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What Will Blogging Be Like In 100 Years?

Well, what will anything be like in 100 years? What will blogging be like in ten years, or even ten months? It has changed so, so much since I started four years ago, and I’m here. All the while. I’m here and I hope I’m changing too. I don’t need too many breaks because what so many people need to understand is that this is my break. This is my peace. This is part of my happy, a story in a whole book of happy-making events, people, places and things. You are all my happy. I watch so many of you change – some fade away forever. Some come bounding in the wide open doors of my blog. Some visit every now and then. Some take long, cool refreshing breaks and come back to tell me about it. What will blogging be like in 100 years? Will it still exist?

Find out my thoughts on that and more with this week’s Ask Away Friday! I’m paired with Rea from Reality Bites.

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Rea is so cool – there are no two ways about it. When she’s talking about her love of food, her deep love for her husband, her growing love for her adorable son, Reiko, I am hooked. I was telling her that as nice as it is to be paired with a new blogger/friend, it’s so comfortable to step into my Ask Away Fridays with a longtime blogging friend. It’s like interviewing someone I know very well, and the questions spring from my brain faster than I can type them. Check her out because her thoughts on photography, travel, FOOD, home, parenting, love and more are thoughtful and fresh. She’s wonderful!

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Be sure to check out Rea’s answers to my questions HERE. And now, my answers to her questions:

1. Your friend Ilene named one of her granola blends after you which she called Tamara’s Blend. If you are to bake your own version of cookies and name them after 3 people except Cassidy, Scarlet, and Des – to whom would you name them? And what would you call those cookies? πŸ™‚

Wait. I got cookies today to celebrate Scarlet’s kindergarten orientation this morning. (there were tears – not mine! weird) Ok, I’m going to eat a cookie while I respond to this, careful not to get crumbs in the keyboard.

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1. When I was little, my mom would take me to her aerobics classes. Maybe there was a child-watch there. Maybe I would just sit quietly and watch those memorable leg lifts because she’d take me to a bakery next door after class and get me these giant sugar and/or butter cookies completely covered in rainbow sprinkles. To this day, I have been on the search for them. We’ve had some leads and it’s possible that bakery still exists. I would make those cookies and maybe call them, “Mom’s Magical Memories” cookies, or something equally corny. Since I live in Northampton, which is a rainbow capital, I could call them “Rainbow Magic.”

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2. Cassidy makes these wonderful caramel stuffed brownies. One night, one of his very drunk friends ate one and they were so good that he said, “Who the **** made these??” I think it would be funny, and probably totally wrong on many levels to make a whole “Who The **** Made These?” line of baked goods. So my best of the best ooey, gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookies would be called, “Who The **** Made These Chocolate Chip Cookies?” And that’s an “F” word, if you’re wondering.

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3. I would make Pumpkin Latte cookies. Oh yes, I would. They’d be “Lindsay’s Cookies” after my pumpkin-loving sister.

2. If New England can only have ONE season, which one would you choose and why?

Every fiber of my being is screaming out, “Why, Spring of course!” I love its heady deliciousness and I love that it is a season I love, that leads into two other seasons I love. However, a fall without winter? Now that is something to consider. Our springs can be very disappointing – and filled with the worst of the three other seasons. This current one is dreadful. It’s the growth, though. The growth! And fall has that beautiful foliage. Hmm… and no humidity, usually. Ugh. Coin flip. I choose.. SPRING!

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3. In terms of blog design, what do you notice first on someone’s blog? What bothers you the most?

I first notice photos, of course! I love fonts too. What bothers me? Well there are certain things I don’t like – blogs that scroll oddly and erratically and jump around. I guess they’re loaded with ads? That makes it difficult but it wouldn’t chase me away.

4. Just a thought. What do you think would blogging be like in 100 years?

It’s only a scary thought because what will this WORLD be like in 100 years? Will it survive? I tend to be hopeful that intellect and kindness will win out. I honestly cannot imagine the technology of the future, and that will change a lot of ways we read and write blogs. However, I’d like to believe that the true essence is timeless – that if computers had existed 100 years ago, and 100 years from now, we’re all ultimately creating music, art and writing from our hearts and our designs.

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5. Scarlet and Des are so adorable as always! If you can get a gift for each one of them and money isn’t an issue, what would you give them?

