When The Lights Go Down in The City.

Hiya. It’s a bit strange to be prescheduling my posts.

It’s also a bit strange to be in Disney World but to be talking about Disney World from last year. This is our third year in a row going to Orlando. The first year was a complete and generous gift from my aunt. The second year was partly a gift because our in-laws invited us down to their beach house in St. Augustine, and we couldn’t resist some theme parks too. This year, 2016, is much more our doing and we’re in way over our heads. We’re in the Art of Animation Resort in a Finding Nemo suite, but as of this writing, it’s a surprise. The kids think we’re staying in a Little Mermaid room. I imagine we’re happy right now.

At some point last year, I just stopped editing photos regularly. I’m not sure what was going on with me but I know it wasn’t necessarily bad. Just busy. Photography has thick and thin seasons. So does blogging, but I didn’t start doing that business-wise until last summer. So I imagine I came home and edited photos and wrote, and then got hit with a pretty big data entry job. That took about a month or two, and then I got really into the groove of working non-photography wise in the winter. So then I think I made the decision to seek blogging and other writing work. Photos got left behind, though, among other things.

So here I am, picking up the old pieces and putting them back together. It’s so much fun to see these photos now and to remember how it was and how it felt. It’s also fascinating to me that maybe while you’re reading this, I’m back there again.

At the Magic Kingdom.

I hope we brushed Scarlet’s hair this year and it’s not dreadlocks again. I hope Des is as charming as ever, showing the princesses his car collection. And I have no doubt that the princesses are as awesome as ever – getting down on the floor to get to my kids’ level, and connecting with them as they know how to do. Cinderella, you were so awesome.

My kids don’t know that there are more of you. Many of you. How many Cinderellas are employed by Disney? I shudder to think. This one was memorable. We used a FastPass turn to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel in a small castle, as one does.

Rapunzel was pretty cool too.

Actually she was very cool. Definitely the real Rapunzel.

Sometime during the late afternoon, we caught a live show.

Then night started to fall on the Magic Kingdom.

We spent about $5,000 on glowy things for the kids. As one does.

Then we gathered to watch the Electrical Parade. We had missed it in 2014 but I had seen it when I was 11 or so. It’s definitely worth seeing once or twice. Everyone else thinks so too because we could barely find a place to enjoy and watch!

A really nice couple saved us some space with their grandkids.

I wonder what I’m photographing.. right now. Next up – a perfect day in St. Augustine!

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