Why Don’t You Go Ask Your Sister!?

I’m a lucky girl. I have three sisters – one younger and one older, and a sister-in-law.

Since only my older sister is a blogger, this post will feature her loveliness, but I wanted to give a shout-out to my little sister and sister-in-law too. They really are gems of human beings and I’m so lucky to have these gorgeous built-in friends.


I say this all the time, but my older sister Lindsay and I share the same heart. We are often touched and disheartened by the same things. We are disturbed and elated by the same things too. We have happy and healing souls, but of course, pain gets in the way sometimes. Life gets in the way. Tough stuff and money and heartbreak and health. Luckily we’re in this together. There are certain things that I consider Lindsay very knowledgeable about, and vice versa. We thought it would be so much fun to ask each other questions we really wanted to know from each other! So I asked her about health and dreams and fitness, food and yoga, and she asked me about.. well.. lots of things you’ll see below! I’m honored to answer her questions.

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Don’t forget to read Lindsay’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. What were your initial reactions to getting pregnant for both children? Were they alike at all, different, tell me about the first initial moments when you discovered that you were pregnant, and how did you tell Cassidy.

It was very different! Scarlet wasn’t…expected. I mean we know how babies are made and all but my calculations were abysmal, just like when I was in 6th grade and I had a math block. So we’ll leave it at that. It was the day after Obama was elected and something I was expecting didn’t come. I ignored it for over a week until one day when Cassidy and Ruth (his mom) were making dinner and I hated the smell and rudely told them so. (seriously..RUDE) They might have been a little puzzled because I had eaten that same dinner the previous night. Anyway, I was ten days late by this point and hating the smell of garlic. I attributed it all to nerves but had Cassidy buy a digital test at Target “just in case.” I was certain it would be negative. He came with me to take the test, which surprised me at first, but you know.. marriage. It said it could take up to three minutes but easily by 60 seconds, a very bold “PREGNANT” appeared. I started crying. I was scared. For about a week I tossed and turned because I was so scared. Then I got REALLY into the idea eventually. It became magical. Des was planned (hello, June baby) but I tested very early. I ate some seriously salty pickles one day and felt like something was off. This was a whole week before I was due, but I got a positive reading. I told Cassidy when he came home from work that night.

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2. What is your favorite aspect about having a daughter? What’s your favorite for having a son? On the other hand, what are your worst fears about having a daughter, and about a son….

Heavy hitting, aren’t you?! I always wanted a daughter. Maybe it’s because I grew up with just a sister for the first five years of my life, but I really wanted a daughter to read with, and brush her hair, and put her in a little red pea coat like I have.

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She’s cool and she’s sweet and she’s magical and she’s cuddly and she’s imaginative and artistic and wonderful. Yes, the shallow parts of me love that she’s a pretty little girl and she’s mine. I can’t help it. My biggest fears? I guess it’s about the tough tween and teen years. We all survived adolescence and I was as awkward as they come, but I fear the mean girls. I think I fear them even more because no one is exempt from their reign. I’ve been teased by them and I’ve been them. I so don’t want her to be one. I still have regrets decades later, of mean things I did as a kid. Scarlet, there’s hope for you!

Now Des. I admit I had initially wanted two daughters up until the second I saw that ultrasound! Ok, I confess I saw nothing, but the technician said it was VERY obvious what he was. Cassidy said it best. It was life’s biggest adventure for us. We already knew what it was like to do so much and to experience so much and to have a daughter. A son? Bewildering! I was just thinking the other day how much I adore our time together and how much fun he is. I don’t really know what I fear so much. Of course my kids getting hurt or bullied or heartbroken. Sadly, that stuff is inevitable but we all survived it. And all of that tween and teen stuff with boys – not sure how I’ll handle it! It’s Des, though. Nothing seems quite as scary because it’s him.

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3. I have found in learning about becoming a mother, that there is SO much information out there these days. Can you tell me about a time you read something about being a mother that you thought would help, and it DIDN’T? Or in turn, you read something on parenting that you didn’t think would stick, but it probably still has?

