Why Do Children Love Plush Toys So Much?

Toy planes, action figures, & puzzles are a few of the toys that almost everyone had as a kid. Here are reasons why children love plush toys.

Toy planes, action figures, and puzzles were just a few of the toys that almost everyone had the pleasure of playing with when they were a kid. There is, however, a toy that’s close to every child’s heart. Those toys are stuffed animals or plush toys. These toys are soft, cuddly, and can resemble any animal, superhero, or character a child loves. 

A plush toy was always part of the treasure chest with the other toys growing up. So why do kids love these toys? For starters, they’re adorable. In fact, adults even fall for the cutesy charm of these toys. With that said, here are some more reasons why your children love plush toys so much:

They Come In Many Forms

Just about any animal or character can become a plush toy. Even if it’s a huge scary dinosaur like a t-rex, a dinosaurier spielzeug or plush toy can look cute. Adults and children even think that a plush toy, No-face from the movie Spirited Away, is cute and lovable. This reason is what makes plush toys so lovable. Children find cuteness in almost everything, and plush toys are the perfect example. 

They Enable Nurturing and Affection

Aside from being cute and huggable, small plush toys are often on the warm, receiving end of a child’s pretend care play. Kids often “take care” of toys that are especially small and cute. For example, you’ll often see them prop up the toys around a tea table and give them tea. Parents have even seen their children wipe away an imagined spill on their fluffy friends. 

They Become Their First Best Friend

In today’s busy world, a parent may not have every second or minute watching over their kids and providing affection. To fill in those tiny gaps, kids turn to their plush toys and can become attached to them. It’s not saying that parents are lacking, but having a friend(safely and imaginatively) a child can turn to at a moment’s notice is always a welcome idea. 

With their new friend, kids can play with their plush toys just like how they play with real kids their age. Your kid’s interactions with their plush toy are absolutely heart-warming and shouldn’t initiate a negative reaction from you, as their parents. 

They Have the Best Hugs

Children are constantly experiencing a lot of new things every day. Unfortunately, experiencing something new can get a bit scary and stressful for our little ones. A perfect example of this is when they become scared when you turn the lights off. A scared child will immediately run towards their parents and hug their plush toys. And because they’re soft, plush toys offer the ultimate comfort when they’re scared of something. 

They Help Develop Social and Communication Skills

Speaking of interactions, plush toys are literally the practice dummies that children need to help them build up social skills and confidence. It’s not unusual to see and hear your child strike up a conversation with their plush toys. In their little minds, the child develops scenarios, outcomes, and other things stemming from those conversations. 

With social interactions, you can often observe these interactions during a tea party. At a tea party, the child gathers around her toys and offers tea to each of them. What’s fun is that the child often has varying interactions with each toy that’s offered tea. With stuffed toys and other playthings, your child will develop their social skills normally.


Stuffed animals and other plush toys are staples in almost every children’s playthings. Although these toys are just stuffed animals or characters, they offer more than just hugs. Above are some of the best reasons your child loves their plush toys. 

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  1. My kids loved them, and so did I. In fact, I still have a stuffed chimpanzee in my attic from my childhood. It was a “crate buddy” for my dog when we were crate training her. Admittedly, she chewed it up a bit, but it is still a good old friend!

  2. Through play, babies engage with the world. However, not all toys are suitable for them. Babies learn new skills throughout their development. Toys that move, spin, rock, and play music are their favorite toys, and they can’t resist grabbing onto them if they see them as well as plush toys.

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