Where’s My “Get Up And Go”?

According to The Free Dictionary, “get up and go” means – “Initiation of action motivated by energy and ambition.”

On our last night before holiday break officially ended, Cassidy put on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at Scarlet’s request.

Just the opening song made me groan aloud, bury my head in my hands and say, “Ugh! This song is making me SO depressed.” It was almost too beautiful. It was too nostalgic. All of the hopes and dreams of what I wanted this holiday season that I got in droves – the generous gifts, the giving, the family and friends. Then there was all of the spirit I never really had until the last minute. It was missing this year. “Gone”, as I used to describe my own “get up and go.” That a**-kicking spirit we all know and love within ourselves. I’ve been living in this strange middle world, of pajamas until noon, no school and oddly placed meals.

Simultaneously, I’ve also been fantasizing about the beach.

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And fragrant green fields of tulips and daisies and all of that jazz. Rainbow parades. Sunshine. Rainbow parades in the sunshine.

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Three days into our new week, in our new month, in our new year of new beginnings, and I’m fumbling for and relishing in our descent back into “normal.” Or was it an ascent into the “new normal”? However, after three weeks of routine, we’re going to throw it out the window and travel, by plane, to the “happiest place on earth.” I hate flying and I get weird about too much excitement and crowds (don’t I sound like a real blast?). Not only that, I have a few photo jobs to accomplish before our departure to VacationLand. And I have to guest blog, accept guest posts, write my own posts, line up posts for when I’m away, and parent my kids with love and patience, while sneaking off to read library books while washing dishes and folding laundry.

(I also blog-read while blow-drying my hair)

And I had been in this squishy middle world for over three weeks, until two days ago. We got back into the school week with a delayed opening on Monday, and exhaustion-induced dizzy spells, a terrible diaper incident, and van doors iced shut on Tuesday. What will today hold? I’m making my way back, or is it forth(?), to this new year. I’m warming up to old and new ambitions.

I’m looking for my a**-kicking spirit. I’m looking for my “get up and go.” Have you seen them?

Have you been looking for your own?

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I was haunted by an event at our New Year’s party two years ago. Our friend’s son, then seven, kept asking me to come downstairs to see his “show.” I was still in that first trimester oddness and never did make it downstairs before he went to bed. Last year, when he was eight, he asked me to play him in a toy hockey game. I finally had the decency to say “yes” and it was a blast. I actually wrote a post last year about how it felt to play with him, after never seeing his show the previous year.

This year, I brought up the hockey game we had played together last year and he smiled and said how fun it was. He had no memory of me skipping his “show” two years ago, or taking a really long time to finally play the hockey game with him last year. He only remembered that I did play with him. He only remembered that we had fun. Whew! Gotta love kids.

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(He’s the beautiful boy holding the newborn. Des was still in my belly!)

If a beautiful kid asks you to see their show, or play a toy hockey game with them, you always say “yes”! Lesson learned.

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  1. Aww, that’s so awesome that he only remembered what you did do, versus what you didn’t. Kids are great that way! Funny thing, is that people have the tendency, or are almost predispositions to only remember the negative experiences in life. They tend to stand out more for some strange reason. It’s refreshing when you come across that positive innocence that remembers only the good things!

    1. Yes, it’s very refreshing! My daughter and I can have huge arguments for a week straight and then make up with an ice cream date, and she’ll really only ever talk about the ice cream part of the whole deal! The making up. And she’s not one to dwell at this age, so I imagine everything we do is really important…and the good things that happen are very good things.

    1. ha! So true, though. I always worry I’m screwing them up but the good is just so good for them. And Scarlet’s been extra-huggy lately since the whole Disney World announcement.

  2. When they’re older they remember things more. Lesson learned here. But I love that the little ones have such a capacity to remember only the good. I stress out in crowds too…you’re definitely not alone!

    1. I realize that older goes definitely remember more and hold more grudges. I remember myself being like that! Stick by me in our next crowd situation. I think there are a few coming!

