Currently, I’m Wearing a Magic School Bus Dress

Which really means that one of my life goals has been unlocked.

Currently, I'm wearing a Magic School Bus Dress and doing a Currently post! What have YOU been up to lately? #oldschoolblogging #personalblogging #bloglife

Speaking of which, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much this week. I know I have done better in the past and throughout this busy summer. We’re at crunch time now, with four more weeks of summer vacation. Yesterday, Des had his five-year-old well checkup (excellent bill of health!) and Scarlet will have hers next week. She only has one more week of camp, and Des “graduates” Safety Village camp today. I mean, really. There will be a graduation ceremony. I can’t forget having one-year-old Des on my lap (in overalls!) at Scarlet’s Safety Village Camp Graduation, and she scowled the whole time! LOOK:

They sort of get better and better.

You can laugh. I did a lot. After camp week, we have a week of craziness and road trips and the kids go to Cape Cod without us. Cassidy and I will be heading to Boston for Comic Con and my $300 ticket to spend time with Tim Curry. That’s the life dream part. The week after that takes us to New Jersey for a belated birthday party with the entire extended family. Then another week of last minute summer stuff, and then Scarlet goes away with her best friend’s family for three nights.

Then, in theory, the construction on our house begins. We’ll have to be displaced from my office and the master bedroom for a long time while we get a new master bedroom/bathroom suite. With doors. With LOCKS. At some point, we’ll be displaced from the whole house while the floors are being redone, but hopefully that will be in October when I’m already in New Jersey anyway. I don’t know what it will be like to set up another office for myself for awhile. I’m busier than ever and I never work with laptops. I have to drag my giant iMac everywhere. Plus, sharing a small full-sized futon in a small room with Cassidy for 2-3 months! Ah, romance. We sleep in even smaller quarters in Cape Cod and we always do well with that.

So I’m sorry I haven’t been as around. I’ve had some interesting career stuff lately. I’ve been doing a side job for a few months now, and I’m not sure why I never announced it? I think I may wait on that because it’s going well and I may be announcing a brand new role soon. It might require some juggling because I’m already busy with mama-ing, photographing, blogging, influencing, and data-entering, but everything I do (except mama-ing) comes in waves and ebbs. And I’m prone to nuttiness forever. Stay tuned, and stick with me, because I’m going nowhere! Or somewhere! But not away from here.

I may just take occasional week-long pauses from personal blog posts, because.. summer.

Now, it’s Currently Time! Feel free to write your own sometime!

Currently, I’m..

Reading: “The Last Anniversary” by Liane Moriarty – hot on the heels of reading Jennifer Weiner’s autobiography.

Planning: I dunno. My editorial schedule? A series of potentially life-altering conference calls. The kids’ Cape Cod Trip next week. Meeting up with some of my favorite blogger friends, like we do every summer. Kindergarten orientation stuff!

Stressing: Honestly, just see above. I also hate my brain every other day, but then I rather like it on the in-between days.

Wishing: I make a lot of wishes, and sometimes they come true 20 years later. True story, if all goes well at Comic Con. Also, I often wish for the stability of my own brain, and the strength and happiness and PEACE of my loved ones. Plus babies.

Feeling: Relatively mellow, considering I’m solo parenting for four nights. And that life is sort of always at the edge of a big cliff, but that doesn’t mean that the fall down will necessarily hurt or not be somehow protected/protective.

Listening: I’ll provide a video! It’s giving me some pretty significant feels.

Eating: (I took this verb from the Happy. Pretty. Sweet. blog) I really need to tell you how satiated I am after what I just ate. Consider that I’m writing this on Thursday night and that I didn’t have a Peanut Butter Cup Sundae from Village Green Ice Cream this morning. There’s ice cream, and then there’s peanut butter cup ice cream. There’s sundaes and then there’s Village Green ice cream sundaes. It’s like they’re all instructed to put magic in those bowls. You can’t imagine.