I’d like to get Scarlet a perfectly and exotically adorable kitten that has a good personality. I don’t like cats but it’s her dream and I don’t want to crush her dreams. I think I’d like to get Des a giant sandbox. He loves to spend hours sifting sand through his fingers. It’s always fun trying to get it out of his scalp later on too! Not.

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6. I recently posted a photo blog post where I shared a picture of myself with someone or a picture of a time in my life. Share a picture of you in a time of your life when everything is changing. What’s the story behind it?

There is so much I could say. I had to go digging for the first scenario I thought about. And it was a dig:

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It was two days before my 26th birthday. Everything was..magical. My boyfriend at the time had thrown me a birthday party with a surprise – a traveling petting zoo – because I loved animals so much. My friends and family came. That night we all stayed up late playing Taboo, and laughing until we cried. It was romantic and blissful and.. I felt.. loved. I felt really loved. It’s funny to see my happiness in the photos because two days later, on my real birthday, my ex – Cassidy would call me. And that would complicate life for a very long time, assuming it’s uncomplicated right now! I guess it never really is, but that was a throw.

7. Surprisingly, my husband once asked me if he can write an article and publish it on my blog. If Cassidy would guest post on your blog, what would he write about and what would his writing style be like?

That is so funny! I was thinking TODAY in the shower about people having their husbands surprise them with guest posts on birthdays and anniversaries, and I thought “He probably wouldn’t do that.” Not on his own. If I asked him, I think he would but I don’t know what he’d say! He’s been silent through a lot of this, hasn’t he? Maybe one day we’ll find out.

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8. If you had a “theme” song that played whenever you walk into a room full of people, what would it be and why?

I think it changes a lot. Steady ones would be “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty and “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. I’d probably throw in “Live To Tell” by Madonna for a movie. For this week, it’s this one. Pardon the oddness:

9. I know that your blog is so close to your heart. Say your blog was suddenly gone one day for no apparent reason and you could no longer retrieve it plus you don’t have a back up, what would you do?

Oh dear! I back it up often! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back it up.. Ok, I’m back. I cannot really imagine the devastation. I would rebuild, of course, but not without tears, headaches and that kind of aching, searing pain that is just about too much to handle – the kind of emotional pain that makes you moan every waking second. Yeah. That.

10. Tamara in numbers.

Number of times you’ve seen moose – Well this isn’t the amount of moose I’ve seen (that’s a lot), but it’s the amount of successful moose sighting outings – 10 times!
Number of cameras you owned (and still own) – It’s hard to get exact, but I’d say also 10. 10 cameras!
Number of hours you spend blogging in a given day – Well I don’t blog every day but each post is 1-3 hours, three times a week.
Number of times you’ve guest-posted – Maybe 5-7 times.
Number of times you’ve co-authored a book – Just once! I’m interested in doing it again in the future.


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  1. First of all, I LOVE your cookies and that Who The **** Made These cookies! Hahaha, that was amusing! If I’m to answer what blogging would be like in 100 years, I won’t know how to! But I love that you said the true essence is timeless, yes, in whatever era this world may have.

    When I asked about the number of times you’ve co-authored a book, I thought of a photo I may have seen once on Facebook. I think you were tagged by your sister, it was an article about an engagement ring or something? πŸ™‚ And thank you for digging that old photo, I can remember your “how I met” story very well. Certainly enjoyed this swap with you Tamara! Now, I’ll go back up my blog! LOL πŸ™‚

  2. Really great questions, and your answers are perfect!
    Hey, tell Cassidy to write here soon (and maybe share that cookie recipe).

  3. If you can believe it, Malone the King of the Rainbows and I still haven’t made it to town to walk across the rainbow crosswalk! We’ve driven through a few times, but haven’t walked across it. I’m thinking of sneaking over early in the morning so I can get a good picture without a ton of cars around.

    I love those Who The **** Made These Cookies. They are one of my favorites that have come out of your kitchen. I think those power balls you made are my all time favorite. Sigh… now I’m dreaming about all the amazing food I’ve eaten at your house. I swear, if I was on death row I’d have Chateau Bowman cater my last meal.

