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When Black Friday Comes..

I haven’t meant to be silent with my blog. I have been on vacation in Jersey – having left two days before the Thanksgiving rush so that I could get some much needed rest, relaxation and restoration at my parent’s farm. It has been restful, relaxing and restorative and I am thankful for that. I’m not much of a traveling writer. I can’t type on laptops, for one thing. My palm always hits the space bar and either deletes some of my work or takes me back to a previous paragraph. This is highly frustrating. For another, I’m doing it right now only out of desperation, and holy cow, these keys are too short. I’m not a laptop user. I can’t work on planes. I can’t work in Starbucks. I can barely work here on my parent’s farm.

I work best, and seemingly only, at the wonder of my own computer at my own desk with my wonderfully tall keyboard keys and my loft-view of the woods. And when that fails and I get desperate enough, my mom’s MacBook Pro is here for me. So many days without writing has felt very strange. I kept thinking of things I wanted to tell you and things that have happened. I’d remember them at night but I’ve either been in vacation-mode or hectic holiday-mode lately.

Yet I’m not really back-logged with blogs and thoughts here. Not as much as I would have thought. Just, everyone needs a vacation sometimes. Truly.

The masses started arriving on Thanksgiving day. It was my parent’s turn to host in Jersey this year and things were relatively quiet until then. Then three out of my four siblings came with respective spouses/baby. Cassidy’s mom and her husband came. My dad’s parents came. Four generations of Kleins, Jacobsons, Millers, Bowmans. Now that’s power.

Highlights included:

– When my Grandma left to go I asked her if she had had a nice time. She told me and my dad later that night that it was the best Thanksgiving she could ever remember.

– My nephew, Andrew, is learning to walk and pushes around a large Little Tikes walker. Scarlet decided it was a stroller and sat in it. Andrew, a year and a half younger than Scarlet, was able to push her while she was in it.

– My in-laws! Cassidy’s mom and her husband were there Thanksgiving night. His dad and his wife were there tonight. It’s never any of that, “We’ll have Thanksgiving with YOUR parents this year, mine the next, etc.” We just do it all together a lot.

– Scarlet has three grandmothers, as you know. Although she’s around them all a lot, there was a particular pairing of two grandmothers together today who hadn’t been together around Scarlet in a year and a half. Her mind was blown. She actually introduced them to each other. “Amma, this is Nana. Nana, this is Amma.” She kept looking up at them both in wonder. They all three went on a walk together. Seriously. Her mind was blown.

– Watching Scarlet and Andrew play together. I already mentioned it. I’ll mention it again. Cousins. As good as siblings sometimes.

– Watching Scarlet play with Aunt Lindsay, Aunt Marisa and Uncle Matt. The kid has three Aunts and five Uncles. And she will most likely one day have six Uncles. She is so set for life. These are all decent, youthful, sexy, successful people. Seriously. How lucky is she?

How lucky am I? Back home tomorrow for Christmas tree shopping and a dose of real life, whatever that is.

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  1. Awww Scarlet and her three grandmas sounds adorable! So surprised that there are no pictures accompanying this post though! Would love to see what your parent's farm looks like!

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