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Every Memorial Day, I take my daughter to our small town’s proud Memorial Day parade.

We live in a small town within a large city. We have our own zip code and downtown, but we are also proud Northampton residents. I feel the need to say this because I often feel caught between both. I can tell you we live in a New England city and I would be correct. I can tell you we live in a small town and that would also be correct. We’re nestled within this grand place – we have our own Main Street, our own diner and our own Soft Serve with lines stretching out into the sidewalk. We have our own post office and multiple pizzerias and coffee shops. A little grocer or two, and both lunch hour and rush hour traffic. We are both country and city at once.

We have our pride.

My daughter goes to the parade for the candy. This particular parade is quite generous with that – as schools and scouts and veterans and emergency workers all march for Memorial Day – tossing out hats and pins, lollipops and tootsie rolls. My daughter is a sugar fiend and there’s nothing she likes quite as much as being pelted with candy..except receiving the flag. Every Memorial Day, a veteran marcher spots her cuteness in the crowd and rushes to the sideline to adorn her with her own American flag. She has a collection.

I often assume she’s still too young to know what Memorial Day stands for. I don’t know how to talk to her about having to fight and defend our country. I forget what she already knows – her beloved fairy tales feature war. Fights over land and castles and beliefs.

Someday soon, I’ll tell her about honor and respect and selflessness. Someday soon, I’ll tell her about real-life heroes.

She’s piecing it together more and more, each year.

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I’ve had a hectic week in humid rain up here, but I’ve also had many uplifting moments connecting with friends and family. As usual, I was struck and inspired by the words of my blogger friends. There are too many good ones to count, but I wanted to share a few:

– Ilene’s post at The Fierce Diva Guide To Life left me speechless for a long while. I had to read her post several times, reflecting on my own relationships with both lost and found loved ones.

– Kim from Co-Pilot Mom is a girl after my own heart. A thoughtful and involved mother with such a way with words when describing sweet and silly moments with her children. What has parenthood overtaken in your life that used to hold much more prominence? I related to this post about losing our touches with movie and television knowledge.

Airing my Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time is a blog I visit daily. Read her chilling account of her family’s experience with the Oklahoma tornadoes here. There may be a fart joke or two, which honestly just made the whole ordeal even more 3-D for me.

– I also feel compelled to share a post from a fellow photography business builder at Callia’s Corner. She’s working so hard and her post this week is such a nice description of how I feel. In the theme of “Remember when,” maybe we both will look back at these days one day and smile at the hectic pace of nonstop business that we both feared and desired to eventually happen.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and the mention, Tamara! :)My youngest loves flags, too. He spots them everywhere.I love the way you describe your town – city and country all at once sounds just perfect! The best of both worlds!

  2. Your town sounds so awesome, like the perfect place to raise a family! I live in Katy, TX right outside of Houston, TX and I still get to have the best of both worlds, too! A little bit of big city and little bit of small town all in one! P.S. This link up is so cool. I'm adding mines right now!

  3. I just linked up! I want to spend Memorial Day in your town! It sounds so lovely! I still can't believe your sis is one of my favorite DJ's. What a small world!

    1. So glad you linked up! And that made my day. What a nice twitter discovery. My parents have photos of her as practically a baby and she's wearing DJ headphones. A lifelong dream you're listening to on the radio!

  4. I think it is so important to teach our wee ones about the men and women who served to keep us free. You're doing a great job immersing her not only in the fun, but the meaning behind it

  5. Oh, I know Katy! I used to work in inside sales and my territory was Houston. I'd go to visit my outside sales rep and discover all parts of the cities, and surrounding areas.

  6. I love seeing familiar faces literally everywhere you go. Even when you're trying to lay low and you're wearing your pajamas to a tag sale and you run into people you know and then go to breakfast like that.

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