    1. We’ve been out of practice for a long time with baked goods. I made “Who The **** Made These” chocolate chip cookies for Gina-Louise a few weeks back but I thought the recipe needed a lot of tweaking!

  4. Oh my goodness, pumpkin latte cookies?! I’m a pumpkin lover too and those sound amazing. I haven’t ever read Rea’s blog but she sounds right up my alley — I’m excited to check it out!

    1. Oh yes – she’s an awesome blogger and she does Ask Away a lot so maybe you’ll find a partner!
      Pumpkin Latte Cookies. It just seems like a fantastic idea and I don’t know if it’s been done yet!

  5. Ha ha ha ha, I would be the first in line to buy the ‘Who the F*** Made These Cookies’ cookies! Seriously, we need to make the f-bomb more socially acceptable. Our friends across the pond have no problem tossing it into regular conversation. Are you in with me, Tamara? Should we start the movement?

    1. I’m always with you! I think this product line will be the first in the line of the “F-Word Takeback” Official Movement. I’m telling you – the brownies? That good. We bring them to potlucks a lot and people scream over them. I had to fill out a card for Scarlet’s kindergarten potluck picnic for June and I filled out that we’d bring a dessert. And that people would like it. Hopefully the five-year-olds won’t use the “F” word, though.

  6. Love all your cookies, especially the one with the curse in it. Seriously, like I just said to Lanaya this morning, I definitely have a bit of a potty mouth, so I would so have to add that word if the cookies were worth it, too. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so bad! It’s really embarrassing. My poor kids are going to grow up and say bad words at school or something and it all comes back to me.

  7. I am still waiting for the chance to see a moose, 10 times, no way. Somehow I guessed that you love animals, but not the complicated love story, I imagined you and Cassidy as teen sweethearts always gazing into each others eyes.

    1. Oh wow – that’s awesome! Teen sweethearts. We’re actually EIGHT years apart so when I was in high school, let’s just say we wouldn’t have known each other.
      We make up for lost time, though.
      I think you’d have to travel pretty far to see a moose, right?

  8. Every time I hear Capitol City’s Safe and Sound, I think of you!

    My husband wrote a blog post for me once, but I don’t think he’ll write again in the immediate future. Even though I think he’s a good writer, blogging and writing are definitely my “thing.”

    1. That makes me happy! I want that song to remind people of me because I adore it so.
      I can never see Cassidy being a blogger but he’d be a great occasional guest.

  9. What awesome questions!! I loved them all. I would also love some pumpkin latte cookies in the fall. I have no idea what my hubby would write if he ever posted on my blog. It would be interesting for sure. I’m not big on surprises, so I would have to preview it first!

    1. I promise if I do make these imaginary cookies, which probably won’t be imaginary for long, I will definitely send you some!

  10. I can’t even wrap my head around the idea of anything being around in 100 years, much less blogging. I actually feel like we are going to hit some sort of post-apocalyptic state and we’ll go back to analog and smoke signals. LOL. I can’t believe those rainbow sprinkle cookies are so hard to find up there! You need to find a Jewish deli or a Greek diner!

    1. I worry a lot about this country and this world. I think the world can take our stupidity, though. I hope, anyway.
      There really aren’t the same Italian bakeries up here! Well you know!!

  11. These were super fun today!
    Please please start that line of cookies/desserts – Who the **** made these? I think that would be awesome!!!
    And, I remember spending hours trying to get sand out of scalps when the boys were little – for some reason they always had tons in their heads!!!

    1. Today we were at a farm with a little sand patch and Des was flinging it over his head. It got in my eyes, mouth, ears, hair. Not cool, Des!

  12. I want to eat all 3 of those cookies, especially the “Who the **** made these cookies?”! They sound inappropriately delicious and I like that! I love that you would buy Scarlet a kitty even though you don’t want one and what is it with toddlers and sand? My daughter can spend hours in the sand too!

    1. I was just telling Kim above that Des flung sand all over me today. I was chewing on it for hours after. Yuck!
      I really do need to start my own cookie line, I think!

