What to Do When Your Moving Day Gets Delayed

Concentrated woman carrying stack of cardboard boxes for relocation Below, we’ve run through what to do when your moving day gets pushed back to minimise your stress and maximise your comfort during this challenging period.

Moving homes can be a stressful process even when everything goes smoothly. It’s even more anxiety-provoking when your move gets delayed for one reason or another. Whether your new home isn’t quite ready yet or the local moving company is having issues with their vehicles, there are lots of potential things that can go wrong during the moving process.

Sadly, there are a number of things you will need to consider or rearrange if you run into house moving delays. Below, we’ve run through what to do when your moving day gets pushed back to minimise your stress and maximise your comfort during this challenging period.

Arrange Alternative Accommodation

One of the main issues you face when your moving day gets delayed is where you’re going to live in the interim between moving out of your current property and into your new one. If you’re unable to extend your stay in your existing home and need to move out before you can move into the property you’re buying, you will need to arrange alternative accommodation.

Your best option is to arrange temporary accommodation. For example, if you’re moving to Toronto from elsewhere in Canada, you can choose from Toronto furnished rentals to find a suitable property to live in whilst you’re waiting for your new home to be ready.

Choosing a furnished rental means you won’t need to move your furniture into the rental property for the month or two that you’re staying there. Instead, you can move straight into the property with a bag or two of your personal belongings and get comfortable immediately.

Keep Your Essential Nearby

It’s a good idea to keep a bag or even a suitcase full of essential items that you know you’ll need to use before you can move into your new home. Keeping them on hand means you won’t be left without any of your daily essentials during the transition period between your old and new homes.

Consider packing things like toiletries, a change of clothes, official documents, and essential technologies, such as your laptop or tablet. If you take any regular medications, you’ll also need to pack these in your bags.

Arrange Insurance Coverage

Verify with your insurance company that you have coverage for moving delays and any damage to your belongings during the period of time when you’re in the middle of moving. You must also contact your chosen moving company to identify whether they can provide adequate insurance to protect your belongings during an extended period of time.

Contact the Real Estate Agent

When you run into issues and delays with your moving date, it’s best to liaise with your real estate agent. Regular contact with your agent ensures you stay up to date with what’s happening and can be informed as soon as you’re able to move into your new home.

Your real estate agent can also help you with managing the necessary adjustments you need to make during the period of delays. For example, they may be able to offer recommendations for local storage units or credible rental property providers.

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