When Hair Loss Happens and What to Do.

This post was written by me. While I was compensated for my time and effort, all opinions remain 100% mine.

As someone with very long and thick hair, I was surprised to learn that hair loss can happen even to me.

Postpartum hair loss is very common, and happened to me with both children when they were about three-months-old until about six-months-old. I was told to expect this, but it was still one of my least favorite parts about the postpartum period. That said, my body did prepare for it, so I didn’t get any bald spots, but when it all grew back at once, it was not a fun time.

There are many reasons your hair can thin. While full and healthy hair is often viewed by our society as a certain standard for beauty, this causes stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and loss of confidence to the 40-50% of women suffering from hair loss. When I was in college, the amount of stress I felt during finals and having a series of bad roommate situations, caused me to experience hair loss every time I showered. I didn’t know why it was happening at first, but I got active to stop it, and I learned a lot from my doctor and my stylist along the way. Here are five ways you can help prevent and treat hair loss:

1. Eat more protein and more fruits and vegetables. Eat a rainbow! There are many fruits and vegetables that help with keeping a healthy head of hair. You can eat peppers, blueberries, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and more.

2. Brush your hair daily because brushing stimulates the hair follicles at the base of your scalp, and helps spread natural oils from root to tip. You should also get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks (or 12 in my case), to prevent split ends.

3. Take vitamins for hair and nails. There are many varieties at the vitamin store.

4. Reduce stress. I know for me, stress can do a number on my body. There are ways to better manage it.

5. Use a specific product, tailor-made for hair loss and hair thinning concerns.

Enter KerMax™. What’s KerMax™? It’s a drug-free, affordable, over-the-counter answer to hair loss and hair thinning concerns. The KerMax™ hair care system is formulated and manufactured in France. It has natural active ingredients that safely reduce the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss, and makes new hair growth possible. Each product in the system is free of chemical preservatives, has no side effects, and is hypoallergenic. KerMax™ is safe for all hair types at any stage of life. The KerMax™ hair care system is available in the United States, at all CVS locations, and at CVS online.

It’s also available in Canada at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

For more info about #TryKermax, go HERE
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  1. I’ve never really worried about hair loss because I think that it can be hereditary and I don’t know anyone who’s ever experienced hair loss. While it seems that more men than women seem to lose their hair, it is very common for women to lose hair as well. I have the typical hair loss that comes out when I’m combing my hair. If I ever notice that it’s more than that I would certainly check this product out. I’ll have to get it online however since we have no CVS here. 🙁

    1. No CVS?! I thought it was everywhere! Well my hair is very thick, as you know. So is my mom’s. My grandmother’s was thinner but she was also 100! On my father’s side, thick, thick. That said, I know that stress and environmental factors can come into play.

    1. Thank you! It’s been strange lately, but I blame the dry air of winter.
      Losing some hair a day is totally normal. I’ve heard it can be normal to lose 100 strands or more!

  2. At this point, I will admit that I still have such thick hair and truly don’t need anything to make it thicker by any means. actually I could sadly stand to lose some, but still if I ever do I will have to keep your advice in mind.

    1. Me too!! And you both have gorgeous hair. I have dreams that my hair and teeth are falling out. In truth, my stylist breaks a sweat drying my mane, but I still worry!

    1. Wow! Was that after having kids? Or was it something else? I have never dyed my hair but I’m afraid that will affect it. I’ve been told that doesn’t happen, though.

      1. I believe it was after years of dying it and after having the kids. My hair just couldn’t take it anymore. Could be vitamin deficiency too. We Minnesotans are always low on Vitamin D!

  3. I have so much hair, but in our family it gets thinner for the women as they age so I am sure that might happen. Keeping Kermax on the list for sure! I have lost clumps during pregnancy and such, but it still is so thick even with the clumps falling out. My husband complains about having to unclog our drains, because 6 heads of thick hair falling out is a hot mess sometimes!

    1. Oh dear, yes! I have tons of hair and Scarlet too, although we recently cut it. I swear Des doesn’t have long hair because I couldn’t deal with combing my hair, Scarlet’s hair and his too.

  4. 1) I love your hair.
    2) My hair is thickish & curly.
    I say thickish because I think my hair is falling out more than normal, but I guess I say that every winter, so I’ve been told.
    3) I have a love hate relationship with my hair.

    1. I always have dreams that my hair and teeth are falling out. Both seem pretty ok in real life, but it’s scary.
      I’m all love/hate with my hair too! It needs TLC. Winter is no joke around here.

  5. In our family, my grandmother had thick, wavy hair. All four of her kids ended up with thin, straight hair. And then we grandkids came along (13 of us) and we ALL have grandma’s hair. Varying colors and lengths, but all thick and wavy. I’m going to pass KerMax Hair Care on to my mom!

  6. I remember knowing about the hair postpartum hair loss, but still being shocked by the amount of hair that fell out! My hair isn’t as thick as yours, but I have a lot of it, so I was only mildly worried.
    I need to do a better job of brushing my hair. I got out of the habit years ago when I cut it short. I do comb it out in the morning (and definitely after I shower), but I never actually brush it anymore!