  13. Hoooray for Friday!!! In ONE week we shall be meeting that is awesome πŸ˜€ Animals are awesome and so therapeutic, I used to be a kennel tech and it was the funnest and most difficult times – since they had to be put to sleep sometimes (not a pretty process) and other times it was just so great since they are very grateful creatures. Except some that were really mean, although I was an am a pro at handling really mean cats – my nickname was the Cat Wrangler. Now I want cookies!! Thankfully I’m getting 2 dozen cupcakes from my friend for my son’s birthday soo yeah.. πŸ˜€ Happy Friday love! -Iva

    1. That’s the problem – can you tell when they’re baby kittens if they’ll grow up cool or not? And the thing is, we don’t want to adopt an adult cat. I have two little kids and I’m a photographer! I need a baby! It can be a baby in need of a good home, obviously, but I need a tiny baby!
      Enjoy those cupcakes and that birthday celebration! I saw that someone commented on your blog congratulating you on your daughter’s birthday. Awkward, much?

      1. Yeah if they’re kittens you can mold the behavior but their demeanor as kittens will let you know if its worth the battle. I’d definitely agree to adopt as kittens, it’s just more enjoyable that way – they’re so freakin’ adorable at kittens. You’d love it! LOL You kinow I’m not easily offended so that won’t even bug me whatsoever – he’s a boy and looks every inch of it so I’m not even trippin’ on that one. πŸ™‚ More awkward for that person than myself ya know πŸ˜‰ The birthday was super fun and we’ll keep celebrating tomorrow – he’ll continue with his father anyway and we’ll do it again in a family setting when schools out – so lots of celebration to go around! Birthdays should always be a big deal, especially as kids πŸ˜‰

  14. Some day, I’m going to see “Who The **** Made These” cookies on the shelf, and smile and think to myself, “I knew her before the ****ing cookies.” πŸ™‚
    I would waffle between spring and fall, too, but I think I would have to land on fall. Because that’s when football is, which, as you know, for me is crazy, and busy, and exhausting, and I love every minute of it!
    Love the numbers question – so fun!
    Have a great weekend, Tamara!

    1. HAHA! Yes you will. I’ll send you many samples to be my taste tester beforehand. If I am going to get famous for something, why not foul-mouthed cookies?
      Fall really is more amazing. I think I was just stuck on that fact that spring leads to summer and fall leads to winter, even though this hypothetical doesn’t include those seasons.
      I was also thinking that I could wear more sundresses in spring, but not this spring!

  15. All your cookie photos have made me drool all over myself. I want some.

    We actually might be getting Natalie a kitten too. Naturally she wants to name it Princess. Even if it’s a boy.

    1. My friend’s daughter got a kitten and named it Princess. Scarlet wants to name hers Dinah like the one from Alice in Wonderland. The problem is that she wants a cat who looks like that one and I’m not sure they exist?

  16. I’d totally shop at a place where they sold “who the *** made these?” Hahaha. If I lost my blog, it wouldn’t be the WORSE thing in the world (though I backup) but if I lost my photos, oh hells no.

    1. Maybe I really do need to go forth with the cookies. Everyone here seems game and that’s a good enough market for me!
      If I lost my photos.. so help me, God.

  17. Is it totally bad that I think it’s adorable when little kids use a curse word they’ve heard? It’s hard not to crack up, especially when they use it in context. Yes, I know, sign me up for Mother of the Year o’er here!

    1. I’m pretty bad. Today we were going to meet friends out and I noticed that Des had a dirty diaper. So I said, “Hold on, Scarlet. Des dropped a deuce.” And she said, “WHAT?? He dropped a douche?? Des dropped a douche?? What does that mean?”
      I laughed. A whole lot.

  18. It always amazes me how you have a photo for every situation and question. Truly the mark of a photographer at heart! I love your moment at your birthday party. That sounds amazing! I love the moments that simply are…they are not created or worked at but they simply happen and those always seem to be the best memories!

    1. It’s true! And so many of my photos are not uploaded digitally yet, or ever, because there are tens years of negatives/prints instead, before I went digital.
      One day.. I’ll get them all up.

  19. I love the name of your baking company. I don’t think I could handle eternal spring in the Northeast. I think it’s because this one is so yucky.mid have to go with Fall, like the last week of September. I like how you say blogging is your happy place, such a great way to describe it.

    1. It’s true! This one is horrible. And usually October is just so pleasant all around. And sometimes still warm. I think I was thinking more about rainbows, butterflies and sundresses. And the extra light later in the day.
      Truly, fall is our season here, though.

