Welcoming the New Year: What Are the Liqueur and Spirits Trends for 2020

Welcoming the New Year: What Are the Liqueur and Spirits Trends for 2020?

People might be drinking a bit less than in the past, but they are becoming choosier about the spirits and liqueurs they consume. That often means exploring exciting new things instead of throwing back drinks that have long since lost their lustre.

Many believe that 2020 will be one of the most interesting years for liqueurs and spirits in quite some time. The following look at the top liquor-related trends for 2020 could be interesting to just about anyone who enjoys an occasional drink.

1. Winterized Spins on the Classics

Some popular alcoholic beverages seem to speak clearly of sunny, warm times. Whether with poolside favourites or cocktails best garnished with a summer evening’s breeze, there are dozens of classic beverages that seem most appropriate for the warmest months.

A quick look at Alcohol Professor or a similar site, though, will reveal that many of these summer stalwarts are being transformed into drinks perfect for winter. A crisp, cold gin and tonic might seem best suited to July or August, but it can be dressed up and made perfect for January, as well.

Winterizing a beloved, time-tested cocktail most often means making it richer and more laid back. Bright, bubbly drinks work best in summer, while more retiring ones perform best in the winter. Even something as simple as a gin and tonic can be winterized with the use of a more complex liquor and the addition of some seasonal citrus.

2. Even More Bourbon

Fans of whiskey know that bourbon has been enjoying a renaissance for quite a few years now. It turns out that a decade or so is about the perfect amount of time to let a corn-based spirit mature atop charred oak barrel staves.

As a result, bourbons that were put away young when the current kick first got started are just now coming of age. Even people who are becoming a bit bored by bourbon are looking forward to bottlings set to hit store shelves in 2020.

One related bright spot that budget-conscious imbibers will appreciate is that many such bourbons will be quite affordable. Having been produced in volume thanks to the current boom, many of these now-aged spirits should represent excellent value for consumers.

3. Other Uses for Agave

All fans of liquor worth their salt know about agave-based spirits like tequila and mezcal. It turns out that the heart of the agave can be used to brew quite a few other types of firewater.

2020 should see a lot more interest in bacanora, for instance, a Sonoran cousin of tequila that is smoother and less aggressive. That will allow even people who normally shy away from neat tequila to experience agave in an undiluted form.

Trends suggest that a rougher relative of mezcal should also set plenty of palates afire this year. Tasting something like a south-of-the-border version of cherry wine, the Mexican beverage known as pulque is starting to crop up on bar shelves all over the United States.

Many More 2020 Trends to Savor

These three trends alone should keep fans of liquor in high spirits throughout 2020. There are many more that are likely to meet with even more enthusiasm and acclaim.

Probably the easiest way to stay on top of the latest developments in the field is to find a liquor-focused news website that updates regularly. That will make it easy to discover plenty of new spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails to try in 2020 and beyond. Even people who prefer to keep their drinking occasional should be able to appreciate that.

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