    1. With Des, I was more calm about it but no one told me how nuts it would be with postpartum hair loss, so with Scarlet, I definitely worried I was going bald!
      Luckily it stopped and I had a lot to give.. whew.

  7. My hair is not nearly as thick as it was even a decade ago. That’s one of the reasons I let it grow back from short. I was panicking about being able to see through it in one spot and I had to work with that one spot, wet it blow dry it fluff it – a total pain.

    I wanted to comment on the birds picture – that they were BEAUTIFUL and freaked me out and the same time 😉

    1. Thanks about the bird photos! So many people told me I should have kept comments on, but I just couldn’t keep up while away!
      As for your hair, that seems to be the general consensus. Sometimes I wonder if mine is thinner, but mostly it’s just dry air winter. When it’s summer again, my hair becomes a lion’s mane.

  8. I remember being alarmed by how much hair I was losing after giving birth to both of my boys. Every time I washed my hair I was pulling my hands away to see them COVERED. I spoke to my doctor too, because it was so shocking. She said it should lessen over the following weeks and it did. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. I am grateful that I didn’t experience drastic thinning, because I can see how that could mess with a person’s self-esteem.

  9. I need to look into this. I’m noticing thinning near the front. I, like you have really thick hair but I hit 40 and loss is becoming a reality.

    Can Canadians enter the giveaway? *please say yes, please say yes*

    Thanks for sharing – I’ll check this out at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  10. I won the hair lottery from my parents, specifically my mother’s side. My brother did not. All the genetic stuff I learned in school was way too simplified I think. I’ve heard that using a dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders can be helpful. There’s other stuff also, but fortunately, I can’t remember what it is 🙂

    Glad you had a good trip to our area. Sorry for the cold weather, it was no fun for me either 🙁 All my good outdoor plants are covered with sheets, and the space heater is running as I type this, lol

    1. It was a bit chilly in St. Augustine but our five days in Orlando were warm! 82! To us, that’s practically a heat wave. It was awesome. Ate dinner at Scarlett O’Hara’s in St. Augustine, by the way. And Mango Mango’s again.

  11. I never knew what an issue hair loss is for women until last weekend. Four of us girls spent a weekend in the Poconos. Two of my girlfriends was talking about hair loss and what a struggle it’s become for them. Definitely forwarding this over to them!

    1. My parents live near the Poconos – fun!
      My haircutter says she sees it all the time. So uncool. I wonder if mine will thin out eventually. My mom’s never did.

    1. I’m happy to be back! I had needed to close comments during the trip because I wanted you all to just look at photos and relax! Now I’m fully here again, though. Present tense.
      My hair is changing as I get older but it’s getting thicker. What the what?

    1. That’s awesome! Mine was the same or worse than with Scarlet. I had three years between them which helped, but I can see how having kids close together would make for tough hair times! That’s what my haircutter tells me.

  12. I’ve experienced a lot of hair loss in my life (thankfully I have a lot of it to go around) but it always worries me… It’s particularly bad when I’m stressed out and no amount of healthy foods will keep it attached to my head. I’d love to check out this product–great giveaway, doll!

    1. We’re probably similar in that way. Great, thick hair, but of course – when you have a lot, you lose a lot.
      The good news is that there are good products, AND, I imagine the chances of us losing too much are slim.

  13. Hi Tamara, hair loss can knock a woman’s confidence. My Mum has always had quite thin hair on top, although most people don’t notice, but she is very aware of it.

    A few years a go she started taking a supplement to help hair loss and is tickled pink with the results,although she had to take them for a few months before she noticed the difference.


    1. How wonderful that she found a working supplement! I take hair, skin and nails vitamins but I can’t tell how well they work because my hair and nails grow a lot as is. Definitely more so in the summer.
      It’s a big loss of confidence. So very much. When it thins.

  14. *Sigh* Thin hair runs in the women in my family, and I definitely got it. Apparently it was quite thick as a child, but thinned out significantly as a tween when I was put on some strong medications. Thankfully I was mentally prepared for the hair loss after each child. The husband still freaks out over it, though because it comes out by the handful. I can’t wait to see if my hair is thicker after it finally grows back and I don’t have another baby to cause more loss!

    1. That surprises me because in photos, you look like you have thick hair like mine!
      On a sidenote, I was in a Pure Barre class yesterday and the girl next to me reminded me of you!

  15. I have very thin hair strands! Runs in the blood. I agree that stress can really cause hair loss. I do use shampoo with elements for stronger hair or something to that effect. There are days though that I’d never brush or comb my hair especially when I’m just home.

    1. Yup.. I know that well!
      Hair loss scared me so much during the postpartum time, that I started not washing my hair every day because I couldn’t deal with seeing hair in the drain!
      Luckily that stopped, but the fear stayed with me.

  16. Thankfully this is one beauty concern I do not have. Even postpartum my hair continued to grow thick and shiny. I keep it shorter now because it gets too heavy… but now I can considering growing it long again and finding a suitable cut. Ahhh, the mane of glory. We can get so consumed by it. ha.

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