What’s Covered in Home Insurance

Home insurance is crucial. If you want to learn more about how your personal property is covered with home insurance, read on in this article

What’s Covered in Home Insurance

Home insurance is crucial. After all, you never know what is around the corner. You may wake up one day to a flooded basement, or you might even discover a broken window with several of your valuables gone. These situations are never nice, but they are significantly softened by the right home insurance. 

If you want to learn more about how your personal property is covered with home insurance, read on. 


It’s a fear for many. The idea of a home burglary is undeniably horrific, but unfortunately, it does happen – even in otherwise quiet neighborhoods. If it ever happens to you, you will want to know that your insurance covers what has been taken. Or, at least, a portion of it. 

Luckily, home insurance often covers theft, ensuring you don’t have to deal with the loss of your personal belongings. KBD insurance covers theft and much more, helping you recover from some of life’s worst occurrences. 

Damage from Fire 

Another homeowner’s nightmare is a fire breaking out. It can spread quickly, ruining your property and belongings within minutes, even posing a threat to life. The damage caused by a fire ranges in severity. You might only lose a couple of items, or your whole property may need rebuilding. The right home insurance covers these costs, letting you emotionally and financially recover with at least some peace of mind. 

Water Damage 

Water damage can be deceptively damaging. Before you know it, your whole plumbing needs ripping out and redoing. Those costs are anything but friendly, and home insurance ensures you are not left completely out of pocket because of water damage. It would be best if you considered, though, that flooding is not always covered. Usually, home insurance only covers water damage from occurrences like a burst pipe. 

Damage by Vehicles

Hopefully, it will never happen, but there’s a chance your home could be damaged by an airplane or a car. The type of damage the house may sustain varies, from a broken window to an entire room demolished. Most home insurance companies cover this type of damage, which is a great helping hand in such unfortunate times. 

Liability Coverage 

Imagine someone visits your home – a guest, a family member, a friend – and they get hurt. It may not be your fault, but they have still sustained an injury on your property. In this situation, you are liable, and that’s where home insurance helps. You will have liability coverage with the right home insurance, which means you are financially covered if a guest hurts themselves when inside your property. 

Weather Damage 

Damage from the weather is more common in some areas than in others. People who live in locations that have frequent hurricanes, for example, are more at risk of property damage. Either way, it’s good to know that you are covered in case of damage from storms, high winds, lightning, and hail. 


Gas explosions can cause significant damage to your property, leaving you with a lot to pay off. Fortunately, most home insurance covers the damage caused by explosions, helping you rebuild what you have lost.

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