What To Expect When Getting Your Mental Health Counseling Degree

With the rise in numbers, a mental health counseling degree is needed to help a rising number of people obtain emotional and mental wellness.

Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from mental health issues continues to climb. With the rise in numbers, counselors are needed professionals to help their clients obtain emotional and mental wellness goals. Therefore, a degree in counseling provides students with a career in healing individuals from their emotional trauma. When you want a degree from the best program, you need a blend of counseling coursework and other hands-on applications. Here are a few reasons how to choose the right program for your degree.

What is a Mental Health Counseling

Every good counseling school with a top mental health program combines internship requirements and coursework, totaling around 60 credit hours. The average program takes anywhere from two to five years for you to complete, depending on full or part-time participation.

Once your graduate, you take either the National Certified Mental Health Counselor Examination or the Examination for Licensure and Certification. After you pass these exams, you are officially a mental health counselor.

What To Look for When Searching For a Counseling Program

When looking at an institution’s website, look at their in-person tuition, and out-of-state students enrolled in different programs. If you see tuition listed as a per-semester basis, that means the year only consisted of two semesters, with 12 credits each. Keep in mind these tuition prices do not include fees or additional expenses.

Look at the ranking of schools. Some websites rank them with a one, meaning they have the highest tuition, through 17 with the lowest tuition. In comparison, there is a ranking system for their faculty to student ratio, with the same number of one through 17.

If you want a master’s in counseling, choosing a college that fits your needs and provides the education your degree requires is essential. There are resources available to help you with this step if you feel uncomfortable doing this alone.

What Careers are Available With a Mental Health Degree

The best part of getting your mental health degree is that numerous types of counseling reflect your interest. These interests range anywhere from grief to marriage counseling. Once you are eligible to work, here are a few areas where you work with a list of clients:

  • Private Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Mental Health Centers
  • Community Health Centers

With these work environments available, there are plenty of choices.

What is the Salary for a Mental Health Counselor

With the different specialties available, the salaries vary depending on your career. However, the average salary is around $50,000, with the lower percent earning about $31,000 and the higher percent earning around $80,000.

If you choose to work with a government agency, the average salary is around $55,000. Whereas private, local, or state hospitals make about $50,000. On the other hand, substance abuse counselors earn approximately $40,000 to $46,000.

When you want to further your education and receive your degree in counseling, ensure the school provides all the benefits you need. You want to look at the programs these schools offer along with their tuition fees. Then, review your options and go with your gut to find your perfect school.

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