We Wish You a Merry Everything.

This isn’t my last post of 2016. Oh no..

It IS my last post before Hanukkah and Christmas begin, though. Today, we leave for New Jersey. Tonight, we will make latkes and light the candles. We will simultaneously write a letter to Santa and make sugar cookies. We’re that confused family – celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas – but I don’t know another way of living, and I never will. I had a 45 minute conversation about religion and spirituality with Scarlet yesterday, and it taught me everything I need to know. History, Love, kindness, believing in SOMETHING, finding the light and letting it guide your way. She gets it. I asked at the end, “Did what I say make sense?” She said, “The only thing that doesn’t make sense is what YOU said doesn’t make sense – that religions would use hate instead of love as guidance, and that people would believe in a God who doesn’t love everyone he makes. Also, I like science too.” Yes, my dear, you can believe in both. I do. Science and something else. Hanukkah and Christmas.

Light, and more light.

merry everything

Scarlet and Cassidy went on their annual NYC trip last week! I’ll be back next week to wrap up the year with my (4th and counting) annual yearly recap, to share recipes/art projects, and to showcase my husband and daughter’s trip to New York City. There, they always find Hanukkah and Christmas, science and something else (magic, religion, spiritually, cake), love and kindness, light, and more light. I’m sharing a spoiler for the holiday – Scarlet getting called on stage at a NYC magic show!

May you find light with whatever you celebrate, wherever, with whomever, however, whenever, and with cake and/or cocoa!

Merry Everything!

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