Ha! I think pretty much ALL of the “What to Expect” books…don’t really help. I read them voraciously just the same, though. It all blends together in my mind – of the best things I’ve heard. It’s always been from people I know, and it’s always been about trusting myself to make the best decisions for the family. It’s not always easy, or ever easy, but it’s something.

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4. Thinking back to newborn days, what was a day in the life of Tamara Bowman with a newborn baby……with Scarlet, and/or with Desmond? Did you have a routine with them?

Dazed and confused! I nursed both kids full-time so even though I didn’t set a schedule, I did have to work my days around them. Newborns…it’s tough. I always had to be prepared with diapers and wipes and a nursing cover and hydration and food for me! If you think you’re going to be thirsty and hungry when pregnant, it’s minor league compared to nursing all day long. With Scarlet it was obviously different because she was mellow and slept a lot. Des was more complicated because I had an active toddler to think about AND Des was less mellow. He actually.. cried. See, newborns can cry but Scarlet never did.

It’s basically entire days filled with making sure everyone’s needs are met. It’s as simple and complex as that.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

5. I think there’s something in our DNA which has gifted us with a high tolerance for pain. I have a bunch of tattoos, and you’ve had natural child birth, twice!!!! Can you tell me the BEST and the WORST part about the actual birth? Help, I’m scared!

Honestly that was the easiest part for me. Maybe I’m weird. The best part is obviously when you have successfully pushed out a human being and that human being is in your arms. The worst part? It varies. For some it’s the transitional part where the pain is high and they feel nauseous or like crapping their delivery table. For others it’s the birth itself with what they call “the ring of fire.” (Google it) For others it’s the contractions. I think for me it was that horrible feeling in my lower body like I had to push, but nurses were telling me it wasn’t time yet, but my body was telling me it was. Generally, your body knows more than nurses know about your body – for what it’s worth. I don’t like being so uncomfortable that way for awhile.

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6. As a photographer, do you find it hard to see professional photos of your children? Do you by human nature ever stare at the photo and think you would’ve done it differently for better or for worse? What is your favorite way to photograph your children? Please show us a few of your favorite pictures of my niece and nephew too…. for extra rainbow sprinkle bonus points!

Totally! You might see a cute photo and I only see what’s technically wrong, or what I could have done differently. Most uncool! My favorite way to photograph them is when they’re having oodles of fun – so much fun that they might even look at me, but not care that my camera is there. Or they won’t let it change their demeanor. That’s my favorite. I have so many favorites of them and I don’t want to go overboard.. so I’ll just post a few! Instead of a few hundred or thousand!

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7. The food in America today is quite scary, gulp. How do you get around the scares, chemicals, and what’s “right” in feeding your children, but also in letting them be kids!!??

It’s rough! A lot of kids have terrible eating habits, probably partly due to parenting, but they can be picky by nature. I voraciously read so much about our diets because it’s often on the news lately. I’ll read the Food Babe saying aspartame is terrible, and then the Science Babe countering that it’s perfectly safe. This is what I DO know. Aspartame gives Cassidy a headache. Aspartame gives me..well, we won’t talk about that. So you do have to factor in your body and your genetics. Most foods don’t bother our bodies – we’re lucky in that way. Our organs are meant to filter out toxins. They do that well. I believe in everything in moderation. I believe in celebration and rainbow sprinkles. I also believe heavily in local and/or organic produce as much as possible. I love lean proteins too. It’s tough with the kids. I can’t lie. Although Des eats everything.

That explains his shiny hair and glowy skin!

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8. What has been the hardest part of parenting yet, with either child, or in general? What are your favorite parts about being a mom? More then one answer is gladly accepted:)

Easily, the hardest parts are illness/injury/or worse and threat of illness/injury/or worse. My kids have been hospitalized and I never have except when giving birth! It’s dreadful either way, but probably harder because I’m an emetophobe so those winter stomach bug months are HARD, but I don’t act like a phobic when it happens, and it WILL happen. I act rationally. The favorite parts of being a mother? That’s a complex mouthful. I’ll simplify it by saying that it’s the love and joy.