Wearing: Well, we covered that already, didn’t we??

Loving: Planet dresses. Hot Topic cosplay dresses. Peanut Butter Cup sundaes. Monarch butterflies, clean slates, and fresh possibilities. Cats with perpetual kitten faces, and dogs that act like cats. Chickens that always reply to me when I call to them. How much my family loves me. Spring rolls, chef salads, and breve lattes. (look that up if you don’t know what it is)

And, this shirt!

Hoping: That all of your dreams come true. I think I made that reference before, but maybe in regard to wishes, and not dreams. And it’s actually an Ally Sheedy line from Maid to Order. How’s that for DORK? I mean it, though.

Happy August!

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  1. Aw, Happy August to you and so much good here. Seriously only the best will come now! And like you I get being off the grid a bit more with summer vacation and juggling all of it. But we can only do our best, I suppose. 🙂

  2. The quintessential summer is in your words! I had a peanut butter cup gelato with dad and Jamie last night . Summer is hard to describe yet easy… Crickets and fire flies at night … Butterflies in gardens and swimming and ice cream in the day! I am glad to be part of your summer here!!!!!

  3. I have not done a personal blog post in a while, because, well. I am not sure I could say it all in one post. I am not sure I even should right now. People would shake their heads and go wow, take something lady… Soon though. I hope. Now, how about that Village Safety camp. That sounds interesting and something I would want them to do, but Liese would probably scowl too. Rad dress!

  4. So many thoughts in my head. My mind is blown. First, I loved your dress. I have total dress envy. #2. Side job? I have been thinking it’s so amazing how often you have been blogging in the summer. I subscribe, and I still have trouble keeping up. You are inspirational. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how you squeeze in so many jobs–in the summer no less. Ok. I’m not gong to lie. I am now feeling super inferior. 😉 But you are doing an amazing job.

    1. You have the double the kids I have, and probably do 500% more housework! So don’t feel inferior!
      Also, I left that job after only a few months. haha! It was not for me.

  5. I am so glad that so many big, wishy type things are happening for you! I can’t wait to see/read about the outcome of all of them! I wish the you nothing but the best these last 4 weeks of summer and well, forever!

    LOVE the dress, by the way!

  6. Wow, there is a lot happening in your life!! Love the dress. Glad it didn’t omit Pluto like all those narrow-minded astronomers decided to do!

    1. haha, I would never have bought it otherwise! I just got a new constellation dress that I wonder if you’d approve, scientifically.

  7. Seems like there are truly great things on the horizon for you and I’m so proud of, and happy for you. I can’t wait to see how the house looks when it’s all redone. We’re doing our remodel next year of our front and back yard and I’m so excited. Your projects are way bigger than mine so I’m truly excited.

  8. Aw the Magic School Bus brings back some great memories – I love your dress! How exciting that you are starting on your house remodel! I look forward to following along. Glad to hear that you are savoring summer – it is going by quickly!

  9. LOVE this dress! So perfect for you! You look so good in it 🙂 I am also loving these throwback pics of Des and Scarlet!! Enjoy your August!

  10. That’s a super-cute dress. I sewed my son some shorts out of that same fabric that he absolutely loved! What a fun outfit! Also, terrific pics! Your reference to the magic school bus just made me smile! That’s a favorite in our household.

  11. Happy August my friend!!! It’s always good to disconnect especially during the summer months. I’m always amazed at how much you blog, seriously I write 3 posts a week and it’s been super hard to keep up lately. You are super Woman in my eyes Tamara, oh and I love your dress. 🙂

  12. Currently, I’m watching the summer go by way too fast.. watching crashing waves, reading a great book (Gentleman in Moscow), sipping a decaf coffee, celebrating hitting half a century, loving my family and counting my blessings.

  13. LOVE the dress. lol – you are awesome!

    So many good things in this post. Although being displaced is no fun but it will be worth it in the end… right?! Just keep telling yourself that. <3

    Thanks for sharing.

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