Weekend Update and “Tie” Dye Easter Eggs

I think this was Fantastic Weekend #5, even with the terrible Friday/Saturday weather! Dreadful!

dying easter eggs

That said, the sun did shine brightly on Sunday before, during, and after a trip to our third Sugar Shack in three weeks. Let’s backtrack, though. Friday night. My father-in-law had gotten tickets to One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and the Works.

My father-in-law took the (above) picture. That brings me to a funny point. In this blog, I do my own writing, and always have. I think if I were to change that without mention, you’d all be like, “Yeah.. not cool.” I am also a photographer which is no secret, and I prefer to use my own photos for nearly everything. And, I have never checked a stock photos website when I can check my own archives. That said, I don’t use my own photos in two instances – when they’re of me and not a selfie – and when I’m not the best one to take the picture. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t and wouldn’t do as well or do a better job.

Gary Mullen

I have strict standards with quality, pixels, exposure, focus, etc. I don’t have the same standards with other people’s photos. It’s just.. more fun. I struggle a lot with work/life balance. When I’m in the photography zone, I am firmly enmeshed in that zone. I can’t get out of it, so I don’t fall into that rabbit hole if I’m not prepared for it. Sometimes, often, I’ve found over the years – that if I’m not at a paid job, I would prefer to live in the moment instead. In those cases, I use others’ photos.

Like these three incredibly fun ones.

easter eggs

I think you can tell when it’s me. It used to be a matter of watermarks, but I don’t always use them. Sometimes, they cover the photos or I am gifting the photos to someone else. Sometimes, I’m just plain forgetful. And, sometimes I’m asked not to use watermarks. Or I ask myself not to use them for whatever reason that seems right in that moment, in my weird brain.

Like here:

Don’t you just want to be there? And to know that secret?.

So that’s really it! It’s me, unless I’m not the best person to take it, meaning I didn’t have the right camera at the right time with the right attitude. I did, however, get a video of the concert! They were playing one of my top five (or top two tied with “Spread Your Wings”) Queen songs! After this dancing fun, we had to drive home in awful weather. I was petrified the entire car ride – worried about our sitter having to tell our kids we weren’t yet home. I was so happy when we got home.

The night’s fun is still going through my head:

On a sidenote, I went with my father-in-law to this same venue only a week before Friday – making it two Friday nights in a row at UConn’s Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts. Last weekend was Sanam Marvi – a beautiful Pakastani singer.

I guess you could say I’m getting out there and changing the contents of my life a bit.

Obviously that brings me to my next point – the contents of this blog. THIS one is cool:

Do you want a unique new way to dye Easter Eggs? This gives new meaning to the term

“Tie” Dye Easter Eggs

What’s Needed

Silk Neck Ties
White Vinegar
White Fabric, approx. 9 inch squares
Rubber bands


  1. Cut the neck ties apart at the back seam so you can flatten out the fabric, and remove the inside material.
  2. Cut a piece big enough to fit around the egg. You can get 2 pieces per tie.
  3. Wrap an egg tightly in a piece of the tie and secure it with a rubber band.
  4. Using a piece of the white fabric, wrap the egg again and secure it with a rubber band.
  5. Once you have all your eggs wrapped in both fabrics, place in a pot of water with ½ cup vinegar, and boil for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Remove from pot and unwrap eggs.
  7. Display your beautiful eggs!

tie dye easter eggs

easter eggs



Easter craft

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

family fun

Easter family fun


I hope your weekend was as cool as Des playing LEGO in a hat.

PS: We were watching Moana tonight and Cassidy saw a GIANT bear in our yard looking in at us. The End.

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  1. A giant bear!!!???? I would die of excitement! And then I would be scared to send the kids out to play for a long time. That is an amazing experience. Are they the aggressive or non aggressive bears in your area?

    1. Very non-aggressive. We have black bears all over here and in Alaska, the black bears are more dangerous than grizzlies. I don’t get it? Here, they don’t hurt a fly. Although a woman hit a cub with her car this week on my street and that was awful. (she’s ok)

  2. Wow – a bear? We saw a coyote in our weekend and I thought that was cool – but the bear wins :). My younger son loves to wear a fedora, so I smiled at the picture of Des.

    1. Ah, a coyote! That is cool! We have heard them many times, but only saw them once or twice. It was eerie on our driveway under the moon!

  3. I’m not sure if we doing eggs this year, we may just go to the local easter egg hunt and do theirs instead. As for that giant bear, a few years ago there was one running around on base, and we had to shut the base down until he was caught. I can’t imagine having one in my yard. That’s just a little too scary for me. 🙂

    1. Oh man! Well you know I have so many funny bear stories. They’re active in the northeast, as you know. Although not sure they’re generally spotted in Brooklyn?

  4. I missed so much last week. not sure I can catch up, but I am going to dabble at it a little 🙂
    How fun! That is a brilliant idea for dying Easter eggs!

  5. I have so many happy memories of dying eggs, from the simple kits to more complicated attempts. Last year I tried the shaving cream thing, with pretty good results. I also enjoy using the natural dyes from foods (like red cabbage and blueberries) because the colors are so gorgeous!

  6. I dyed some eggs this weekend and had a grand ole time all by myself. Egg dying is a fun activity at any age. You are a great photographer Tamara, if I had your skills I could cancel my membership to stock photo websites. Your father-in-law got some good shots, they might not be as good as yours but he really captured the moment. I love that you are getting out and doing different things. I’ve been trying to change up my schedule also. OMG I did these tie dye eggs last year and it was sooooo much fun and crazy easy. I bet the kids loved it

    1. Aw, thank you! I never use stock photos – because it wouldn’t make sense – but they do serve a good purpose. You’re always welcome to ask me for some from my library!!

  7. These are so cool Tamara! I love the unique patterns on them and they look amazing! We loved dying eggs every year and I like that this one is not as messy. Beautiful!

  8. Whoa! THose are wicked cool eggs! I’d love to know what their secret was too. I like being in the moment and so those shots seem to be shaky and blurry and whatnot. But they’re all so wonderful aren’t they? They all capture moments that are happy and that’s what matters 🙂

  9. These are the coolest eggs ever! Every time I come here I feel like I can do more hands on stuff with my kiddos!

    1. With a mom as an art teacher, I thought this stuff would come to me better. It’s delayed, though, because it’s finally happening! I’m craftier than I ever thought I’d be!

  10. Uhm, you have bears. IN YOUR BACKYARD?! That’s some crazy ish momma 🙂 and also amazing. i mean, I’d like to see it… from a very far distance, ha!

    Your eggs! Those are amazing! Also I love that you are getting out and doing all the things–that show sounds amazing (LOOOOOOVE Queen)! I always want to up my photo game. I know it’s something I really struggle with and I’m unbelievably impressed by the crisp photos I see here <3

    XO and hope you're having a great week–ps: Des looks so stylish in his hat!

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