  3. I’m so grateful that my kids *often* only remember the good (they also remember a few times that I have freaked out extremely – but they think it was funny- phew). I can also relate to looking for my get up and go. It’s not like i haven’t been doing stuff – it’s just that I feel right now that my life is consumed with things I must do, especially work, but also home stuff of cooking, cleaning, laundry… Need to get my groove back for things like reading, writing, blogging, sleeping…

    1. Sleeping. That is a good groove to get into! It’s been so cold here at night that we’re often up at odd hours just making sure the heat doesn’t need to be on if the pellet stove is ok, or if the pellet stove needs more pellets. It’s really not fun. I plan to sleep in Orlando a LOT. Oh, who am I kidding? We’ll be up at 6:00am to get to the Magic Kingdom.

  4. I think my get up and go got up and went. I haven’t had the energy to blog read or post lately and having a demanding job doesn’t really help either. ๐Ÿ™ Don’t you just love when kids remember the good stuff? Mine now that they’re older tend to remember the not so good ones at times but I do love when the remember the good ones too. Here’s wishing you lots of fun times in one of the best places on earth. I know there will be lots of photos and stories to tell and I can’t wait to read them. Hope you’ll have more much fun!

    1. More much fun will happen!! It shall. Honestly even if it’s cold in Orlando, I’ll still take their version of cold over our icy driveway and five degree highs. I can’t take it!
      I think we’re all just trying to find our groove in the new year. It will all settle.

      1. You have me wishing to go to Orlando with you. We were planning on heading to the UK this summer but this being my oldest with us before college we’ll be heading to Orlando this summer instead, using a timeshare. Nice warm weather over this cold bleak one is always welcomed!

        1. It’s not too late! Come with! Actually, the UK sounds like a real dream. I’ve always wanted to go and do a lot of Doctor Who tourist stuff.

  5. Totally struggling to fin my get up and go also here. Seriously between the snow and the freezing cold, too now I am so longing for spring and warmer weather here, too. And as for lessons learned, I am so trying more to live in the moment, but guess I am a work in progress still!

    1. Yes, work in progress here too! It’s a little hard to live in the moment when it’s five degrees out, you nearly slipped on the ice on the driveway, and both van doors are stuck shut!!

  6. Kids are so fabulous like that. We, adults, can learn so much from them. My son was carrying on yesterday with these memories of me ALWAYS bringing him breakfast in bed. Very detailed about what he ate and how he felt. I barely had any recollection and honestly, it happened once! But I love that he shared this with me and I am going to be incorporating it into our weekly routine because he loved it so much.

    1. Ack, that’s so sweet! It happened once but left quite an impression. I love that. To have it go backwards, when I was a kid I opened my eyes in the morning and ordered breakfast. That was the first thing I did. I think I only did it once or twice, but the way my parents talk about it, I did it daily!
      (Well, maybe I did…)

    1. Speaking of Glee, when is it coming back? What is it with shows now taking long breaks over winter??
      Anyway. Yes!! Solidarity, my friends.

    1. It’s kinda..insane..how much they teach us. No one way street there.
      I have said “yes” to a lot too. I know I’ll pick up the momentum when in the moment, but I’d like to be there already.

  7. I am in mad search of my get up and go. Case in point: I specifically fired up my laptop right now to take care of PTA stuff for school and where am I? On your blog. I don’t think the super long break and the cold have helped any of us this week.

    That little boy whose show you missed? I have a similar story. A friend’s son wanted me to play Wii with him over Thanksgiving and I refused, as I was too busy “catching up with the grownups.” You could tell he was disappointment. When back for Christmas, our 2 families went ice skating together and I skated with him the entire time. Held his hand even. At the end of skating, he turned to me and said, “Is it OK if I call you Aunt Ilene?” Talk about humbling.

    BTW I dreamt about horses last night. :).

    1. Horse dreams – so nice. More photos coming! I aim to do at least ten a day now.
      What a sweet story about “Aunt Ilene.” Humbling, yes. He clearly loves you a lot, and for good reason!

        1. Well if I do ten a day, it might take 2-4 days? Maybe? I’ll have to see. If only these kids would let me do it!! Boo!
          Anyway. It’s going to happen a bit each day.

