Your Baby’s Second Hug.

Des turns four tomorrow, so as you can imagine, I’m at the point of the night in which I’m crying at diaper commercials and ads. It doesn’t help that I ran to Sam’s Club over the weekend to pick up diapers and wipes for my two new nephews.

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It makes me remember those first moments with my two babies.

With Scarlet, I was blown away that I had really done it. I had a pretty routine labor – 14 hours complete start to finish – but to me, it felt like forever. I just couldn’t imagine what sort of person I was about to meet after nine long months.

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With Des, I was less prepared than I was with Scarlet! I thought it would be easier. I was sent straight to the hospital from a routine 38 week doctor appointment, and I had no time to pack or prepare for that day, but luckily I already had a list of what I would need in my hospital bag or at home for after the hospital. Diapers, and love. I’ll never forget the first hug.


I’ll never forget that first gaze into my eyes, as they both realized, “Hey, that face belongs to the voice I’ve grown to known.” Those first moments are confusing and overwhelming too. They can be a lot of things, and maybe not what you’d expect. That’s ok. It’s a huge journey and it’s hard and trying too. On everyone. Make those post-birth moments count.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Four and seven years after those two births, I will never forget the first time I gazed into my two nephews’ eyes either. They looked at me like they knew me, and I imagine it’s because I look a bit like their mamas. No surprise there!

I went to my local Sam’s Club and buy Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Natural Care Wipes. My sisters are still in the thick of their newborn moments, and all of the milestones that come with it. I miss that time, but I’m happy for them.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to have those first, and second, hugs for a third time in my life. What I do know is that there will be more nieces and nephews, and friends and loved ones, and always a reason to pick up baby care items.

Shout-out to Des for helping me shop for his two little cousins.

Working together, we were able to accomplish a lot of shopping in a little time, and Des was able to eat an entire lunch out of Sam’s Club samples. Seriously – have you ever had that chance? We were both full by the time we left! I particularly recommend the burritos! And the yogurt. And pretty much anything else we had to eat or drink during our visit.

Buy any 2 packages of Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes between 5/9 and 6/30. Email/text a photo of your receipt to Huggies@ by 7/15. You’ll receive a code and instructions within minutes to get your $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card.

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