3 Things You Should Let Your Child Bring On Vacation

Packing for a trip is hard enough for one person, let alone when you also have to get your kids to pack. Needless to say, young children don’t really have a clue about packing for vacation. They’ll basically try to pack everything and anything they find, which means you’ll be taking loads of stuff out of their little suitcases and instructing them on what they can bring. This can bring some tears as they want to pack all of their favorite toys, but it’s simply not possible. So, it’s your job to decide what your child should bring on vacation with them. Here are a few things that should make them happy without clogging up your luggage with toys:

Here are 3 Things You Should Let Your Child Bring On Vacation, and how these three things will benefit the vacation for all of you.

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3 Things You Should Let Your Child Bring On Vacation

Their favorite soft toy

Every child has at least one soft toy that’s their absolute favorite. They probably sleep with it every night, which is one of the main reasons to bring it along. Your child probably has a whole host of Spongebob plush toys, Frozen plush toys, Paw Patrol plush toys, and whatever else is popular these days! You’ve certainly bought them loads, and they’ll want to bring as many as possible. Compromise and tell them to pick their favorite, and you’ve saved a lot of space. Plus, the comfort of having their plushy with them might help them sleep while away from home. 

A game of their choice

Again, your child has loads of games, and they want to bring them all. You’ll need to compromise once more, telling them to only bring a game of their choice. This is simply something that they can maybe play on the journey or if they get a bit bored on vacation. Perhaps they’re in the hotel waiting for everyone to get ready, and they can play this game to keep them amused. It could be a board game – whatever they like, as long as it fits in your luggage

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Some books

Books are an excellent thing for kids to bring on vacation. This includes coloring books, drawing books, puzzle books, and normal reading books. They’re easy to pack, can be used on planes and trains, and offer your child a form of entertainment during the holiday. Now, both books and games can be covered if your child has a tablet. Some parents might prefer to leave this at home as they don’t want their child staring at a screen all holiday, and that’s fair enough. The benefit of bringing an iPad or tablet is that you’ve got a small thing that contains multiple books and games without taking up much space. Regardless of whether they’re normal books or ebooks, make sure your child brings some with them. 

These three things will ensure your child is comfortable and occupied during your vacation. At the same time, you haven’t sacrificed lots of luggage space for loads of games and toys! It’s the perfect middle-ground, and your child will soon forget about everything they left at home when the trip begins. You could also bring a few extra things for your kid’s comfort – like headphones and a sleeping mask so they can sleep on the plane.

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  1. These are great ideas! Family road trips taught me how to read in the car and not get sick. It’s one of those weird things that has come in handy throughout my life 🙂

  2. Great tips and totally brought me back to when we traveled with our girls when they were younger here. So, you pretty much nailed it with that to bring when going on vacation with small kids 🙂

  3. For a long time, it was their blanket. Fortunately, they were pretty small (and got smaller and smaller as time went by!). My oldest always wanted books, and they were helpful for entertainment, but they can be heavy/cumbersome. I love the idea of bringing a game. Gives them a voice in the family entertainment. We had a few, small “card like” games that came with us everywhere!

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