  20. I’m not into baked goods but I’d totally buy from the β€œWho The **** Made These?” line of baked goods! Blogging in 100 years is hard to imagine. Of course, we won’t be around then. Maybe our great grandkids will be blogging about how people in the “olden days” used to write. Ha!

    1. They’ll probably think we were so antiquated! There have been such huge technology jumps in the last 100 years that I honestly can’t imagine there’s far to go, but there is. Stuff we can’t imagine just like our parents couldn’t imagine this when we were kids.

  21. I serously want cookies right now..chocolate chip AND rainbow cookies. Yes, I think your name for the cookie line would be awesome and I could see them in every college cafe. Interesting to think of blogging in 100 years. I bet it would be more instant…there would be apps that would allow for instant posting and oh my, there would be so many!

    1. ha! Every college cafe with my foul-mouthed treats. Why not, right? Even better – a food truck that has big painted letters – “WHO THE **** MADE THIS FOOD TRUCK?”
      Yes. I should imagine so.

  22. A hundred years from now, there will be a magic pen that you can write in the air and somehow all the words will be typed away on the computer somewhere. That would make taking down notes easier! Or we will be reading blogs through holograms! LOL

    1. I was thinking that. We could beam through computers. Or maybe you’d go to my blog and get a hologram of me reciting my post to you – word for word!
      Oh wait – that ruins the hiding behind the computer aspect of this…

  23. As always, fun read for my Friday! Dude! You MUST make that cookie line happen! I’ll help be a taste tester for the other recipes. πŸ˜‰ I love the gifts that you would get your kids! I’m not a cat girl either but when I was in kindergarten I got a kitten for my bday and she was a GREAT cat! More doglike than anything. I love the photo of change in your life. I bet there’s a good story behind it! One that probably gives you butterflies to this day. πŸ˜‰

    1. Sweet – I’m happy to have a taste tester!
      That’s a nice story about your cats. As a true dog person, I love cats who act like dogs.

  24. OK I have to be honest, yours is probably the only AAF that I really do read although I do find my way to others eventually. I just love reading your answers. 100 years is a very long time and maybe our great grandchildren may be around to take over, who knows. As for your guest blogging 7 times, I feel so honored because we were one of those 7. Well actually Des was. Does that still count? Hope you’ll have a fabulous weekend with maybe a moose sighting or two. πŸ™‚

    1. Aw, well there are some good AAF post! One day we’ll have to swap as us, and not just our kids.
      You were definitely a memorable guest post and I was happy the way that came about and that we could help during your busy, stressful time.

  25. I almost had a panic attack when I read the blog crash question! Funny, when someone mentions anything like “losing” their blog I instantly do a backup even though I backup ALL the time. You never know! I appreciate Cassidy’s silence and love that he lets you be the person you are meant to be. It’s beautiful to see how much freedom you have to express your truth. Though I’m open to you giving him a voice, too.

    1. I think he might pop in soon. This post got my mind spiraling and probably his too since he does read all of my posts! And he’s all about expression.
      The blog crash. Total heart palpitations.

  26. I would definitely buy cookies by that name! I actually did lose a blog once (way back when my gaming related blog was still alive). Since then I back up religiously, don’t want to go there again.

      1. Nope, it was a WordPress blog and I lost it because the registrar screwed me over when I wanted to re-new the domain. They told me the first transaction didn’t go through. I checked with the bank and they told me transaction did in fact go through and while I was one the phone with the bank the registrar billed me again. They tried to bill me a third time before I called the bank and told them I wanted to reverse the transaction. Long story short, I lost the domain and everything went with it. Three months later the same registrar tried to sell me the domain I lost for triple the price.

        1. I honestly get heart palpitations at the though. What a bunch of buffoons thinking they can sell you a domain for triple the price! I use hostgator right now. I think they’re reputable but of course everything seems tentative when you care this much.

  27. I’m a new reader from the AAF Facebook page. I loved getting to know you a bit and will definitely be following along in the future πŸ™‚ The photos of your family are gorgeous and it looks like your family has a lot of laughs. I liked the question about your husband guest posting, it has me intrigued to ask my fiance if he’d ever write a post for me…

    1. Thank you! Glad to have you on board with AAF. I can’t get enough of it.
      We really do have a lot of laughs here. Right now they’re all having a dance party downstairs but I’m catching up on blogging!

