Weight Loss Tips: How to Deal With Sugar Cravings

You’re doing great, losing weight, exercising, having a balanced diet.. but can’t give up sweets? Here are weight loss tips to reduce sugar.

Weight Loss Tips: How to Deal With Sugar Cravings

You’re on a good path, losing weight, exercising, having a balanced diet, but you can’t give up on sweets? We’ve all been there. Once you get the taste of it, you simply crave more, and you cannot stop. However, to avoid feeling guilty after munching a whole chocolate bar, here are some tips on how to avoid those sugar cravings. Once you see all the healthier alternatives, you’ll walk away from refined sugar, and you’ll never look back.

What Causes Sugar Cravings?

In most cases, where there is not a health problem related to blood sugar levels, sugar cravings can be caused by nutrient or vitamin deficiency. Our body-mind system has a way of showing us what the body needs. So if you are craving chocolate you might be deficient in magnesium or B vitamins. In any case, if you are on a weight-loss diet it is recommended to take supplements in order to support the body throughout the changes and assure optimal health. 

The most important vitamin to take is B12. While it supports many functions in the body, it will help with sugar cravings, also it’s responsible for boosting metabolism and thus boosting energy. You are most likely to be craving sugar when  you are feeling sluggish. We recommend the b12 patch which is a simple solution that sticks to your skin and releases b12 slowly and throughout the day. It will boost optimal function and energy levels. It’s the safest and most convenient way to take it as it can’t cause any digestion problems and stomachaches. 

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Switch it up 

Cookies and chocolate do taste great, but they aren’t the healthiest options on the menu. You can always switch them up for a healthier version and still enjoy the taste. There are even yummier alternatives. Eat me guilt free brownies taste the same as regular brownies, except you won’t be overflowed with guilt once you munch on a couple of them. These healthy alternatives are made with few natural ingredients and are made to be easy on the stomach. They are high in protein and low in sugar and are perfect for any type of weight loss diet and can be eaten any time of the day, even to satisfy nighttime cravings.

Cut it out completely 

Easier said than done. But, you should know that the toughest part is the first 48 to 72 hours. You’ll be cranky, easily irritable, and you’ll most definitely won’t be happy, but after those three days, you’ll start noticing changes. Your body will use the stashes that it has, and after that, it will start using up the sugar we take with a balanced diet. The craving will go away just like it never existed, you’ll be full of energy, and the people around you will forgive your moodiness from the past three days. 

Get distracted 

Whenever you get the strong urge to rush to the cabinet where you keep that delicious chocolate bar, simply don’t! Turn to work, knit, paint, leave the house, go for a walk, if you’re inspired enough, go for a jog. Whatever you do, you must not give in to your craving, because it will always be there! You have the power to change those things. 

Quality over quantity

If you have a princess doughnut and a piece of dark chocolate in front of you, you’ll probably choose the former one. That is one of the biggest mistakes we all do. Just because it’s bigger and it tastes better, that doesn’t mean it’s better for our body. Dark chocolate has tons of benefits to it, plus it has way fewer calories, but it’s just about enough to silence your hunger.

You’re doing great, losing weight, exercising, having a balanced diet.. but can’t give up sweets? Here are weight loss tips to reduce sugar.

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 Don’t skip meals 

Having a well-balanced diet is the key to a successful weight loss journey and creating a healthy relationship with food. If you skip meals, you won’t lose weight. It’s just a myth. Skipping meals, especially breakfast or lunch will lead to overeating on your next meal. You’ll end up with twice as many calories as you originally planned on intaking. Use the 5 meal plan, which includes 3 main meals, and 2 snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Combine foods 

Combining foods will allow you to get way less sugar than you normally would. If you get a salad and a piece of dark chocolate, you’ll be full and you won’t even consider taking another piece. The same goes with any other sweet. Try not to take any other sugars with it, so skip the soda and the juices. You can take water, lemon… you’ll be quite satisfied, and your body won’t ask for anything else.  

Sin every now and then 

It sounds wrong but it isn’t. Giving in once in a while is actually good, for two reasons. One, you won’t be feeling like you’re being punished or forbidden, and two, you’ll see how much control you have over yourself and your cravings. Those giving ins should be on a small-sized cookie or a piece of milk chocolate though, not on a whole bar. 

But, why do we crave sugar? 

Ever since we are little, we prefer the sweet taste over anything else. It tastes good to us, we’re getting used to it, and it gives us a crazy amount of energy. But, that energy quickly goes away, and the next thing we know we are back at it again with a new cookie or some other treat. Let’s face it, chocolates and sweets do taste amazing, but so do oatmeals, cereals, fruit, and vegetables!

But, sweets are different! They work their way into our body, releasing endorphins, which makes us naturally high. We are happy and satisfied. But, there is also one other huge problem with sugar. We often use it to reward ourselves for a job well done. No matter if we finished a tough workout, nailed an exam, or did something difficult, we always reach for cake, cookies, sweets. If we make some minor changes in our diet and if we’re determined enough, we can beat those sugar cravings in no time.



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