When I Think of Heaven..

Deliver me in a black-winged bird.

Sometimes people tell me that fall makes them think of me. This is funny to me only because fall is my third favorite season. I know. Crazy, right? It’s so perfect it’s actually my first favorite season, as well as my second favorite and third favorite. It’s just winter that chills my heart. I think that things make people think of me because I talk so much. That’s my only theory. When it’s spring and that light is stretching out later and later, people think of me. When it’s summer and there’s moose tracks ice cream? People think of me. When there are moose? People think of me. And that’s ok because I think of people too.

Like this song. Eighth grade.

And if candy makes you think of me, or maybe pie, I’ll tell you what makes me think of you.

And so, after that candy and pie talk, I am so excited to participate in Old School Blogging again! Elaine’s theme this month is, “Pie & Other Fall Things” and you can go link up at her blog post HERE. I can never resist. Here goes:


What is your favorite Halloween candy?

As a kid, it was all about the Reese’s. Now? No. I’m a supertaster and I have a real problem with chocolate and non-chocolate candy mixing. I’m nuts, right? Speaking of nuts, Snickers are the only dessert I can tolerate with nuts. I choose them.

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What is one of the worst “treats” you ever received in your candy bag?

I mean, I try my hardest not to offend anyone, but this is my post so I have to be honest. Definitely that house that gives you pamphlets about how Halloween is for sinners and if you celebrate, you might go to hell. I’m good, thanks! Moving on.

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(Sinner with a smudgy mirror)

What was one of your favorite costumes you wore when you were a kid?

I’m only sorry I don’t have pictures, or ones that won’t require me calling my mom and having her scan photos. I was a California Raisin in 3rd grade and I loved it, even though I couldn’t breathe or eat. Sometimes I can’t, without costume.

How about your favorite costume as an adult?

It’s always Supergirl or Snow White. I hope to eventually get better with those two. I’d also really like to dress up as someone from Batman, but it hasn’t happened quite yet. It runs in the family. I just got pregnant from looking at this photo of Des.

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What scares you most on Halloween? Spiders? Zombies? Axe murderers? Eyeballs in a jar… (or something else)?

Oooh, it’s something else! But what? With the intention to not go too deep here, and to just read this question as is and answer it like a human being, I will say that I don’t love snakes. Anything but snakes! I have stories that will chill your bones.

So then, what is your favorite scary movie??

What? When I was 14, I would go hang out with my 17-year-old friend and we’d cuddle under blankets and watch the Friday the 13th movies. We watched every single one together. I came home at 3:00am once and that’s why we all got curfews. Sorry, Mom. We really were only watching movies. I wanted more. He didn’t. It was better that way. Blah blah blah.

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(I don’t get it. I was adorable in high school! That was the problem. He told me. Too young and innocent.)

What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

As far as I’m concerned, nothing is anything without mashed potatoes. And yet, I went decades without.

What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory to wear in the Fall?

It’s hard for me to choose between my flannel shirts, my flannel pants, my skinny jeans, my leggings or my boots. So for today’s post, I’m going to go with purple pants and tall boots. And I also have these pants in red, if anyone is interested.

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What is your favorite pie? If you do not like pie I will forgive you but then what is your favorite Fall dessert?

I’m going to tell you a story. A Pie Bar opened up in town, next to Des’ daycare. It makes parking an annoyance but I still go in there. I do. Today I got a slice of salted honey pie, which may be the best pie I’ve ever had. Before today, I might have told you my favorite pie was chocolate peanut butter pie or chicken pot pie. I don’t love fruit pies. I love pie and I love fruit, but I don’t love baked fruit, and therefore I mainly don’t love fruit pie. I wouldn’t.. kick it out of bed or anything, though.

Do you live where there are four seasons? If so, where is your favorite place to see the fall colors?

Yes. This is New England and this is what we’re meant for. Foliage. Maple Syrup. Pie. Purple pants. And maybe even me.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug(This is not Des. He just plays him on TV.)

What is your favorite fall tradition?

It all is. That’s just it. I like it all together. With leaves and pie. I’ll have to say the holidays, though. Activities come and go and the kids change, and sometimes I’m anxious. Holidays, though? We always do them in style.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug(I was VERY pregnant here and extremely sick.)

Is there anything else special about the Fall to you?

Other than purple pants, socks, wood-burning stoves, salted honey pie, foliage, my job, Halloween, Thanksgiving, hot coffee, bull moose with full antlers, and the memories and promises of a million wonderful things? I think that about covers it.

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  1. I am still loving those boots and seriously as much as I miss summer, I s do love fall for so many of the reasons you listed above and more, including celebrating, Lily’s 5th birthday next month, too!! 🙂

      1. She literally made the cutoff by days as she is born Nov. 23rd and the cutoff is Dec. 1st. But still she is not a kid to keep back as she is already reading Pete the Cat books to me!! 😉

  2. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring…I think of you all the time, Nunu! As for Snickers, yes for the only candy I eat with nuts. Let’s just say peanuts are acceptable but if they had put in almonds or walnuts, they might as well have added boogers! Peanut brittle rocks for me and Grandpa Ben introduced me to “Spanish Sundaes” when I was dating your father…vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, Spanish peanuts sprinkled on top!

