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We know sometimes picking a movie lasts longer than the movie itself, so we thought we'd share this spring movie list to help you decide!

Now that winter is finally gone, and the energy to engage in different activities is more present, it’s time to find something to do. This season makes for the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, try new experiences, and of course, catch up on some fantastic movies. And because we know sometimes picking a movie lasts longer than the movie itself, we thought we’d help you out and give you some suggestions on what to watch this spring.


For those of you who enjoy getting immersed into love stories, our list of romantic movies might help you find some relatable and feel-good vibes.

Before Sunrise – 1995: This 90s masterpiece will take you to Vienna where the main characters, Celine and Jesse explore the city and form a deep connection over one single night. It might even inspire you to travel and explore the lovely city of Vienna.

La La Land – 2016: This award winning musical is what you want on a friday night. The catchy songs, the incredible actor pair and the ambitious characters make for a great experience in this movie.

Pride and Prejudice 2005: For the more patient ones, a long classic based on Jane Austen’s story will take you to a different world. The connection between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will captivate you and impress you until the last minute.

An Irish wish – 2024: This new Netflix release is a romantic comedy set in Ireland. The funny plot and the cultural elements will allow you to experience Irish bliss. Starring Lindsay Lohan and inspired by an Irish legend, this movie will make you want to visit Ireland this summer. The celtic music, landscapes and hospitality presented in this movie will surely charm you. If you get too invested, you can always get yourself some celtic decor pieces so you can live the story yourself.


If you like a movie that makes you think it through and ask yourself some questions, we’ve got you covered.

The Shawshank Redemption – 1994: A movie about the bond of friendship and resilience as Andy Dufresne explores life in Shawshank State Penitentiary, holding onto hope and redemption. A captivating movie that will spark some thoughts.

Her – 2013: A futuristic movie that explores the connection between love and technology, perfect for the year we’re living in. A true masterpiece that will raise some questions and meaningful conversations.

The Pursuit of Happyness – 2006: Follow Chris Gardner’s wholesome and inspiring true story of overcoming adversity and pursuing his dreams against all odds, highlighting the power of determination and hope. An emotional watch about how unfair life can sometimes be, but one that will allow you to hang onto hope.

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  1. Absolutely love this curated list of spring movies! Each recommendation seems thoughtfully picked to evoke distinct emotions. “Before Sunrise” always stirs my wanderlust, while “La La Land” gets me singing. The addition of “An Irish Wish” is intriguing—can’t wait to see how it blends humor with Irish culture. Thanks for these perfect springtime picks!

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