  8. My get up and go is freezing its tush off. And blogging doesn’t help – I’m content to be in my warm home, reading and writing instead of running errands out there in the cold. I have to force myself to get out there and be social. I never regret it when I do, it’s just hard to get motivated.

    1. I just want a hot latte, but to get there, it’s like trudging through an ice planet!! What gives? And little mittens that fall off of little hands… finding parking when the snow piles have taken all the good spots…ice. Not to mention..the five degrees.
      Help me!
      What does a girl have to do to get a hot latte delivery truck that runs smoothly over ice up in these parts?

  9. I love how kids remember all of the happy parts of things! That’s true, I remember a lot of the fun things of when I was a kid. Who knows what was going on in the background with the adults! Lets see, my get up and go is non-existent lately. Yesterday I was actually whining like a baby to my husband that I “missed Christmas”. But I think this cold weather is not helping anything either! Who wants to get their but in gear when it’s freezing out!!

    1. I’m whining too. I miss Christmas. I miss anything that wasn’t this. I know I’ll bounce back, but it’s so true that the living’s easier in spring/summer/fall.

  10. I’m looking for my “get up and go” too, Tamara. My kids are back in school today for the first time since winter break started. Monday and Tuesday were snow days (actually so-flipping-cold-the-busses-wouldn’t-start days.)

    I know that feeling of having SO much to do before you can get away and just leave it all behind for a week or so. Good luck. It’s exhausting and stressful but the break is usually so very nice and rejuvenating.

    (I absolutely HATE to fly. I told my husband a few days ago that I’d be much more likely to travel if we could do so by train!)

    1. That is insane! Too-cold buses! Wow. Glad they went back today! Well are you glad? I’d hate to tell you I’m so happy your kids are not at home if you miss them so!
      I like flying when we’re in the air, but it’s all the unknowns and annoyances of getting on that plane. And with two kids! At least the flight isn’t long. Two hours is two hours less than it takes us to go to my parent’s house.

      1. At the time I was glad they went back to school. But now they’re on a 7-day cruise with their dad and grandparents and I’m missing them like crazy! I did have my little guy home with me Friday because he was sick. He got sick at school that morning, and then another girl got sick when she saw him get sick. I felt really sorry for the teacher and the school janitor!!

  11. Oh man you hit me with that last statement.. my son always asks me to play and I’m getting better at saying “yes” more often. It’s hard, I haven’t found my “get up and go” in years since I’m always exhausted! I think my “get up and go” was in my coffee, maybe yours is too? Your family is so beautiful! Happy Hump Day Tamara! -Iva

    1. I say “no” to my daughter far too often. Last night I wanted to give her a bath and she wanted to pretend she was Cindy Lou Who and I was the Grinch! I was NOT feeling it.
      And sadly, coffee has no effect on me. Or no positive effect. I have to drink decaf like a nerd!!
      And thank you!!!

  12. We are trying to get back into a normal routine, too, but this crazy polar vortex has derailed our plans for the past two days. Thankfully daycare was only on a two-hour delay today, so I *might* actually get some real work done today. While it was nice to say ‘yes’ to the girls while they were home, I feel bad about the other times I totally lost my temper with them. I’m going to blame it on cabin fever and frigid temps!

    1. I love the name “polar vortex.” All the old-timers are saying, “In my day we just called it a cold front!” It does sound more serious.
      Hope you get some real work done today!!

    1. Sometimes I get strange looks for it but I have a ton of hair and that’s 20-30 minutes best spent at the computer or in front of a great book.

  13. I finally found mine when I dropped my kids off at school today! I even wrote a new post (finally). It normally isn’t too crowded at Disney in January. It’s my favorite time to go.

    1. Oh yay – it worked!! Mobile commenting! Thanks!
      And I’m happy to be at Disney in January – for many reasons. The lack of bad crowds, and the lack of 0 degree temperatures. We all win!

  14. Getting back in the swing of things is hard girl. Don’t feel bad. I’m sure that getting to Disney will be a hassle, BUT I’m also pretty sure it’ll be worth it once you get there. Scarlet will literally remember it forever, so try to keep remembering that! I am NOT back in the swing of things at work at all. I keep waiting for my own get up and go to return. Let me know if you find yours.