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9. What do you miss most about your children as babies? What do you look forward to with having your babies turn into bigger people, and gulp, one day adults? Would you have another baby?????

I was thinking about that today, even though Des is only two. He’s almost three! I love these little contained worlds of snacktime and theme parks and quiet time and books and snuggles and softness. I think about what life will be like when they’re both out of these stages and it’s hard. That would be a reason to have another baby!! It’s not on or off the table, by the way. I’m just pregnancy-phobic and I like being 115 pounds and working three jobs and having fun. I can’t see giving that up right now. What do I look forward to with the kids? Just all the experiences of magic and travel and adult conversations and concepts. Better Legos and headier books and movies. Two fully potty-trained kids will be nice too!

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10. Has anything our parents did for us really stuck out as a tradition you carried on with your children in your parenting techniques?

Well, sure. You see it in the little rituals and sayings and rules. Mainly, it’s the belief of magic that encompasses just Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. It’s about belief in ourselves and finding true joy and delight in both big and little things.

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Bonus question!!!! If could give me any piece of advice about becoming a mother one day, premotherhood, during, etc, what would it be???

Believe in yourself and trust the process? Pretty much any platitude or meme you have seen that is inspirational? Yeah, that. Those. Stay strong. Don’t care so much about what other people think. I hear about judgement and “mom wars” all the time but I rarely experience it. Maybe people are intimidated by me because I’m scary when I’m hungry or when someone is questioning something I do? Probably that. Either way. You got this. You have so got this.

Also, your kid may talk at seven months, walk at nine months, potty-train at 12 months, and read by age two. Or not. The best truly brag-worthy parts of parenting are that your kids are kind, and happy. Remember. Kindness and happiness.

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Bonus question part two: What would be your dream photo shoot to have with your children? Do you have any photos you envision in your head already before they have taken place? How would you like your photography to grow as your children do?

I do envision photos, but it’s more about the moment. My ideal photo shoot with my kids is to have them frolicking somewhat near but also safely away from some good old moose and mountains. Rainbow sprinkled ice cream cones are optional.


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  1. I almost thought you weren’t doing AAF this week, but seeing you questions and answers from Lindsay made it all worth the wait and can’t wait to see the flip with hers, too! Happy Mother’s Day this weekend 😉

    1. I could never resist AAF! I just knew it had to be late because I posted four times this week! And with things being so dead in blog-land, I figured people wouldn’t read this if I posted on Thursday night.
      Why is Blog-land so dead lately??
      Happy Mother’s Day, dear!

      1. Totally not sure, but will say that I have been on a bit less as the nicer weather has started to hit myself. So that might be it. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too 😉

  2. Aw, you seriously made me cry, hard!!!!! I can’t wait to be a mother Tam, and thank you for such a wonderful set of questions and beautiful photos to help me dream it all up. I love you, and our incredible twin bonded for life hearts. xo

  3. What a great #AAF, I love the relationship you and your sister have. My older sister and I are like that. I have to say I have really been seriously under-utilizing rainbow sprinkles in my life. I think it is high time to remedy that situation.

    1. I’m so glad you have that sister in your life too!
      And I’m laughing about under-utilizing rainbow sprinkles. It’s never to late to remedy that.

  4. This is a beautiful post! I love Lindsay’s questions and all of your answers! I completely agree about the “What to expect” books. I read them and learned nothing! I would love to see your dream photo shoot! Moose, sprinkles and all!

    1. Maybe my dream shoot will be in Minnesota – there are moose there!
      Thanks so much – her questions were incredible. They were hard!

  5. I read this very special blog twice, and I know I’ll read it again. I’m so impressed with Lindsay’s questions! That deep and strong sister to sister bond that you and Lindsay share with so much love within just radiates with every question and answer.

