Who Says Tattoos Are Just For Skin?

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Does the needle scare you? Fret not; now, you can enjoy tattoo designs without going under needles. Here’s how!

Tattoos are an art and a unique form of self-expression. Getting a tattoo, or learning how to become a tattoo artist, are more popular than ever. Getting inked can be an obsession, choice, revolt, or skill. All the reasons are legit whether you get inked for a cause or fun. Plus, no one’s questioning whether you get a skull tattoo or a memoir tattoo of your loved one. But things weren’t the same as before.

Tattoos – Self Expression, Sound Synonyms?

Tattoos became popular when pop culture hit the streets. Years passed, legends lived, and people’s perceptions changed significantly. What earlier was seen with questionable eyes is today accepted as a symbol of individuality. And why shouldn’t it be? It allows you to choose any design, color, type, or ink to draw on your body.

But did you know your skin isn’t the only place for tattoos?

Tattoos Are Not Just For Skin

What began as pure art, with no intent to promote businesses, is today widely popular among the young and elderly. However, getting tattooed for their whole life is only some people’s favorite idea. At the same time, others are fearful of its consequences, like skin issues. At one point, people thought tattoo art would die soon. However, it didn’t happen. Why?

Well, the industry was quick enough to cater to customers’ demands who were slightly skeptical about getting inked on skin. They found a way that could preserve the art form and artists. That’s how tattoos made the transition to the apparel industry. 

Tattoo on T-shirts – A Cooler Way To Enjoy Tattoo Art

The tattoo craze is exceptional. Some get tattoos on whole body parts like full arms, legs, or backfilled in various designs, colors, and themes. Some prefer contemporary art, while others choose to go off-beat. The best is– you get to pick a design of your choice. 

The conventional skin tattoo trend is still in vogue. However, ink lovers have found a new way to enjoy them. Instead of getting inked on the skin, they love wearing T-shirts or hoodies with immersive tattoo prints. You only need to choose a fabric, and tattoo artists will do the job.

Tips To Find The Best Tattoo Style For T-shirts

Tattoos are not like sketches or illustrations. Their origin in pop culture adds a distinctive feature to this art form. Unlike others, you need to find a specific theme or message that you choose to convey. 

At first, finding the perfect tattoo style on T-shirts or hoodies can be tricky. So, here are three tips from Tattee to get you through the hassle:

  • Find What Inspires You

Inspiration is a must for all creators. So, do what most creators or artists do and find your inspiration. It could be religious or cultural symbols, shapes, or designs, or you can go through magazines or books. Everything works!

  • What Is In Vogue

If your designs are for personal use, you’re free. When you design for others, scroll down the tattoo trends quickly. Because art forms never stay the same. So, search online, talk to your prospects, and see how you can add your creativity to the latest tattoo trends.

  • Think Out-of-the-Box

There are thousands of tattoo designs available online. Each design is set on a different theme. You can choose from the already available designs. Or, you can give a heads-up to your creative self, sketch a design, pour in some colors, and get it printed. 

In short, you don’t have to follow the norm, be free, and create your masterpiece. 


The blog apparently describes how Tattoos are not just meant for skin. You can get tattoos printed anywhere, from T-shirts to hoodies. So, when are you going to buy your favorite tattoo T-shirt?

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