    1. You are so right. And I do plan to be more mindful of it all. I think I’ll probably kiss the ground if it’s even above freezing in Florida, and chances are, we’ll be seeing warm sun.
      Even the plane ride itself will be a fun adventure. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  15. The day I got back to work (only two days ago?!) I almost cried at my desk. The holidays were so wonderful with family and friends, and Jack turning two, and then they were over. People have called it a holiday hangover but I’ve never seen it as that, until this year. I’ve noticed that reconnecting with the blogging community has helped me come out of it and reignite that ‘get up and go’. Though I’ve also noticed that the ‘get up and go’ has a very short attention span these days and is very easily discouraged. You’ve got such a supportive community here on this blog and as a few other have said, we will all help each other out!

    We haven’t gotten to the Disney age yet, but just the thought of it makes my palms sweat.

    1. I totally get it – the holiday hangover. I swear I even had a headache as if I had been drinking for ten days straight. (in truth, I was stone sober all month).
      Disney used to make my palms sweat even more but now that she’s so excited about it, it’s infectious. I’m excited beyond words!

  16. A great lesson indeed. While I worked less during the holidays, I still worked. It was kind of nice not having to deal with all the crazy emails. It makes the transition back to the normal routine easier for me. Though I wouldn’t mind a rainbow parade in the sunshine for good measure.

    1. I’m sure you have rainbow parades where you live (very sure) but if you ever get down here, Northampton puts on a delicious Pride Parade & Rally in early May. So much fun!

  17. My Get Up And Go is still hibernating. I have had a few productive moments, but mostly I’ve been napping or reading a book. I’m going to need to wake it up soon…Dave will be back at work on Monday so I can’t laze around and let him do the school run for much longer!!

  18. I can totally see why you are getting off to a slow start. It’s like when I am extremely exhausted from lack of sleep the night prior and no matter how much sleep I get the following day I still feel sluggish and lazy like the day just can’t get going or my mind just isn’t in the mood. This happened a lot to me when I was laying around a lot in December because I was sick. I feel like I’m starting to get up and go a bit this month since I’m feeling better more often than not which is a plus! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I really hope January is a month for you to feel better! I had Des in June so my second trimester started right between Christmas and New Year’s. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that, like a light switch, I suddenly felt fantastic. And I didn’t feel sick again after that. I had discomforts at the end, but nothing like that nausea.

  19. Blog reading while blow drying! now that is multi-tasking at its finest. I was just thinking, if I could only have the obsessive list-making, getting-stuff-done part of my brain work as well for my actual paid work as it does for all the rest of my life stuff (kids, house, blog, etc), I would be the best attorney in the world. Instead, I’m floundering around like an idiot, reading blogs to make myself feel better for a few moments.

    1. haha..you sound..like how I feel often! If I could get paid full-time to blog/read blogs, I’d be rich. In fact, I think that job is out there. We just need to find out how to make it work.

  20. Lesson learned! Kids remember what you do with them. It makes them feel special. I’m so excited for you and your family going to Disney!!! It’s a lot of work to get ready to go but I’m sure it will all be worth it!

    1. Yes, so much preparation and work. And I remember how it felt to travel in my 20’s – easy! However, the looks on their faces in Disney will make it work. And not being in the polar vortex we’ve got up here will be nice too.

  21. Oh absolutely! I’ve felt guilty of this a few times times, not just with my own kids but like you said, with other kids as well. They just want to play SO MUCH yet thinking about stopping what you’re doing to hang out with them can sometimes feel like a drag. But I always remember that guilty feeling I get and remind myself that this is a rare moment; they’ll be so grown up soon. I especially drop everything when my kid wants to read.

    I hope you like your trip! We live near Disneyland so I guess we are spoiled, although taking a family trip there now is so pricey, even for a local! So I’m putting it off for a few more years. I think your little girl will love it!

    And if you need any help with your blog while you’re away, let me know!

    1. Yes, they’ll be grown so soon. In fact, I didn’t get to respond to this comment earlier, as I meant to, because I spent about an hour playing with the kids. Nonstop. Whew!
      I’d love help on my blog!