  28. Very excellent answers, as always. It’s hard to imagine technology and the world and blogging and writing and life in 100 years, isn’t it? Seriously hard. I’d be so devastated if my blog went away one day. If any of the blogs I love did. Sigh.

    1. Oh I would too! One of my blogging friends just up and deleted last year after she got harassed by someone. That made me so sad. All of that lovely work..

  29. Now I want some chocolate chip cookies…. growing up we went to Maine a lot in the summers and we always saw moose…

    one of my best friends actually hit one – once in his car though and totaled his car – that was pretty scary. anyway they are cool – but a little scary how big they are.

    Cool answers – have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

    1. I want to always see moose!
      And I know – they can be so dangerous. Glad your friend was ok. Sometimes the moose doesn’t make it, the car doesn’t make it, and the humans don’t either. So bad.

        1. How could you not? You know I live for moose! I’m hoping that one day I’ll see one in my yard, preferably from a safe distance and not when I’m pushing both kids on the swings at once.

  30. I loved April’s questions! I think they are some of the best yet. Those chocolate chip cookies look ****ing delicious! I don’t even think my husband reads my blog. I doubt seriously that he’d ever post on it.

    1. I agree – some of the best questions I’ve seen!
      Cassidy reads all of my posts and I think if he wrote a blog, I’d be so curious. Well, a personal blog. If he wrote a detailed blog about Star Wars or something, I might skip a few posts!

  31. “I tend to be hopeful that intellect and kindness will win out.”–Me too. Me too.

    PS: This was my aaaaaahhhhhhhh thank-goodness-the-weekend-is-here-let’s-read-something-not-work-related break. And as usual, it did not disappoint. Thank you.

    PPS: Please ignore that my PS is longer than my original comment.

    1. haha! I love this whole comment and I’m honored to be your not-work-related break. I think her questions were pretty spectacular. I just love when people make me think, “Oh boy, I better come back to that.” Usually I just write, write, write without even having to think.

  32. I think that you have a budding business here as it sounds like just about all of us would buy “who the *** made these?” cookies! And yes, I think that Cassidy should guest post for you one day. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea of what blogging will be like in a 100 years. I can barely wrap my head around the fact that I’m coming up on 3 years which feels like a lifetime but also not long at all.

    1. If this alone would be my client base, I think I’ll be ok in the business world!
      I can’t believe how much blogging has changed in the last four years or so. 100 years is too mind-blowing to imagine!

  33. First of all I LOVE REA she rocks! And these are some REALLY great questions (and answers, too) Wow she raised the bar! Blogging in 100 years? Whoa. What no cookie named Jodi? for the record, I am a Chocolate/Peanut butter (not the cookie part, the chips) kind of gal.
    Chuck would NEVER EVER write on my blog, but trust me it’s better he doesn’t. He is an excellent puzzle solver, trivia buff and artist- but not a writer.

    1. Rea does rock! And yes, these questions blew me away. Of course I’ve never had a bad Ask Away Friday. I think after you come visit me, I’ll name a cookie after you. I went to a place in Hadley called Flayvors of Cook Farm and they had an ice cream called “Hadley Grass.” Know what it was? Asparagus ice cream!

      1. Oh Jodi and Tamara, thank you so much for saying that! The reason I’m doing AAF every week is that I really love it so much! Love question and answer posts. I don’t think my husband would ever find time to write on my blog either, he rarely even reads it that’s why I was surprised when he asked. LOL

        1. How could he not read such wonderful words? Maybe he does when it’s about him, right?
          I really love AAF so much, hence being a host. It’s too good to miss!

    1. haha! I’ll send you some of my f****ing cookies anytime!
      I’ve heard that from a few non-sweets eaters. I wish I could be a non-sweets eater, but alas, it’s not my fate.

  34. I always like how you share memories. It’s like you bring us into this novel. I love it. πŸ™‚ The gifts that you would get your kids are so cute. I think JR would love playing with Des in that sandbox. πŸ™‚ So funny about husbands guest posting. My hubby is not a writer. I don’t think I would suggest it because I know he doesn’t really like it too much.

