What Are SuperFoods? 5 Genius Ways to Use Them

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What are SuperFoods? They are nutrient-dense foods thought to be good for health! Here are 5 genius ways to use them, starting with GNC! #ad #myEarthGenius

No doubt about it, fall is an amazing time to reset your routine!

For me, it’s always more powerful than even the new year in making those magical small and big changes that contribute to my overall health. With the kids in school full time now, I have extra hours to focus on building my businesses and building my healthy routines. And for another, with the chill in the air, it’s so much easier to get out to the dog park for regular fresh air and cardio. Now that we have a new puppy in the house, I’ll surely be more active than ever – chasing after one dog while leash training another. Quite simply, I can’t wait! Fall is the season for celebrating what matters the most. Family.

And I want to be at my best for it all.

what are superfoods

What are superfoods?

It’s a word you’ll hear a lot these days, but it’s mainly food that is thought to be nutrient-dense and good for your health! It’s mostly plant based, but can be fish and dairy as well. That’s why I’ve been so excited about one of the products in GNC’s Earth Genius line. It’s been perfect timing to discover this line of products while resetting my routine for fall!

What are SuperFoods? They are nutrient-dense foods thought to be good for health! Here are 5 genius ways to use them, starting with GNC! #ad #myEarthGenius

Earth Genius is a new and exclusive product line at GNC stores – both in-store and online. We love that GNC is getting back to their roots in launching Earth Genius because the founder started the company 80+ years ago with one really good yogurt recipe. So simple! Earth Genius products offer greener solutions to real life problems, like stress, lack of energy, weight loss, skin, and more. It’s kinda.. well more than kinda.. brilliant. This brand stands for all things smart and genius! For real.

The packaging is clear and clever, the formulas are fresh and brilliant, and I could go on.

what are superfoods

The truth is – I need a little (or a lot of) help with making sure I’m getting the right nutrients. And that’s where Earth Genius™ SuperFoods Supreme comes in. It’s a wholesome blend of fruits, veggies, greens, mushrooms & sprouts, plus protein and fiber. AND, it’s enhanced with a rejuvenating blend of adaptogenic mushrooms. That’s where #1 comes in for my list:

5 Genius Ways to Use Superfoods:

1 – Make a shake with SuperFoods Supreme. It’s the easiest thing! I simply mix 1 scoop (provided in the product) of powder with 6-10 ounces of cold water. Then I shake it all up to mix it well and take it for on the go. There’s a fresh mixed berry taste, and it’s a cool purple color. Totally appealing. It’s pretty amazing to get that many nutrients in one shake. SuperFoods Supreme contains VitaFiber™ – a vegetarian, non-GMO prebiotic, plus enzymes to support healthy digestion*. It also features 6 grams of vegetarian, plant-based proteins for lean muscle support*.

what are superfoods

Earth Genius SuperFoods Supreme delivers antioxidants from tomatoes and marigolds for protection from harmful free radicals, and is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and with no artificial sweeteners. It’s vegetarian, soy free, with no sugar added, and tasty too! What I love is that Earth Genius products are crafted to provide real solutions to real life problems. Like for me, that’s getting enough superfoods. The comprehensive, whole line of products are inspired by nature, and crafted by experts.

For me it was that moment of taking back my nutrition for fall. My body needs nutrients and my diet needs balance. This is an awesome, easy, tasty, comprehensive way to get both. I mean, you simply can’t beat that. I’m taking back my glow!

What are SuperFoods? They are nutrient-dense foods thought to be good for health! Here are 5 genius ways to use them, starting with GNC! #ad #myEarthGenius

4 Other Genius Ways to Use Superfoods:

2 – Make these fun swaps! Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in soups and dips. Swap sugar for unsweetened applesauce in baked goods. Use spread avocado instead of mayo. Replace croutons with sunflower or pumpkin seeds on your salad. And whenever possible, drink tea instead of coffee for that midday boost. Tea has many benefits.

3 – Make these fun additions! Sprinkle walnuts on your oatmeal, add apple cider vinegar to your salad, add vitamin-packed berries to your yogurt, throw some greens into your morning scramble, add black beans to your salsa, and flaxseed to pancakes!

4 – Have a sweet tooth? Me too. Put a banana in the freezer and then blend it with dark chocolate for “ice cream.”

5 – And finally, what are you drinking? You can slice kiwi into your water or sparkling water. YUM.

what are superfoods

Pretty awesome, right? That’s a perfect day for me right there. I’ll be talking more about Earth Genius within the next several weeks, as I try different products within the line. GNC is my destination for health and wellness, and I love what I’ve been finding. For example, SuperFoods Supreme is packed with 35 different superfood ingredients, plus protein and prebiotic and enzyme support. The products utilize some of the best ingredients on earth, and deliver real nutritional benefits beyond just making me feel good about consuming them. I love that there’s an array of solutions I can tailor to my unique goals and needs.

what are superfoods

Ready to try it yourself? GNC has trained retail associates ready to help you out by matching you with products that address your nutritional gaps. And right now you can get 20% off with the code: 34121. I’ll say that again! 34121.

Use this code on any Earth Genius product from 9/27 – 12/31/18. You can use the code in store by showing the employee a screen-grab of this post. To redeem in store, use 34121 code and show the store manager.

You can also redeem the code online http://bit.ly/_TamaraEG.

What Earth Genius product excites you the most?

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  1. Yes to super foods and switching up ingredients! I do that when I can and good to know that GNC can help with nutritional gaps. I probably have a few. I truly believe in probiotics and super foods.

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