  22. I am ready to get back to “normal” as well. We have all been sick since vacation, and Addy has been home the last couple of days sick. It’s hell trying to get back to normal after holidays, cold snaps, vacations, and illness. On another note…have fun at the happiest place on Earth!! I have a DVC membership and we go quite frequently. I even wrote a post after we returned on 30 things to do with your toddler at Disney World. Your princess must eat breakfast in Magic Kingdom at the castle with all of the other princesses…

    1. I’m going to go back to read your post immediately. And I’m so sorry about the sick. It seems to happen around this time of year, and with traveling…
      Anyway, the princess breakfast in the castle was completely sold out, so we made a reservation for a princess lunch at Epcot. It seems like it might be almost as good and a bit more mellow.
      Of course I still have my heart set on finding a way into the castle one!!

  23. I was feeling the Christmas funk too. It took me way too long to feel any kind of Christmas spirit, and when it happened I felt like I’d missed the bus… the holidays were almost over. At one point hubby asked me where my get up and go was… I told him it got up and went ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I hear that!
      And I’ve been hearing this a lot so I’m starting to think it was something about this year. But what? Why did many of us feel this way? We’re not all brand new parents so it isn’t that. I wonder if it was the short period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Although it was only by a few days less than usual.
      I need a scientific theory on this!

  24. You like music, right? I am now going to admit to the entire Internet that this post made me think of the song “Get Up and Go Go” by…The Fresh Beat Band. Yes, a random and annoying children’s show. This is my life!! I hope you find your get up and go before you have to get up and go to “the happiest place on Earth!!”

    1. I do like music! In fact, your question about that one..is getting a long answer on Friday. But..SPOILER! I won’t say anymore.
      I think my “get up and go” already went to Disney and is waiting for me with my camera, my best lens, and a lot of writing inspiration.
      I’ll be there so soon!!

    1. Thanks! Those two were wearing them and then I remembered that Cassidy had bought me plaid UConn pajamas for Christmas, so I broke them out.

  25. I have all the get up and go, but I don’t know where to go with it. I wish someone would just give me a detailed agenda that outlines just how much time to spend reading blogs, commenting, responding to comments, recruiting guest blogs, collecting 6 words sentences, coloring with Grace, kicking the ball with Marie, teaching Elise how to (or not to) drive … I just want balance. I want to know just when and how much time each thing should get. Is that too much to ask?

    1. I need a copy of that agenda. I need a syllabus about what I’m supposed to accomplish in the next year (semester?) that will make EVERYONE happy with me. Everyone! Everyone!!!
      Ok. I’ll keep dreaming.

  26. I am dreaming of the beach too. I’m tired of the cold.

    I try to always watch if kids ask me to witness something they’ve put together. Mind you, if it’s going on and hour and they’re still going, I might be all, “Er, I have things to do..”

    1. Right. I mean, how much enthusiasm can you really show for the same Lego tower you’ve been watching for…45 minutes?
      I guess I fake it well. I hope. She does keep asking for my opinion, and me being a writer, I do offer constructive praise.

  27. I totally know what life in the middle world is like! Sometimes I have to force myself out of it. I think you summed it up perfectly, the “holiday hangover.” Have fun on vacay!

  28. Oh I hear ya! I was living the dean in my pi’s until noon for sure. I also suffered through windows icing shut which made me dream about beaches and sun and warmthโ€ฆalthough I do love a good fire.
    My stepson, who is now 18, always remembers a time when he was 8 and I played video games with him for a couple hours one afternoon. He still brings it up 10 years later!! So, I agree, always say YES.

    1. That is SO sweet. I used to babysit for years and the kids all remember how good I was at video games and board games. And you know how babysitters are – totally immersed! Makes me think if someone paid me to be a parent, I might be even more fantastic at it! Not that I’m fantastic now..but you know…I love my kids. I do what I can.

  29. Yesterday I was struggling big time with the get up and go (or be pleasant and happy and nice) – I had a pile of stuff I needed to do for work and it was all just irritating me. Plus the apartments above our venue heater went out (the motor blew on the coldest night of the year), frozen pipes over there and a billion texts from the tenants weren’t helping!!! This mornings simple follow-up on my legs (never ending) turned into more painful injections so today has been shot!!!
    Oops – sorry, mini tangent!!!
    I’m super excited for your Disney trip!!!