  6. Great questions! I hope my girls have a great sisterly relationship when they grow you like you & Lindsay do. My youngest is 7 and, in some ways, those newborn days seem so far behind me. On the other hand, they still seem like yesterday. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  7. Aw, what a great Ask Away! Great questions, Lindsay 🙂 I will definitely pop over and read your interview, Tamara. Your babies are so beautiful! I love all the photos and the last one with you in it is gorgeous! Magic, sprinkles, theme parks and kindness? You have this motherhood thing down pat!!

    1. Thanks! That was my Mother’s Day four years ago – that black and white photo. I always cherish it.
      I think motherhood certainly needs magic, sprinkles, theme parks and kindness! That’s the way I was raised!

  8. Beautiful Children! What…natural childbirth? You totally rock…that I could not do. It was also possibly the ‘What to Expect’ book played a part in freaking me out so much about the pain, that I was afraid to even try. Such great answers to your questions!

    1. Only one was natural! And that was accidental. I tried to get an epidural with Scarlet but I was already at 8cm and it didn’t take. With Des I had one but it gave me a weird reaction. I don’t think I’d do it again!

  9. So sweet! I don’t have a daughter and yet I still fear those same things for girls nowadays! Especially like you, I’ve been on both sides, and it sucks on both ends. I think girls can have it pretty rough with the mean girls thing, and with boys, I just hope they grow up to be good friends and gentlemen to those around them. Oh and such wonderful photos as usual, Tamara!

    1. I was just talking to Des tonight about being a gentleman! It was mostly a joke because he was trying to put his foot into my dinner!
      It’s certainly scarier for girls, in my fears. Growing up is just tough all around.

  10. Being a parent is the greatest thing in the world, and also the most terrifying :)! Love the bond you have with your sister. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day Tamara!

  11. I felt the same way as you did about having a girl, then two girls. I was initially sad that Gwen wouldn’t have a sister, but now she has James instead. Fingers crossed that Scarlet has an easy time with her peers as a tween and teen – that was one area we got through unscathed!

    1. Awesome! That gives me hope. I didn’t have so much trouble with it either- a few rough times with some bad eggs, and sometimes I was the rotten egg, but very mostly – NOT.

  12. I don’t want to see you when you’re hungry!
    I feel like I would have answered so many of the questions similarly. I too worry about the teen years and bullies and mean girls (and the possibility of having one). I think that’s my biggest fear as a parent. Well, that and her getting seriously hurt/sick.
    I also had a natural childbirth. If the next time I have a baby and give birth it feels anything like the first labor, I’m having an epidural. For me the worst part were the contractions — terrible back labor. And it came on fast and quick and intense. It went from “Sam, I think I’m in labor” to the contractions will close like an hour later. When I called the hospital they didn’t think I was that far along, but it turns out I was 6cm dilated already! Anyway, enough about labor. So fun to see you and your sister paired up.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. I actually think you have seen me when I’m hungry! I think I was pleasant then, though. Definitely that day we ate granola on the lawn.. and the day with Jen when we ate at that burger place.. and at Sturbridge Village! I think I just got food before it became… hangry.
      With Scarlet, I wasn’t really in pain until 8cm! Was way too late to have an epidural that worked.
      With Des I had one but it was terrible – gave me full body shakes. I think something else must have been going on, though. I believe in epidurals – I really do.

  13. Awww.;.this was such a great AAF post. I’ve loved both of your swaps with your sister. Nursing does make you very hungry and thristy. I recently weaned my daughter so I’m trying to get back to eating like a non-nursing person. I’ve been either pregnant or nursing the majority of the time over the past 8 years, so it’s suprising how little I actually need to eat to be full.

    1. I actually miss that feeling when you’re uncomfortably full but you know a good nursing session can make you hungry again. Seriously! I miss that.