    1. We were with sand yesterday and I’m still washing it out today! It would be messy but fun.
      Cassidy can write pretty well – totally different from me. And I’d rather spend hours writing while he would not! Same with reading!

  35. Your answers are always incredible! They always share an insight into your life. That’s such a gift! I was cracking up about your cookie name…you know which one. I really think you should bring some of Cassidy’s brownies with you to BlogU…those sound amazing. Beyond amazing!

  36. I love chocolate chip cookies. I finally found a recipe that I really liked and I usually end up making them for Christmas unless my husband asks me to make them. Its been a while since we have had any cookies, it might be time to make a batch. Yummy.

    1. They’re my favorite – an old classic. Timeless! And it’s funny the range of ingredients, baking times, etc. that really change the way they turn out.

  37. Great questions from Rea. I wish I could take credit. I love the gifts you would give your kids. I could never give mine a pet. That’s love and commitment beyond what I have! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

    1. ha! I was laughing at that. Someone thought the questions were from you. Well to be fair, you ask great questions too. I guess it’s because you’re the co-host that someone thought you were my partner!?
      You’re cracking me up here. Well Cassidy gave us all a puppy and at first I thought that might be too insane for words, but she’s a great fit. She’s a great dog.

  38. I can’t believe how I read these and I STILL learn more about you! What great questions (and answers). I can’t imagine what the blogging world will be like in 100 years. Technology came so far in the past 20 years… what would 100 years do for it?!

    We must have started our blogs at around the same time (I’m coming up on my 4 year blogging anniversary).

    For my 36th birthday my husband made a list of 36 Things About Jennifer. I asked him if I could post it on my blog and he said – absolutely… it’s my list after all! It’s one of my favourite posts (I added my own two cents worth to his list).

    Thanks for sharing Tamara! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

    1. That sounds so fabulous! Maybe my husband will do something similar. I hope he’ll think of something to say!
      And four years! Awesome. I have learned so much, so that’s why 100 years from now really blows my mind.

  39. Great answers! And Cassidy’s β€˜Who the **** made these?’ cookies just sound wonderful. I found some like that with caramel, chocolate chips and a little sea salt – divine!
    Love your answer to your no. 4: β€˜β€¦we’re all ultimately creating music, art and writing from our hearts and our designs.’ I hope so, too. And I think we will, because art is the expression of our mind, which can never be shut up completely.
    Now off to backing up my blog and listening to your video. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. The cookies you found – which sound too good for words – did you find a recipe to make, or did you find cookies to buy like that? If so, where??? If it’s local only, I do get to your parts a lot because it’s on the way to my parent’s house!
      I’m so neurotic I may back up my blog AGAIN!

      1. Haha – just read Leslie’s aka Rorybore’s reply – I remember that one post by her husband and it was very good πŸ˜€
        The cookies, I actually bought them. I found them in the ShopRite bakery. The new SR in Morris Plains, it is funny, though they’re a chain, they all have different ones. And since it is the fresh bakery they don’t always have them. Should I get some for you next time and freeze them and you pick them up? They are very good when de-frosted. They only have the huge club-packages, which would last the two of us weeks…

        1. I don’t think I remember a post from Left Brain but I’m a fairly new reader to her, and you!
          ShopRite! We have them near us over the CT border. I would totally pay you back for cookies anytime!! I do pass through every now and then. I love bakery cookies.

  40. I want one of those ##%%#@ cookies! πŸ™‚
    I am suddenly completely obsessed with picking my theme song. why have I never thought of this before? “Who’s That Girl” would be fun — but not exactly sure that’s “me”.
    My husband has guest post a couple of times on my blog. They tended to be quite a bit more serious than mine and then everybody fell in love with him and I told him never again. HA.

    1. Did you ever see the movie “Who’s That Girl”? I saw it when I was a kid so I honestly can’t tell you what the plot was, assuming there was one. Prostitute with a heart of gold? Wait, no. That one’s taken. I remember big cats!
      You’re cracking me up about your husband! Perhaps mine is a better writer than me! He’s not a bad photographer! He’s the one, other than Scarlet, who takes the ones of me.