    1. Ah, I’m sorry! My day yesterday was a disaster. My kids nearly saw me..totally lose it. With Des smearing poop in his hair, and BOTH van doors not opening… And then one couldn’t close either and I didn’t know to just turn off the sliding doors function, and it set off a loud beeping alarm the whole way to school!
      Fun times. Is it spring yet? Is it Disney yet? Wanna come with?

  30. its all about the feeling you leave with people. Sometimes I can’t remember a persons name but I can certainly remember how they made me feel! You picked a perfect time to go to Disney by the way, off peak times mean no lines. I’ve been nine times (as an adult) and the best time I had was in February for my birthday. perfect weather and no lines!

    1. I love that. And I’m often terrible with names and then I’ll say, “..but I remember literally everything else about her!”
      That’s kinda why we picked Disney this time! We did have a time limit for these tickets until March, but March seems too spring break-y! We also chose this time of year because…OH SO COLD up here.

  31. Aw, so sweet. Definitely good advice.
    I don’t want to say this too loud… but I seem to be starting off the year with a good amount of get-up-and-go. I can only hope it continues!

  32. So far, my get-up-and-go has been pretty good this year. Well, only in a few certain areas. There are other areas where I’m really lacking though. We shall see if that continues!

    1. Well maybe you’ll find it soon – maybe a night on the town with me in two weeks will help. (I talk a big game but I fall asleep in front of the TV and I haven’t consumed more than one alcoholic drink in ten years)

  33. I’m so guilty of not saying “yes” nearly often enough. And I was nowhere near ready to get back to the grindstone Monday. Maybe I just need a good project to get the fire started under here! I’m sure you’ll find yours soon enough.

    1. I hear you! I have three photo jobs coming up and I’m scared of all of them! Hopefully the first one will ease me into the second, and third. But sheesh. I guess I needed a break.

  34. I am so thankful that kids only remember the good. I’m definitely guilty of not saying yes often enough. I think that I have found my “get up” but I’m still looking for my “go”. That means that there’s a lot of excited bursts of work and ideas – the starts of projects – which then lose steam.

  35. Even tonight, Scarlet wasn’t feeling well. Her skin was really chapped from the cold and I put lotion on her and she said, “Let’s cuddle. And please don’t leave my side.” And I didn’t. For an hour. And her appreciation was deep. I loved our night together. (Des was in bed and Cassidy worked LATE)

  36. I love Scarlet’s photo at the beach! And I’ve been fantasizing about it too. I think I have to force myself to really find my “get up and go” since I really have to get back to work but everytime I’m at work, I often feel sleepy and tired! I’m hoping to find the real thing soooonnn, hehe. Hope you do find yours too! You’re doing such an awesome job with blogging and reading blogs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. He is so precious and kids don’t hold grudges. That’s the beauty of operating in a childlike spirit as an adult. It’s hard for me at times to find my get up and go & other times, I need to sit it down somewhere!

    1. I find I can operate under being completely useless, or being 100% ON and able to do EVERYTHING. I wish there was some sort of halfway button!

  38. Totally guilty of not playing air hockey with my own kids and watching every dance concert they create to avoid bedtime. Strangely intrigued by the idea of blog reading whole drying my hair though.
    Be kind to yourself Tamara, says this guilt ridden Mum.

    1. Thank you – I will!
      And the blow drying thing. I just have so much hair that I need to do something while drying. Read a book or magazine, or even plug in the blow dryer near my computer and sit comfortably..and read.

  39. Can I just say how excited I am about seeing your pictures from Disney? I KNOW they aregoing to be amazing and I know the kids are going to have an awesome time! I’ve been missing my “get up and go” attitude for a while, but I think it’s finally coming back. The new year really gave me the push I needed to kick everything into high gear. I hope the momentum sticks around!

    1. Thank you! The push is on for me to really be present WHILE taking the photos I want to take. I hope I won’t disappoint! I don’t think I will.
      Hope your momentum comes back fully and stays!