    1. That sounds pretty great too! Scarlet always asks me for a younger sister and I tell her there’s a 50% chance she’ll have two younger brothers instead.

  14. I love the relationship you and your sister have but you’re so right that even though it feels like it matters before we know, it doesn’t matter. I have an amazing relationship with my two brothers and can’t imagine them being girls. Years ago, I wanted a girl baby but when I was pregnant really hoped for a boy and now can’t imagine life if he were a girl because OMG boys are awesome!!

    1. Yes they are! I know Scarlet wants me to have a third baby – a sister for her – but I wouldn’t mind a brother for them both! Of course…I’d have to have someone else carry my baby for me, though.

    1. For a long time, it was just me, so it’s been so much fun to watch her blog grow and to help whenever needed! (which isn’t often – she’s good!)

  15. I love this. I love seeing the questions that you and Lindsay ask each other since, you know, you’re sisters and all! And she’s not holding back on the hard questions either! I love witnessing your sister relationship through your words and photos. I always thought I wanted a daughter but I think that I didn’t realize that I’m a boy mom. But I worry about the same things and am terrified of the tween/teen years!

    1. I guess I’m a boy and girl mom, but I totally thought I’d be a girl mom. I thought I could have six kids and they’d all be girls! How wrong I was, and I’m glad.

  16. You know what I love about this? That your sis gets to have all the wisdom and experience and insight coming from YOU!! Those questions were perfect!! Lindsay, you are in good hands for a supportive sister when your time comes!! Lucky you… <3

    1. And I get all the wisdom from her! I really loved this AAF. And I can’t wait until her time comes!!! (trying to be patient)

    1. Well there are three girls and two boys too! I didn’t mention the brothers in this post. I used to think I could give birth to six kids and they’d all be girls! Then I had Des and I was confused, I admit!

  17. This was such a sweet post, and perfect for Mother’s Day! Haha it was reassuring to hear that the actual birthing process wasn’t horrible for you–I need more stories like yours in my life!;-) Also super special to read about the great bond you have with your sisters!

    1. Both of my births were pretty easy, to be honest. From what I hear anyway. There are certainly complications and pains that come after, but I was so focused on getting them in my arms! I’ll comfort you anytime!

  18. 3 sisters! You are lucky and you are all gorgeous! I’m lucky enough to have one sister and she’s my bestest friend in the whole wide world! I will definitely miss the cuddle stage of having a baby…that’s why I’m thankful that I had a 3rd baby. I savor it more knowin that it’ll go by too quickly. You should have a 3rd! I tell you, three kids is easier than 2 kids.

    1. Aw, thank you! You and your sister are so gorgeous too. And isn’t it fun that you have two daughters to add into that mix?
      I really would want a third baby but I’m so pregnancy-phobic. The second one was so tough for me, emotionally.

  19. Gorgeous reflections on motherhood and such lovely photos too.

    I just adored seeing your little ones as babies… oh my goodness!!! So sweet!

    It was cool to read about how different your experiences of finding our you were pregnant were.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

    1. It was fun to dig up the early baby photos! And it made me realize how unprofessional they were. Ha. Time for a third baby to practice all that I’ve learned.

  20. I wish I had sisters. But alas, I am an only child.

    I love pea coats though. I put Tommy in one when he was little with a newsboy cap. Loved it.

  21. I have major sister-jealousy! I don’t get to have one and I don’t get to raise them. Wah!!! Life’s not fair. But brothers? Brothers I feel like I know, inside and out! Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes…

  22. You two seem so different yet so similar – wonderful.
    Truly beautiful answers to Lindsay’s questions. I can relate to how she wants to know everything about momhood, right now and from you. Good thing you’re there for her (and vice versa I suspect).
    As always great shots of your kids and I totally love the lighting on your parent’s farm, through the trees on to the grass and the horses in the distance – something magical.

