phone cases, it’s the perfect way to capture your favorite memories of your adventures with loved ones. You could also display your brand logo on one of their items, which is very cool! The one I chose has 2 layers instead of one, and has a full print. When I used the custom phone case maker, it was easy for me to design. It only takes minutes to make your own phone case, or a tablet case too. And I love the results. I find it adorable. When you design your own phone case, you can’t help but love the results.

2 – Hard copy planners, journals, notebooks, etc. While I do keep a lot of information on my phone and computer, I need to hand write for inspiration. I have so many notebooks for different things – blog post ideas, stories, goals, details, etc.

3 – Real office supplies. Well of course! It’s a real job! There is more paperwork to this job than I ever imagined. On a normal week, I’ll use a stapler, paper clips, pens and pencils, tape, and at least access to scanner/printers/copy machines.

Storage options are also important.

4 – Water. And lots of it. It’s so easy to dehydrate when you work for yourself and work through hours and meals. To make it more exciting, I like to add cucumbers and mint, or berries to my water. It’s the refreshing kick I need all day.

5 – Camera equipment. I have known Influencers who used only a phone, but those days seem over. I always felt I had an advantage at being a professional photographer already, but I have seen many people grow their photography talents. Make sure you have protective equipment, like cases, lens caps, filters, etc. for all of your important equipment.

Are you an ambitious blogger? Do you have these five essential items at your desk and/or in your life? Find out how these custom phone cases can protect your phone AND brighten your day.

Right now I have a coupon code for you to save 10% at GoCustomized. The coupon code is active from today until May 29th, and the 10% is valid once per customer. I’d love to hear how you make your own phone case, or tablet case!


What’s an essential item you need in your career? What would you put on your custom phone case?

Are you an ambitious blogger? Do you have these five essential items at your desk and/or in your life? Find out how these custom phone cases can protect your phone AND brighten your day.