      1. Yes!! Madonna!! shes an ex-con who harasses this lawyer guy to help her prove her innocence once she is out of jail. But of course, they fall in love. aaaaawwww. Yeah – cute movie, and she is much better at comedy than drama; but Madonna definitely cannot act.

          1. that might be the one exception of a movie I actually enjoyed her in. But, it kinda felt like she was just playing herself. Rosie tho. awesome.

  41. Oh man, I love your cookie suggestion. I don’t even like lattes but I wanna try that flavor!! I wonder where blogging will be in 100 years…I do think that blogging is opening the world up to something HUGE with all of our different stories and knowledge..a lot of information barriers have been broken and I think only more of that good stuff can happen! btw…I totally don’t think my hubby would surprise me with a post on my blog. Although I think that is the nicest thing ever!!

    1. Do you like coffee? It would be subtle although I have a friend who can’t stand coffee and even a teaspoon of ground coffee in a recipe is enough to scare her off!
      I think blogging is changing the world, don’t you?

        1. You’re just like my friend then! Although she’s never actually tried it. Ever. So strange to me but it’s a strong thing so I get it.

  42. Okay, I didn’t get to read all the comments but I’m all over the “making the F-bomb socially acceptable” train you and Nicole are starting. Reading about your cookies made me grab a piece of dark chocolate (because I’m too lazy right now to make cookies!) Maybe you could post that recipe for us?

    1. Which recipe would you like?? I’ll see what I can find.
      Ok, so we’re counting you in for our movement! Remember, you have responsibilities here. We’re all Presidents of the “F-Bomb TakeBack.”

  43. Cookies! Om nom nom! The story behind your birthday party picture is so interesting. Isn’t it amazing how a picture can capture not just memories but a point in time?

    1. I think it’s so interesting. It’s kind of a bad photo too… (the snob in me) but it intrigues me. I really don’t think I had any idea.

  44. 1. I think we need to preserve the F bomb. I love the F bomb. I don’t want it overused, though, you know? It’s beautiful in its forbidden state. If it becomes mainstream … who am I fooling? The word ‘shit’ is mainstream and it’s still effective as shit.

    2. Cookies and curse words are part of the beauty of. Cookies bring the calories, curse words help burn them.

    3. If my blog went away today, I’d start it up again tomorrow. Square one.

    1. Well. #3 is amazing. I’d probably still keep to my usual schedule. And I’d still be commenting like crazy.
      You might not even be able to tell.

      1. I know. People are like, wouldn’t you die because of all that you lost? No. It had it’s time out there. I’d just start from scratch and I wonder what direction it would go.

        Would you cry?

  45. I’ve never had pumpkin cookies before, but they sound yummy. You are lucky to have a husband that bakes. I can only remember my husband making one attempt at baking. It wasn’t bad put he never tried again. Lately, my son has been saying he wants to be a baker when he grows up. He likes to help me make cakes and loves rolling out the dough for his pizzas that he eats almost daily.

    1. Scarlet and Cassidy are great bakers! I honestly have a knack for it but I’ll only do it a few times a year and for a really great cause.

  46. If you started that line of cookies, I would definitely buy them! I think that would be a hilarious-yet-tasty treat.
    I do like spring (when we actually have it), but I don’t think I could live without the middle of the fall and the beautiful, vibrant leaves. I could do with a much shorter winter. Maybe like 2 months of it.

  47. So much to comment on in this post! Blogging in 100 years? I’d like to think so…it’s a way to connect, and personal connections are such an important part of life. Second, I would try all of your cookies…especially the pumpkin latte. Yum! Third, your photos and discussions of Cassidy really make him feel like we know him. Yet, he’s kind of like this strong, silent type too. It would definitely be interesting to see what he would post about.

  48. OMG! I am so behind! Where to start!! Okay…I want some of those “Who the **** Made Those…” LOL! They do sound amazing! Yes, definitely Spring, as I get older, I like the cold less and less! I just wish that my hubby was interested in my blog, but alas, he is not. πŸ™ I love the song that you posted! Very funky! Hope you have a great weekend, my friend! Have a great time at BlogU! Wish I was going! πŸ™‚

  49. OMG, i totally cracked up with the line of baked goods: “who the F made these?” made my friday and made my heart sing. i think some of my favorite memories have been playing taboo and other such board games with friends way late into the night. GOOD TIMES!

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