  40. True confession: I see the title of your posts on my Bloglovin feed and find myself saying “YES!!!!” and then sighing in relief that I’m not alone. I’m trying to find my “get up and go” by throwing myself into some new projects and by exploring some potential life changes. We moved to Seattle in May, and although we’ve moved 5 times in 7 years (I think–lost count!), it always surprises me how long it takes me to get settled, to get my “oomph” back. Baby steps.

    Thanks for sharing–I love your writing. Can’t wait to see Disney pics!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad my titles can give comfort ahead of time. That’s so awesome to hear. Five times in seven years..wow. I moved twice in the last five years, and I was pregnant both times (but didn’t know it during the first move) and it was traumatic for me. I think it was the six weeks pregnant thing that was so rough, though.

  41. That last paragraph about your nephew…hit the heart….I was just thinking that the other day when I was busy writing while my son had the day off from school (snowed in). He kept asking me to play a game and I kept telling him “one minute”. Gah how many times does he hear that? Anyways, I stopped what I was doing because it wasn’t important (nothing should be more important than my kid). He’s been talking about that day all week.
    I do love you, but burn the plaid. I’m in the middle land of junk for a while. It’s not fun especially around the holidays. Big hugs xox

    1. I shudder to think about how often my kids here, “Hold on a minute!” Des even grumbles it sometimes, which means he heard me say it.
      I do love you too, but I can’t burn the plaid! Let’s just be grateful I don’t wear it to preschool dropoff. I’ve been tempted, but I never do it.

  42. I am hoping my get up and go comes back soon. Maybe next week if Allison returns to school. With the super cold weather earlier this week and the slippery roads, she has not returned. It will be hard getting back into our normal school morning routine.

  43. Kids are great at remembering the time spent with them. Sometimes we say yes to the wrong things, but it is great when they are the right things! Your to do list is quite long, my friend. I think your get up and go just might be at Disney!

  44. What a beautiful child he is! And it’s great that he didn’t remember you not being able to come downstairs. Kids tend to filter stuff like that in favor of the positives rather than the negatives.

    My get up and go was on hiatus all December long. There comes a point when the body and mind just say “enough of all this b-s!” and sort of shut down. I think it’s all good. We return (at some point) refreshed and ready to kick a**. But the get up and go has to take a break first, I think. LOL

  45. That is a great lesson learned and he is a darling little boy. Sometimes we forget how important little moments like playing a game with a child means to that child. It makes me wonder if I am spending enough quality one on one time with my kids. Great post! I hope you enjoy your vacation coming up.

    1. One on one time can be so elusive with Scarlet. I do get it with Des while she’s at school. So much of what she hears from me is impatience, I’m afraid to say.

  46. I had to find mine ASAP.. after being off for a week the year is off to a kickin’ start. Already tired ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes.. always say yes because it won’t be long before they won’t ask anymore.

  47. DUDE. I feel like we need to speak in person so badly because I relate to all of this huge much. Hugemuch. Because that is a word. I’m actually a little worried about you, my sister wife. It seems to me that you need more deep breaths and silence and NOT BLOGGING and NOT READING and NOT COMMENTING especially with the f*cking hair dryer (also I just had to go back and do the u to a * because your blog is nicer than my blog). I hate this time of year. It’s the very worst. After the holidays until like May just sucks. But when we have kids, we must find magic and beauty. Which you do my friend. Ok I’ll shut up now but please call me if you need an old chick’s perspective. Because I think you might and I will always take time to talk to my first sister wife. And your photos rock. And you never said if you have time to photograph Tucker after BlogU. I’m first priority if you’re booking. I’ll pay and everything. Even tip.

    1. The blogging, reading and commenting are the easiest and most enjoyable things I can do! So stopping them would kinda suck for me.
      As for BlogU, I’m waiting to have the money to book that ticket. And then photos and magic and anything can happen. I’ll announce (by carrier pigeon) when I have purchased my ticket!

  48. I should actually be getting up, doing, and going, yet I’m still here thinking about getting up and going. What is that? Why do we get in that rut? (Is it still considered it rut if it’s been over 2 years?) You just called me out with that post Tamara…

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