    1. You’re so right – different and similar.
      I really loved her beautiful questions and I love being here for her, when the time comes. I was the first of my family and it was unexpected and I was incredibly confused by the information out there.
      The farm is magical! Perhaps you can come visit when we’re there sometime. My mom can make tea and coffee.

  23. What a sweet Ask Away Friday! Your kids really are adorable, and it’s fascinating to hear more about them and your experiences as a mother. They really are lucky to have a mother like you!

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m lucky to have them too. People say, “Oh I have the best kids in the world” or “I have the best mom in the world” and what I can say is that I have the best kids in the world for ME, and the best mom in the world for ME.

  24. Wow, all of you are gorgeous!!! I threw my “What to Expect” books away pretty quickly. I just didn’t “fit” the mold. I have one sister and am so thankful for her. We are 4 years apart in age, which used to matter a lot, but now doesn’t seem to matter at all:) What’s weird is, my mom was one of 2 girls, my sister had 2 girls and I had 2 girls. Even my Dad had 2 sisters. You sort of have to marry in to be a guy in our family.

    1. Wow, thank you!
      I actually threw one of my “What to Expect” books against the wall. It upset me, I guess! Ah, pregnancy.
      Funny about all the girls! I thought I would have six kids and they’d all be girls. I thought I was a certified female carrier. Not so!

  25. Kindness and happiness – love it!! 🙂 I agree with you about the horrible feeling during labor. I can say that it’s pretty much what I hated back then because I wanted to push Reiko out but the nurses and my doctor were saying it isn’t time yet and they even asked me to walk around the mall first! They were serious! I also hated the part when I wasn’t allowed to drink water anymore and I felt like dying with thirst and even when I was begging for a little water, they wouldn’t give me anything. I mean obviously.. because I was a few hours away from delivering my baby. haha!
    Love reading your answers today and as always!

    1. In my hospital you could have water and clear juices and broths. Or jello! Fun, right? Or slushies type things. I only sipped water, though.
      I don’t miss that feeling!

  26. I think what made this post all the more special is that it was a really beautiful back-and-forth with your sister 🙂 How incredibly lovely that you can still lean on each other for support and be there through these incredibly huge life-changing situations.

    Uhm, I should NOT have googled “Ring of Fire birth.” I was SO NOT PREPARED for that! LOL

    And I believe you are absolutely 100% right about knowing what’s best for you/your kids/your family. Trust your instincts. Always. XOXO

    1. Sorry about the ring of fire part! If it helps, I experienced nothing like that for either kid. Honestly that was one of the best parts. Once you get that far.. the rest is easier.
      This was a fun post! I love that you all got to read it.

  27. I love that you and your older sister both blog. This meme showed your banter and the depth of your relationship. Loved the pictures that accompanied your sentiments. Do you think your younger sister will be bit by the blogging bug too?

  28. Did the two of you conspire to make me get all emotional? Yeah, I think so! This was such a sweet Q&A!!
    You are such a wonderful mama!
    And I’m with you on the tween/teen years, although I’m already experiencing it right now.

    1. ha, we would never conspire to do anything bad to you! Although being emotional isn’t bad. I dig it.
      I’m sure I’ll need your wisdom with the tween/teen years!

  29. Just getting to read this after being on vacation and wow! This is perfect for Mother’s Day – I completely understand and can relate to your number 9 answer. 🙂

    PS Ring of fire birth – I don’t believe that will ever leave my mind. Thanks for that.

    1. ha, I’m so sorry. I didn’t experience it personally. Or maybe I did but was more challenged by everything before that point!

  30. I enjoyed reading this and finding out about your pregnancies. I don’t’ know why:), but I did! I also think you gave your sister very good advice – and you’ve reminded me to enjoy the process.

    1. Thanks! I hope her time comes soon! It’s fun for me to hear about this stuff from other people, and it was fun to write about it.

  31. People who have a high tolerance for pain are truly gifted. I have not had children yet, but from the stories women tell that have, it’s like a scene from a horror movie.

