Where to Hold a Corporate Event in Las Vegas

Looking for a unique location to hold your next corporate event in Las Vegas? Check out these five unconventional venues that are sure to impress!

Las Vegas is a popular destination for corporate events, and it’s no wonder, but planning one can be a daunting task with SO many choices! With so many options for venues, catering, and entertainment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This guide will help you with everything you need to know to plan a successful corporate event in Vegas. Have fun!

Looking for a unique location to hold your next corporate event in Las Vegas? Check out these five unconventional venues that are sure to impress!

Where to Hold a Corporate Event in Las Vegas:

Choose the Right Venue:

Choosing the right venue is crucial to the success of your corporate event. It helps to consider the size of your guest list, the type of event you’re hosting, and the atmosphere you want to create. Las Vegas offers a wide range of venues, from luxurious hotels to unique event spaces, like https://selfievegas.com/private-events/. If you’re planning a memorable event on the famous Las Vegas Strip, SelfieVegas hosts business mixers, birthday parties, weddings, meetings, private events, and corporate events. Make sure to visit the venue in person and ask about their amenities, equipment, and catering options. Don’t forget to read the contract carefully before signing.

Make Your Experience Unique:

SelfieVegas has a unique private event space that gives you everything you need, including customizable photo experiences. The location features a breathtaking backdrop that will look amazing in photos. Not to mention that the event space is in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, and is walking distance from all major convention centers. The space is over 4,000 square feet – making it perfect for hosting events of all types and sizes.

Why SelfieVegas Is Perfect for Corporate Events:

It has a sophisticated and professional atmosphere, and can provide branded signage and graphics. You can get customized photo backdrops, as well as customized keychains, magnets, phone cases, and more. The Museum of Selfies can hold up to 200 guests, who will have access to the event space, access to a creative team, AND (45,000) potential foot traffic impressions by being featured on their LED screen located right on the LINQ Promenade. This is very exciting because it’s an incredible way to boost your business!

Planning Entertainment and Activities:

Museum of Selfie packages include six hours of event time, including time for setup and breakdown. Their staff will help you to coordinate any additional services you may need for bespoke event planning. In a place with breathtaking backdrops, interactive installations, and creative exhibits, the sky is the limit. It’s already such a fun place to visit (and take selfies at), so imagine how exciting it is to get an invitation to a corporate event at this fun place! The fun and colorful rooms of the private event space will give you ample opportunities to take selfies, network with other professionals, and eat amazing foods! You may have a lot of choices of event space in Vegas, but where else can you find ball pits and Mona Lisa with duck face??

So, have you heard of this awesome place to have a corporate event in Las Vegas?

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