Wedding in Georgia Mountains

Wedding in Georgia mountains

If you have made the decision to get married and you think that the most important decision of your life has already been made, you are seriously mistaken. Choosing all the ingredients for a wedding that you will be happy with and remember for the rest of your life is what is really difficult and can take a lot of energy and make you nervous.

Here you'll find info and benefits to having your wedding in the beautiful Georgia mountains, which will be an amazing celebration.

What do you need to organize a perfect wedding?

Here we will list only a small number of things that you may need while planning your wedding, be prepared:

  • Budget. Calculate the budget you are willing to spend on the wedding. Groomsmen can be frugal, so fight for your dream wedding.
  • Guests. Decide on the number of guests.
  • The country for the marriage. Many couples, just can’t get married in their home country or where they currently reside. And some specifically look for a location with more beautiful views or affordable prices.
  • Choice of location. This can be: mountains, beach, church, castle, vineyard, chateau, botanical garden, and more.
  • Treats. Decide whether you will have a banquet or buffet, where it will be held, and what cuisine will be on the menu.
  • Accommodation. If you plan to hold it at the wedding venue, you and your guests will need a place to sleep overnight.
  • Style. The style, colors, and theme of the wedding all affect the overall atmosphere and spirit of the event.
  • Additional services. This includes: makeup artist, host, musicians, show program, photographer, videographer, and more.

One location that is regularly in demand by couples who don’t want a corny celebration is the mountains. A wedding in the mountains is beautiful for several reasons at once:

  • A mountain wedding in summer, winter, spring or fall will be equally beautiful.
  • The format of the celebration can be romantic or it can have a touch of extreme or sports.
  • Photos in this location will be delightful.
  • A celebration in the mountains is sure to surprise and impress your guests.

If you are already convinced that the mountains, that is exactly what you want, then it remains a small matter – to choose the country for such an unusual wedding.

And here, we unequivocally advise couples to choose Georgia.

Why is Georgia ideal for a wedding in the mountains?

First, Georgia has absolutely stunning Caucasus Mountains, the sight of which takes the breath away not only from ordinary observers but also from experienced mountain climbers. A wedding on top or at the foot of the mountain Shkhara, Kazbek, Ushba, Tetnuldi, or Banguriani – can be an unforgettable event in your life.

Secondly, the ceremony, banquet, photoshoot, and everything else you want will cost you many times cheaper than in any other country in the world.

Thirdly, the laws in Georgia are such that foreign couples can get married in about 24 hours. There are minimal requirements for documents and maximum loyalty to couples from any corner of the world.

And fourth, the wedding agency Shu Wedding will help to organize and supervise your wedding in Georgia. You don’t have to worry and find everything yourself. You tell us what you want to see in the end, and we make sure it turns out even better than in your wildest fantasies.

Many couples worry that a wedding in the mountains can be dangerous, or they worry that they are in another country and can’t control everything in person.

But, you need to understand that by choosing a good intermediary to organize the wedding, you absolutely do not risk anything. On the contrary. Leaving all the hassle to us, you get a lot of free time at your disposal, and most importantly you can relax because everything is under the control of professionals.

Shu Wedding Agency has experience organizing weddings in the mountains and other locations throughout Georgia. We will approach the organization of your wedding as if it were our own celebration and will make sure that everything is at the highest level.

A Georgia mountain wedding is an amazing celebration that you will remember for a lifetime.

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