Weekend Winter Warriors: Tips For Active Playtime With Kids

Before I became a parent, my adventurous spirit would slow down more during the colder months.


I’ve always been one for sundresses, sandals, and a road trip. In the winter, I tend to want to burrow on the couch with a book and a bowl of soup. While I think of that as a common thing to do, the kids still need active playtime as much as they do during other times of the year. In fact, it’s even more the case. After a summer of running around, and then a fall of Saturday soccer games – with Des participating just as much on the sidelines – I’ve had to get more creative lately. Scarlet only gets a limited time to play during recess and after school. Des gets plenty of active playtime at school, and even during cold days, but it’s for a limited time as well. Once the weekend hits, they are raring to go! These are some of my favorite times.

Here are my top ten tips and ideas for keeping your kids active all year round! With creativity and spirit, it will keep you active too! #CLIFKid #ad

The school year is fully underway and winter is not far away, but kid playtime is important for their growth all year long. We may have to work harder so that it’s not pushed to the side during the school year, and the winter, but with the combination of school and after-school playtime, and what we do with our weekends, I think our creativity is really paying off!


Weekends are our TIMES! Whether it’s been soccer games, going to fall/winter fairs and festivals, or looking for moose in Maine at the crack of dawn, we pretty much don’t stop moving until Sunday night comes around, and with a lot of interesting stops along the way. Whether it’s outdoor museums, sleigh riding, river boat rides, apple picking, and more, I love coming up with ideas together. In this age of handheld video games and smartphones, at four and seven, my kids are still experiencing the simple joys of old-fashioned fun. I really hope it lasts! One thing my kids love is the art of playing. Really, truly playing.

The kind that makes the adults feel like kids again!

Tips & Ideas For Active Playtime With Kids During Colder Months:

1 – Follow their lead. I use that same advice in my photography career. Kids will make choices and show you/tell you want they want to play. Showing them you care about them and their interests leads to better playtime all around.

2 – Be silly! Make funny faces, dress up, laugh a lot!

3 – Get on your kids’ level. Sit on the floor with them. Adapt their play higher up, if that’s not possible. Being truly engaged with them will make playtime even better for all of you!

4 – Build a fort! Really, is there anything better than that? This is an activity that definitely includes the parents – helping to use furniture, blankets and pillows to construct castles. It’s time-consuming and more active than you think!

5 – Have a dance party! Kids love music and dancing, and they remind us that we love music and dancing too.

6 – Video games today are different. They were changing when I was a kid into being more active, but the ones today really give me a run for the money! I find it to be a full work-out, but so much fun, to play active video games with kids.

7 – Indoor bouncing. The best indoor places of play around here have trampolines, bounce houses, slides, and more!

8 – Snow fun is endless fun. Whether it’s snow angels, sledding, snow tag, or more, we use a lot of energy!

9 – Create a treasure hunt. This can be tailored for year-round fun, by making clues that refer to the sights of the season – icicles in snowbanks, pinecones in leaf piles, etc.

10 – Keep your kids well fueled with snacks, like CLIF Kid Zbars!

CLIF Kid is dedicated to reclaiming play all year long, and they’re encouraging boys and girls everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries, and feed their adventures!

It can be difficult to fit playtime in – around all the other activities that the school year brings – but by getting outside and creating/establishing a routine, you’ll be sure your kids are healthy and thriving all year long.

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