My Daily Easy Wellness Routine For Winter

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This wellness routine is perfect for winter and will help support immune health. #SourceNaturals #WellnessFormula #LiveUnstoppable #SourceNaturalsPartner

Earlier this year, I learned so much about wellness.
Unsurprisingly, a lot of my learning came to me while on vacation. And no surprise there. We always go somewhere warm in January and we were at my in-laws’ beach house in St. Augustine. I had access to fresh produce and ice cold water. We went for brisk walks on the beaches (and in the Orlando theme parks), and were plenty rested. Also, I had my favorite vitamins and supplements at the ready because I’m a pretty good packer and wanted to be prepared. Basically, it was a slower pace of life with more intention and love. Can’t beat that!

This wellness routine is perfect for winter and will help support immune health. #SourceNaturals #WellnessFormula #LiveUnstoppable #SourceNaturalsPartner

I learned a lot from that trip that I incorporate into my daily wellness routine.

My Daily Easy Wellness Routine For Winter:


  • I drink a cup (or two) of warm water with lemon every morning. I learned this from my aunt, who also lives in Florida! This is a great way to start the day with healthy nutrients, and it’s an early start to hydration. Cassidy adds ginger to his, but it’s too much for me.

  • During the late morning, I get active! This is a tough time of year because I’m anticipating the ice and snow to be on the ground from about now until April. That said, right now I’m all about bike riding a local trail. I go over a river and through the woods!

  • Then, it’s finally breakfast time! I love a hard-boiled egg and whole-grain toast. If I can do a vegetable scramble, I will. Sometimes it’s oatmeal and yogurt, and sometimes just yogurt. Or a quick smoothie!

  • I take my vitamins! I’m pretty in love with Source Naturals® Wellness Formula® these days! I get it on my weekly or monthly Walmart trip. This time of year, I focus a lot on immune health. We’re entering winter, and also dealing with the physical stresses of traveling, childcare, pet care, holiday shopping, and much more.

morning routine

Did you know that Source Naturals Wellness Formula was the first formula to deliver high-potency vitamin C plus 25 more key nutrients and time-tested herbs in ONE product? And the vitamins and herbs you’ll find in this formula support immune health, promote normal mucus production in your respiratory system, keep white blood cells healthy from free radicals, promote a healthy response to stress, AND, support a healthy respiratory system! The thing is modern life is full of demands and challenges, but when you unlock the power of wellness to support your health, you’ll Live Unstoppable™. And that’s the best of life of all.

This wellness routine is perfect for winter and will help support immune health. #SourceNaturals #WellnessFormula #LiveUnstoppable #SourceNaturalsPartner


  • I eat protein-rich meals and snacks during mid-morning and afternoon, but no sugar for me. Some favorites are smoothies (again), apple slices with peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, hummus and carrots, and seeds/nuts. I try to eat every 2-3 hours, so that my blood sugar and energy levels stay stable

  • I listen to music! Nothing else has the power to both soothe and energize me as music does. I usually do music stations that have been custom made for me.

  • Hydration is key. I keep a big bottle at my desk and in my car, and I even have a Recovery Stick that’s good for 300 water bottles. It’s a convenient, on-the-go water filter that infuses your water with antioxidants and hydrogen. This helps speed muscle, skin, bone, and brain recovery, and improves circulation and metabolism by making your water alkaline and reducing chlorine by up to 90%. Plus, it tastes great which is a great bonus!

This wellness routine is perfect for winter and will help support immune health. #SourceNaturals #WellnessFormula #LiveUnstoppable #SourceNaturalsPartner


  • Admittedly, this is NOT my great time of day. I eat an early dinner because ideally, I don’t like to eat after two hours before bedtime. This is when I try to get more greens in, as well as fibrous carbs and protein.

  • And, I “try” to go to bed before 11 pm. I’m really bad with a consistent sleep schedule because my creativity often comes alive around midnight – with writing, photos, and planning. I’m working on this, though, ok? That’s the best I can do! I can sleep through anything but Cassidy likes the room dark and with a sound machine. No screens in the room and no phones in the bed. Boom!

And hey, it’s not perfect, but I’m working on this daily wellness routine!
#SourceNaturals #WellnessFormula #LiveUnstoppable #SourceNaturalsPartner
I really love that Source Naturals Wellness Formula helps support the body’s natural, healthy systems – like the immune system! And I love that it’s formulated to boost well-being.

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