What To Consider Before Getting Your First Family Pet

Do you have the time for a pet? Are you ready to accept the consequences of pet ownership? Here are tips on getting your first family pet.

Who doesn’t love the pitter-patter of tiny feet running across the floor? And we’re not talking about children! Expanding your family with a pet is a momentous moment for everyone, with many happy memories sure to come out of the decision. Yet, accepting responsibility for another living thing should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision, and you should review several considerations.

Do you have the time to look after a pet? Are you ready to accept the consequences of pet ownership? It can be easy to overlook these considerations when the source of them is staring up at you with big, pleading, puppy-dog eyes. Still, it is also why approximately 6.3 million animals enter US animal shelters yearly. To avoid this, we’ve outlined several considerations below.


One of the most significant changes that a pet will make to your daily life is lifestyle related. For instance, if you must travel a lot for work, you must arrange for a friend/family member to look after them or put them into a kennel. Or, if you have many hobbies, you may have to put them aside occasionally because caring for your pet is a priority.

On the other hand, those who lead a very inactive lifestyle might find caring for an active breed like Labradors, German Shepherds, or Rottweilers too intense for their lifestyle. This is because they require a lot of daily exercise. So, they might want to consider getting a less active breed like a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian.


Accepting a pet into your household is much like having a small child. At the start, they’ll have no coordination or idea of personal space, run riot throughout your house, and whine for food/attention until they get it. Although they will eventually calm down, one issue that never goes away is cleanliness and hygiene.

They might have little ‘accidents’ on your living room carpet, trek mud throughout your house during a zoomies session, destroy furnishings, leave hair all over your sofa, and even bring home unwanted visitors like rodents or insects. It’s important to know what you can and cannot control, and if you’ll be able to clean up their messes and protect your furniture, if need be. The latter is a considerable risk when you have pets since fleas can reproduce rapidly, infestations are likely, and a flea exterminator, like ABC Home & Commercial Services, is expected to be needed. Whether someone in your household has been bitten or your pet is infested, a flea exterminator will advise you and work alongside you to create a solution. When your pet is feeling under the weather, considering products from Under The Weather Pet, a company founded by a certified pet lover and dog mom in Vermont, can be a great way to ensure they receive high-quality, vet-formulated supplements to keep them happy and healthy.


In an ideal world, we’d all like a family dog like Shadow from Disney’s ‘Homeward Bound,’ but not all pets have the same temperament. Some might love being around humans and pester you for attention all day, whereas others might be reclusive and less likely to entertain you and your family members. Identifying your pet’s personality type is essential for establishing boundaries to protect you, your family, and the animal.

For instance, if you’ve been warned that an animal has a difficult temperament, the last thing you want is to bring that energy home to a house full of young children who don’t understand that not all pets want to be played with. On the other hand, some behavioral issues can develop later in life and are unavoidable, so it might be best to consult a pet behaviorist.

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