What to Know Before Revamping Your Bathroom

Are you revamping your bathroom? So, whether you are doing it on your own or hiring professionals, you must learn these helpful tips first.

Bathrooms are often the most underrated part of homes. Most homeowners are so focused on making their living rooms and bedrooms pleasing and comfortable that they do not think about what their bathrooms will look like. Later, homeowners realize that their bathrooms are the sanctuaries where they get ready to start a busy day and also a place to shake off the stress of the day as it ends.

Most homeowners try to renovate and revamp their bathrooms later on. But bathroom renovations are not easy to do, even with the most experienced hands. So, whether you are doing it on your own or hiring professionals, you must learn these helpful tips first.

Draw up the design

Before doing anything, ensure that you know what you want your new bathroom to look like. Ask your architect or interior designer to develop a floor plan based on what you want. Make your expectations clear to avoid last-minute changes and additional features, which are usually costly. You should also note the other details not included in the blueprint, like heated floors, mirrors, audio elements, towel drawers, and airflow. If you are clear with the design and details, it is easier for your contractors to estimate a more accurate cost. 

Shop for materials

Once your floor plan and design are settled, you can start shopping. Make a checklist of what you need to purchase, like plumbing fixtures, tiles, shower steams, and bathtubs. You also need to buy the accessories like hooks, mirrors, shelves, and towel bars. It is wise to consider trusted suppliers like JTSpas, which offers affordable, high-quality products. To save time, you can check and shop on their website, which features almost all the bathroom materials you need for the renovation. Once the delivery arrives, inspect the materials and products with your contractor. If there are any broken materials, notify the shops immediately. 

Be extra patient

Since the bathroom is confined, only one or two workers can do their tasks simultaneously. So bathroom renovations are usually done by phase. First, the demolition will occur, by a demolition company toronto professional, followed by the framing, plumbing, and electrical work. Then, they will work with the walls and floor. And once everything is settled, they will start with the decorations. Knowing these steps can help you manage your expectations on how long the renovation will last.

Manage your finances

A renovation project can mess up your finances, so you should make a reasonable deal with your contractor. Experts suggest putting down half of the construction cost as a deposit. Then, make weekly payments to your contractors. It is also wise to hold the last 10 per cent of the amount until the end of the project. This will serve as security and a reminder that there is still work to be done. Communicate and negotiate your terms with your contractor.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom renovations can be tricky and costly. However, with these simple reminders and tips, you can make things easier. Make a concrete plan, shop for materials beforehand, manage your finances, and be patient.

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