    1. Yes! Peanut brittle is amazing. I had yogurt this morning with incredible chocolate chips but it had hazelnuts and they were so overpowering! It just killed the experience. Boo on that!

  3. Ah those leaves are so pretty! You are lucky to see all that around you. I am hoping to see some of those soon when I visit the east coast. I love all those things. Oh those pamphlets were the worst in the candy bag – ha ha I forgot about those!

  4. You have gotten pamphlets on being a sinner on Halloween?! What fun suckers… Just turn the lights off and ignore the knocks why dont ya!!!

  5. So you don’t do Reese’s peanut butter cups, but you do eat chocolate peanut butter pie?!?!?! Interesting! 😜 I used to get flyers “advertising” churches, but never one that said I was a sinner for celebrating Halloween, which is surprising considering I have always lived in the Bible Belt of the South.

    1. I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate, but I get burnt out on them. I think it’s because they’re not high quality! Don’t I sound like an awful snob? I am.
      Ugh, those flyers is still better than what I got in NJ!

    1. Well thank you – that made my day! He was a gorgeous baby. I always wonder what a third would look like, even though I didn’t really get pregnant from looking at it! ha!

  6. OK Madison thought I was crazy just now for busting out laughing. I so do know those house that gives out pamphlets ROFL. I skip them too. As for the seasons, summer is my favorite followed by winter because Spring and Fall is just horrible to me with my allergies. I hate them both equally. 🙂

    1. hah! I laugh a lot at my computer too. I just can’t help myself.
      I don’t fall allergies but some years, the spring ones are nearly unbearable.

  7. You and Elaine share some Autumn and Halloween pleasures, Tamara. My Irish maternal grandmother was a firm believer in potatoes as a part of every dinner or hot lunch meal. Julia Child’s favorite guilty pleasure food was a large fresh baked potato with freshly churned butter. I used to love all kinds of costumes. I wanted to go trick or treating in one costume for a couple of hours, then run home and change into another costume which was easy to do when Halloween fell on a weekend day. I liked being Hansel, Bashful, and a cowboy.

    1. Potatoes do a body good, Eddie!
      I love your childhood costumes. Do you have photos? I’d love to see them.
      Julia Child is my friend because she loves butter and hates cilantro, just like me!

  8. I love Old School Blogging! This is a fun one, and every time I read more about you, the more I like you :)! I’m going to change what I was doing for Thursday and participate in this instead!

  9. I’m Irish – potato love is in my DNA. I can remember my grandmother’s giant potato field, and I do mean GINORMOUS. like, there was a small apple orchard in the centre I think. But every day, out to dig up potatoes and we never complained because, well – potatoes!
    I really need to stop thinking about those purple pants!! I need to find some up here – they would go great with my gray brown Fall boots.
    Is there coconut creme pie there? I just have to know…???

    1. For some reason I combined all these glorious thoughts and thought of purple potatoes.
      I’d love to share potatoes with you. And purple pants.

      Is there coconut creme pie? Yes.

  10. Seriously, someone really gives out those pamphlets?? Do they give it with candy too? “Hey here’s some candy, little girl. And by the way, YOU”RE GOING TO HELL!” Eep!
    I once went trick-or-treating at my old piano teacher’s house (she lived in my best friend’s neighborhood). She literally gave out a SINGLE peanut M&M. Not a packet of them, but literally one little M&M. What’s the point of giving out candy at all if you are going to be that stingy?
    I love fall, but it being so cold in the morning and dark until 7 is killing me. It’s during those moments that I miss summer. But I’ll take skinny jeans and boots and leaves crunching beneath my feet and warm apple cider any day!

    1. No candy! It only happened a few times when we were kids, but never up here. It was really weird and not something you tell kids!
      As for the single peanut M&M, I kind of want to crack up!

  11. I want a piece of that pie… like seriously. Now.

    I love pie. I love cake. I love ALL chocolate Halloween candy- except anything with coconut.

    I love fall. But I love summer even more.

    And I especially love that you wear purple pants. But you could pull off anything..

  12. You go with your Counting Crows! I think we must’ve been in the same grade because that was also all the rage when I was in 8th grade. And wow I can’t believe you got pamphlets about Halloween! How do they even pass those out with a straight face? Eeks.

    1. Yes! August and Everything After was the rage when I was in 8th grade. And I still think it’s my most favorite album of theirs. No contest.

  13. How I wish we have Fall here! Oh and I keep saying that. LOL. Because I love colors and I think Fall colors are so amazing!! Love the boots as always!

  14. Great questions! I’m gonna have to get on this one!!
    I think fall is my third favorite season, but not also first and second. I just don’t like cold weather and less sunshine. If fall could be warm and still have Halloween, Thanksgiving and beautiful colors, I’d be in heaven!

    1. It’s a good one! Get on it!
      Fall is my third, but there are parts of it that are so magical that sometimes I love it so much.
      But really. Why don’t we all move somewhere warm already?