  32. I don’t have any sisters and I always wanted one. I have three brothers and they all drive me bonkers. When I had one daughter, I told my husband we HAD to have another so she would never be alone like I am

    1. I wouldn’t mind another daughter – I can’t lie!
      I have two sisters and two brothers and it was all just insanity. Still is!

  33. I love this so much! Oh motherhood! I miss those baby and toddler years, but the tween, teen, and adult years have been more than I could have ever dreamed of. There have been arguments of course, but also an amazing bond of closeness that is just priceless! I have one super picky eater, he will only eat carrots and green beans anything else I have to make him eat. His are sensory issues, though, he doesn’t like the way fruit and veggies feel in his mouth. The photos are amazing, as always! I love the look of magic in their big, beautiful eyes! Have a great rest of the week!

    1. At least he eats two vegetables – that almost puts him in the lead over Scarlet. She’s working on it, though!
      Have a great week too!

  34. These kids are SO cute. Love all the beautiful photos. Also- as far as dream photo shoot, I shot a session at some abandoned castle ruins before and it was gorgeous. I wanted to take my family there and do a session with my own kids but never did. So beautiful.

    1. Thank you!
      Wow about the abandoned castle ruins. I did an old fort in Florida but still haven’t managed to edit those after three months. And it wasn’t a castle!

  35. I really like the idea of this. My sister and I are so much different. It would be interesting to ask each other questions. Might try it just because.. lol Although with my sister.. Things could get ugly! Don’t get me wrong we love each other wholeheartedly, but were feisty together! 🙂

  36. Oh gosh, these pictures and are absolutely beautiful. I’m the oldest of 4 sisters (5 if you include the sister-in-law) but sadly we aren’t that close. Our age gaps are pretty huge so it makes it tough to relate.

  37. I thought I hadn’t missed any of your posts but apparently I missed this one. You and your sister has such a great relationship and I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted a sister and I’m glad that Kristal finally got Madison, they’ve got each other and I hope they will be as close as both of you. I personally don’t think you can ever take a “bad” photo and I can’t wait for our session together.

    1. Blogging has been weird in general, and I missed two weeks worth of a friend’s blog on Bloglovin. They all came at once today! So I’m glad you found your way here.
      And I’m so glad Kristal and Madison have each other!

  38. I have one sister and we didn’t get along until we were older. I also have 2 boys- no girls in my life except my chickens! LOL!

  39. Great interview .. you and your sisters could easily pass for triplets ( seriously ) I have an older sister 11 years apart and we just started getting along since we are older. That time difference and growing up can make a huge difference

    1. One of my sisters is my blood sister and the other isn’t. No one can tell what’s what! Once I was out with my non-blood sister and someone thought we were twins! So funny!
      Then my sister-in-law joined the family and it got even more confusing.

  40. Love these questions – and your answers! Such beautiful photos, and I feel like you – so blessed to have a sister I’m so close to.

    1. It’s truly a blessing and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly harbor some hope that my kids could have another sibling – either a sister or brother for them.

  41. I really dig this particular sister act.

    1. I’d say one in 11 words of advice are legit. It’s the ones that are gained through just talking to other parents that have the best chance. If a parent comes up to give it to you, it’s probably not worth a sippy cup.

    2. My girls are so photogenic. They don’t get that from me. I see them all the time, but the sight of them still takes my breath away in photos.

    3. I miss carrying my babies on my shoulder. Or in my arms. I miss being their jungle gym.

  42. Oh god. The food issues are so big. I don’t want to test positive for pesticides and chemicals and all that weird crap that does who knows what but definitely no good for us or growing kids….but it’s also really hard to navigate around it without making a huge commitment. I cant stand contradictory studies! They drive me crazy. Because then I have to go and do more research to see who funded what study and that’s so disheartening. In California, we passed a bill a year or so ago that allows the selling of genetically modified agriculture without any disclaimer of such. No labeling, nothing. So I’ve gone organic because that’s just fucked up. At least give us the 411!

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