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What’s Hot Wednesday: Health and Family

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’m always learning. One thing you’ll find here is products we are actually using! Some of the links in this post are known as affiliate links. This means if you do buy something, I may earn a couple dollars at no extra cost to you. That’s it; there’s no catch!

So on Wednesdays, we'll share a what's hot list of 10 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. That's it!

Product links are all embedded in product names and photos – enjoy!

It’s time for a new Wednesday thing! And instead of 10 things, we’ll focus on five.

I used to write three personal posts every week! I only had two kids and I wasn’t working, so it wasn’t a far stretch, but I didn’t ever post on weekends, for the most part, or on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was Monday, Wednesday, Friday like clockwork! I know some people got annoyed when I started doing sponsored stuff, although only one troll was ever vocal about it. That was so long ago I hadn’t thought about it in ages. I was so happy to be working from home with my young children and I said yes to nearly everything. I’m not saying I did everything with integrity and heart, but I do now. It’s all a learning experience and I’ve grown to really love working from home, even with all of the stressors, and I don’t think I could ever go back to working outside the home or having a boss. No, not for me! One thing I’ve put off for years is getting into affiliate marketing. I just always think I won’t be good at it, and maybe I won’t, but why NOT tell you about the things we’re using over here? I mean, how could I not? So on Wednesdays, we’ll share a what’s hot list of 5 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. That’s it!

What’s Hot Wednesday: Health and Family:

Fire Pit Inspiration:

I think I told you last week that people often look for fire pits in the spring, but they are perfect for cold nights. It’s like how I can’t really get into hot tubs in the summer, but they’re perfect for cold nights. I remember going in a hot tub in late September in Wyoming. It was snowing on our heads, but oh so hot in the tub. We saw moose that day too, I dare say. Anyway, it’s a great time of year to get great discounts and I have a Sunjoy Fire Pit promo code that can’t be missed for this: AmberCove Outdoor 38 in. Brown Wicker Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Lid. Get 13% off and free shipping with the Sunjoy Group promo code: TAMARACAMERA13

New HoneyBug Toy Arrivals:

Just in time for the holiday season, our favorite HoneyBug has some can’t miss items for babies and toddlers. Here’s what’s on our Christmas wish list for Sawyer and Rider:

So on Wednesdays, we'll share a what's hot list of 10 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. That's it!

30% OFF Halloween Sale
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Lasts from 10/17/2022 – 10/31/2022

Save $10 when you spend $100!
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Save $25 when you spend $150!
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3 – Immunity Water:

Honestly, infused water is the most brilliant concept EVER. And hellowater just has everything good. Our bodies are under attack by everyday hazards (environmental contaminants, processed foods, cosmetics, etc.) hellowater® Defense powered by CYTO +™ is patented. CYTO+ creates a shield against incoming toxins by working with and bolstering their primary chemical processing engine, P450. When you are stressed, hydration and beneficials are crucial for maintaining the health of your immune system. This is a crafted blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and beneficial botanicals that provides everyday support of your immune system. CYTO+ bolsters P450 to target and eliminate toxins in the body, in particular, those that have evaded the body’s natural defenses and taken up residence in your cells. Find out more here.

4 – Prebiotic Water:

The functional beverages don’t end there. Gut health is just as important! Nearly every single American is not getting enough of this essential nutrient—and are suffering the health consequences. The statistics are astounding: On average, American adults consume 10 to 15 grams of total fiber per day, while the USDA’s recommended daily amount for adults up to age 50 is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Women and men older than 50 should have 21 and 30 daily grams respectively. We are clearly not getting enough of this macronutrient in our regular diet. Get your solution right here.

5 – Adorable Dog Breed Specific Fleece:

Don’t tell Cassidy, but he’s getting one of these for Christmas. CherryBrook just rocks. The BirdDawg Embroidered Mens (or Womens) Fleece Jackets are a MUST for personalized dog breeds adorableness. There are several Siberian Husky options alone. Find your favorite breed!

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