  15. I love all of this. The purple pants and boots, the stunning leaves, your costumes!! I do wish that I lived somewhere where we could have a wood burning stove. That would make me happy. I’m going to have to play along with this Old School Blogging prompt! Hmmmm, but that might also mean I have to dig through photos to find Halloween photos!

    1. We have an awesome pellet stove and I have a love/hate thing with it. I LOVE it, but I hate that I love it so much because.. winter.
      It is run on electricity, though, and is worthless in a power outage.

  16. So much good stuff in here!!!!! Love the purple pants and boots. You are the perfect snow white. Yes, New England and fall are synonymous. Friday the 13th scared the purple pants off of me. I cannot even imagine why I watched it. With you on the pamphlet house (and the apple house). And that picture of Des, oh my goodness…you know where I’m going with that!

    1. It’s strange. I could never watch those movies now! I used to be more brave, I think, or really just crushing so hard on that guy and trying to impress him!

  17. no fruit pie? my fav. pie is apple pie !!!

    my son loves snickers too

    and my daughter did a science experiment in school and she said she tested as a supertaster too………..

    as they say here in the south Happy Fall Y’all lol

    1. I have no idea why, but I don’t like fruit pie! Maybe raspberry pie, actually.
      The supertaster stuff is fine! The blue food coloring test or the Sweet N Low test. Actually, that second one was NOT fun.
      Happy Fall, Y’all to you!

  18. Even after the Interweb is long-time broken, defunct and worn out, I will always think of you when I see a moose. And in seeing that moose and thinking of you, I will also think of Des And Scarlet. How could I not?

  19. Against my better judgment, I bought Snickers to give out on Halloween, along with other options. I LOVE Snickers, so I hope they are all gone at the end of the night.

    Did you watch the premiere of Supergirl? It was pretty good. I love that a female superhero is the star of a show, and that she has all the same powers as Superman.

  20. Oh goodness, salted honey pie? I now NEED to find a recipe and try it. It’s so funny to me that you can’t eat chocolate anymore that has something else with it. I’m the complete opposite. Chocolate is just far too rich for me without something to cut it…peanut butter, nuts, just something. Either that or it has to be in small quantities.

    1. I was actually looking online too and found a great one. So let me know if you make the salted honey pie! So good!
      I can totally eat chocolate in many forms, but not with nuts so much. Yuck! Although Snickers are very special.

  21. THE FALL is quite possibly the most SPECIAL time of year for me. I just love the cozy feeling, all the festitivies, the fact that people tend to get 1802938483924 x happier than in the summer and spring… UGH! I love it alllllll!!!!

  22. Once again I cannot even pick a favorite, be it photo or answer. They’re all great. In fact right at the start of your article – ‘Rain King’ – love the song, it has been a while that I heard it, got to change that. And your fall photos – the foliage around your neighborhood really is made to be photographed, by you. Gorgeous pictures!

    1. I’m so glad. May you never be able to pick a favorite!
      Rain King is wonderful. I love Anna Begins and A Murder of One even more.
      The foliage is still so strong…

  23. Salted Honey Pie sounds so delicious. I love a sweet and salty combination.
    The Halloween costumes from the 80’s with plastic masks were horrible. They would pinch your face and they were hard to breathe in. But I still wanted to wear them as a kid. I’m so happy that my kids have better options 🙂

    1. The Pie Bar is closed on Mondays or I’d probably be there right now! Salted Honey Pie. So rich. It took me more than one day to finish it.

      Those masks were the worst!

  24. It was so cold one Colorado Halloween that the plastic pants my cousin Ian wore as part of his Boba Fett costume split right up the butt crack. Years later, I went to my first concert – a band called The Nylons, at a community college. I thought I was so bad-ass.


    1. It’s my lifelong nickname.
      Lindsay was just about two when I was born and they kept telling her, “A new baby is coming! A new baby is coming!”
      So then they brought me home because she couldn’t see me in the hospital. She was sick. And she saw me and the first thing she ever said to me was, “Hi, Nunu!”

      It stayed in the family.

  25. Sorry, a pamphlet is a “trick” not a “treat”. I always wonder if those people seriously think that changes someone’s mind about God or want to give up Halloween. I have never heard of the conversion story that started with “There was this guy standing on the street corner” or “I received a random pamphlet in my trick or treat bag”.

  26. Hi Tamara, Halloween isn’t a big thing in Greece, which is probably a good thing as a goodie bag of chocolates would be too much for me to leave until Friday. I can’t believe that people actually give out leaflets about Halloween and how ‘bad’ it is. If they don’t enjoy it, then why open the door?

    Between spring and autumn I’m not sure which I’d choose as my favourite season, I love the colours of autumn, but I also love seeing everything come back to life after the cold winter.

    Love your high boots and purple pants! Not got mine out yet, but won’t be long.


    1. It’s so true – why do they open the door at all? The worst!
      I think the way you describe both seasons is perfect. It’s hard to have a favorite. They all feel good for different reasons. Even winter.. a little.

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