What is the Right Range Hood design and Shape for Your Kitchen?

The right range hood design, like all ventilation devices in the home, plays an essential role in indoor air quality.

The range hood, like all ventilation devices in the home, plays an essential role in indoor air quality. With no outside outlet, charcoal hoods filter the cooking air, capture odors, and then return that same air to the kitchen. With an external outlet, stale air is directly expelled outside. When designing a range hood, another feature to consider is the noise level! If it is too noisy, the hood is likely to always be closed. If you like slow cooking, for example, a hood at its lowest rpm may display an index of 0.5 sone (unit of measurement of noise). And if you want almost complete silence, it is possible to install the motor of the device outside.

The Solution

Do not neglect the advantage of a specific Range hood design to your personal taste, space, and what is ideal for you and your family.. Instead, look to re-evaluate your project on other aspects and treat yourself to a high-performance hood especially if, at the base, the design of the kitchen allows it. The investment is worth it. What range hood design should you choose? Let’s take a look. 

What Are The Designs?

Installed against a wall, decorative range hoods can take several forms: pyramid, box, vertical or inclined. The hood cap, also called a visor, is installed under a high cabinet for a minimal footprint. Built-in hoods fit completely into a tall piece of furniture and disappear from the décor.

The drawer hoods are hidden under a tall piece of furniture. They deploy automatically or manually when you need them. More decorative is the island hoods, placed above a kitchen island, displaying their aesthetics, whether round, oval, rectangular, or square. Beyond the shapes and locations, the materials and colors are also varied for models ranging from classic to the most contemporary.

Today, the range hood also integrates with the induction hob! Discreet, the induction hob with integrated hood is ideal for a well designed and refined kitchen. The hood disappears under the worktop, innovative and easier to install! Finally, the worktop hood is installed vertically and is placed behind the hob. It retracts under the worktop once its use is complete.

Stainless Steel Hoods

Most of the time, in stainless steel, there are hoods whose top is flat and rectangular in shape. As with pyramid hoods, there is something for every budget. Technically similar to pyramidal hoods, however, it should be noted that the thickness of the hood tray is important. Indeed, the design being a little heavy, the trend wanted us to refine its tray. However, the thicker it is (6 to 12 cm), the more effective the suction. This is a design/efficiency constraint to take into account, especially if the hood must be installed on an island.

Air Recycling or Exhaust Hood?

Evacuation, which consists of rejecting the air drawn outside the dwelling, is very effective. A hood is more efficient when it is installed in exhaust air because it rejects odors 100%. Note that the presence of a duct and an external exit are essential. It is, therefore, preferable to check the feasibility of these developments beforehand.

 Air recycling, on the other hand, rids the sucked air of odors and greases by filters: carbon and grease. The recycled and purified air is discharged into the room from the top of the hood. Filtration hoods do not require any other arrangement than electrical connection; they, therefore, arise in any type of housing. Simply renew the carbon filter every six months and clean the grease filter. Namely: when you buy an extractor hood, it usually comes with the necessary equipment for an exhaust air installation. If you want to install it in air recycling, you must check if the kit for use in recycling is provided.


If you want to learn more about range hood design, be sure to consider the various aesthetics including the function, space size, consumption, and performance capabilities. Click here to learn what is the right range design and shape for your kitchen.

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