What Are the Best Debit Cards for Your Kids to Spend Safely?

Every parent wants his child to be financially independent; there are several ways to manage that, by giving them allowances for making them a card. Here are the best debit cards for your kids.

Every parent wants his child to be financially independent; there are several ways to manage that, like by giving them allowances for making them a card.

If you were wondering: What is the best debit card for kids, best visa debit card for kids, and the best mobile app in the market today?

On the market there are lots of valuable and special choices. Some are targeting certain age groups or certain offers, but not all of them are for small children. You need a service that will empower a child to invest, spend, donate, and save money. 

It is also important to teach them the value of social security and that not everyone is as lucky as they are. Younger generations must know that not everything can be bought with money, and that we must help others and not brag about money.

Teach them about finance early in life

There are many different ways to bring money closer to kids of different ages, through play, board games like Monopoly, pretending to work in a store or cafe (let them be behind the cash register), and bidding on their old toys that they want to donate and many others.

We must teach our little ones at an early age how to spend and save money responsibly.

Maybe some people think that children are too young to be taught about money, but experts would not agree with them and believe that they should be introduced to the finance world as early as possible.

Kids as entrepreneurs

Children are constantly creative and inspiring, and together with their friends, they make items that they later can sell. Kids can have lemonade stands and make bouquets of wildflowers, bracelets and necklaces, using paint and other various objects.

Kids can also help the neighbors mow the grass, take out the trash for the elderly, walk dogs, and clear the snow in the winter months.

Children are imaginative and see the world with completely different eyes, They like to constantly explore and push boundaries.

Do not limit them; let them be imaginative and creative, and if they have some business proposals in accordance with their age, support them. Do not doubt their entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, encourage them to be creative and imaginative with their friends.

Best and safest types of kids credit cards

Currently, there are many different options and offers on the market, and of course, some are quite different from others. The safest and best choices are BusyKid, FamZoo, and Greenlight.

  • Busykid is considered the forerunner in terms of this type of service, as they are the most innovative and there are certain services that other service providers do not have. 

One of the great advantages is the age limit from 6 to 18 years, the possibility of including the whole family ( 5 cards total) for $4 per month, while the annual price is $39.

Along with this type of a card, there is an accompanying application that contains lists of duties and tasks, many school and extracurricular activities, and many others. 

Possibility of investing within the application itself brings children closer to the world of adults and teaches them how to operate, regulate and handle money and assets.

  • FamZoo also has an offer for young children, and accompanying applications that allow parents to fully monitor the transactions that children make. 

Parents can disable transactions with certain companies and brands if they consider their content inappropriate for kids. The safety and privacy of children are guaranteed. The monthly fee is $5.

  • Greenlight was designed as an application for investing, but it is also a card for children. Prices vary from $5 to $9, and the price applies to the whole family. 

Within the service, parents can monitor  and choose where kids will spend money. A good way to teach children how to save and manage money properly, all with the supervision and support of their parents.


From a young age, children can build their credit limit, enter the world of investment and trading, learn how to save, and also help with donations to those who need help the most. 

This is also an ideal way to create lifelong memories with your children because they will be very grateful to you in the future and will appreciate the fact that you taught them how to manage money wisely.

The services we have listed for you are all protected by special technology, and the safety and privacy of your children are guaranteed.

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