You and Me Sunday Driving

You know those memories that sneak up on you during hard times and make you queasy because you miss them so much? Do you think it’s possible to know you’re making one while it’s unfolding?

Today we went for an early anniversary spur-of-the-moment road trip to Brattleboro, Vermont just because I had used Brattleboro in a made up song to Scarlet, and hey, we had no other plans today. It was sunny there. We went to the Carter’s children’s outlet and you and Scarlet sat at the lego table and played while I went on an insane whirlwind with all of the baby clothing choices. Scarlet was sitting in a chair like a big girl playing excitedly with you. She only face planted to the floor once but you scooped her right up and she was over it in seconds.

We explored the town and I got free popcorn at Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters and Scarlet tried to take it from me the whole time. We wandered into Boomerang, a new/used/vintage trade & consignment shop and the two salesgirls offered to trade Scarlet for a dress. I was wearing her on my stomach and she was waving at people. You bought me a hat and I never love hats this much and the salesgirl told me to wear it out and when I first put it on, she said it was already “mine.”

We looked up and down the streets at all of the cool stores and admired the huge green mountains set as the backdrop of the town. We found a cafe where brunch is served until three and got set up in a private table with an high chair and a sunny open breeze. We fed Scarlet who loudly appreciated her lunch. When I walked across the restaurant from the restrooms, I could hear her yelling, “Mmmmmmmm!” from across the way. I couldn’t stop staring at her big blue/green/gray eyes and her wavy brown/auburn/dirty blonde hair. She couldn’t stop staring at me either. She loved my new hat so much she smiled, laughed and cooed every time she looked at me, even if it was just seconds from the last time.

Then we got in the car and both fell asleep while you drove us home to The Who and The Stones.

Two years ago tonight, we slept apart on the eve of our wedding. I was so nervous I was sick but it wasn’t because I didn’t feel right about our marriage. It was because I was starting to live a little and change hurts sometimes.

Two years later, this is where we are. Happy Anniversary.

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