What Is A Nobel All On 4 Dental Implants?

The All on 4 dental implant surgery is a screw-retained replacement for both upper and lower teeth. Read more about it here.

Toothlessness is more common than most people realize. They may believe that dental treatment is too complicated or expensive. Others may think that the treatment process is too complicated because it requires several procedures and tiers. But thanks to the new technology being offered in most clinics like Central Texas Periodontics, dental implants are possible for many people who were previously unaffected by toothlessness.


All-on-4 Treatment Concept

The All-on-4 treatment concept implant surgery is a screw-retained replacement for both upper and lower teeth. It is recommended for patients with substantial tooth loss, tooth decay, or bone loss in the jaw area. Tooth loss typically includes jaw bone loss, so restoring it with dental implants can be difficult if you don’t have any remaining bone. The All-on-4 concept reduces the time for dental implant treatment, allowing patients to receive permanent, stable teeth on the same day. Patients also enjoy fewer surgical and bone-grafting costs, as implants are placed directly in the jaw bone, rather than attempting to grow bone to support an implant. This method also saves the patient money because it requires less bone grafting, which is not a viable option for many patients.


Cost of All-on-4 Treatment

A high-quality, all-on-four dental implant treatment is expensive. However, dental insurance can help you pay for a portion of the cost. Most dental insurance plans limit their annual benefit amounts to $1,500 or $2,000, which can be a significant discount on the total cost of the procedure. The All-on-4 treatment is not right for everyone, but if you have multiple missing teeth and are ready for a more complete smile, this procedure may be the right choice.


Compared to other permanent tooth replacement options

Compared to other permanent tooth replacement options, all on four dental implants are highly effective. Compared to conventional dentures, they require no bone grafting, are more durable, and are more affordable. This system replaces all of a patient’s teeth, including the upper and lower front teeth. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to replace a single tooth.

All on four dental implants are permanent tooth replacement solutions that are compatible with the jawbone. The procedure involves placing four implants in each jaw. The implants are made of a bone-compatible material that can grow over time. The patient will initially wear a temporary denture while the implant is healing, and then return for a permanent denture attachment. In some cases, the procedure can be completed in one appointment, depending on the number of implants.

Compared to other permanent tooth replacement options with a fixed bridge, All on 4 dental implants are superior in several ways. Implants replace the root of the tooth, restoring the bite force. This is a huge benefit compared to other options, including dentures, which can cause pain and discomfort. They also allow the patient to eat whatever they want without worrying about discomfort.


Bone Grafting Required

A traditional dental implant procedure requires bone grafting and months of healing. With All On 4 dental implant system, you can have a full set of dental implants in as little as a single day. These implants are supported by four dental implants, ensuring more stability in the jawbone. The process also offers a faster healing time, so you can resume your daily routine immediately after surgery.

During the initial consultation, you’ll receive a complete dental exam, including X-rays and models of your teeth. A computed tomography scan will be performed so that the dentist can determine the correct height and width of your jawbone for the implant. Your dentist will tailor your treatment plan to meet your needs and your goals, and 212 Smiling is committed to making your experience pleasant and rewarding.


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