Winter Fun (and I mean FUN) With Famous Footwear.

Last week we had the pleasure of doing one of our favorite holiday family activities – shopping for new shoes!

We went out on a weeknight, and since it gets dark so early these days, that always feels a bit luxurious – like you’re already on holiday break. Des had it in his head that he wanted “Dark Vader” (his words) shoes, and Scarlet needed new winter boots since only Des got amazing boots from Famous Footwear last month. I don’t know if this is a kid thing, or if it’s a “Bowman thing” since it still rings true for me, but getting new shoes/boots is so exciting for my kids. They talk about it a lot.



Every year after Thanksgiving, we get the kids new winter shoes. Last year we got snow BEFORE Thanksgiving, so we had to scramble to get to Famous Footwear the day before the holiday! This year, it was more leisurely and we had hot chocolate with marshmallows before we went. When we got there, both kids were measured and were delighted to find out they both went up a shoe size. They’re three years apart, but only one shoe size apart, and I know it’s only a matter of time before they’re the same size or Des is bigger! Then the Famous Footwear employee showed us which aisles to visit.

I stood back and said, “Go crazy!”
Des instantly knew what he wanted. Darth Vader shoes. There was a big poster advertising all the styles, but since he’s still in toddler/preschooler sizes, we had a great option for him, link HERE. As is always the case, he wanted to wear them right out of the store! He was enamored and even stopped other customers coming into the store to show them his new shoes.

Scarlet took a little longer. I know she was overwhelmed with all of the good options. Then she saw these boots, link <a “nofollow” href=””>HERE. They were in an aisle we hadn’t visited yet, and she spotted them and ran for them. We found her (new) size and she couldn’t believe how warm and comfortable they were. After we bought them, she couldn’t stop admiring them.

The #ohsofamous gallery is a fun place to get inspiration, explore what others are wearing, and see the variety at Famous Footwear. You can get inspired by seeing what others are wearing, and you can also share your own #ohsofamous moments.



Don’t you totally want Scarlet’s boots in your size? And Des’? What shoes do you want this holiday season?

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