We Pop For The Land Before Time.

I’m a bit of what you’d call a “Popcorn Enthusiast.”

If someone asks me my most favorite food, I have to separate it into categories. There is way too much good in this world to have to narrow it down to one. Favorite fruit? Apples. Ok, and strawberries, and raspberries but only when fresh-picked from the bush. Favorite vegetable? Broccoli. And sometimes broccoli with carrots. And excellently made salad. Favorite dessert? Easy. Ice cream. Ok, and cookies, but only specific ice cream and specific cookies. Favorite side dish? Mashed potatoes. Wow, I actually answered with only one. Favorite snack? Easier than all of these. POPCORN. Few things make me so happy..

My kids have been slow to catch on, but sure enough, they now love popcorn. Sweet, salty, anything but completely plain, I love to hear the three of us munching on popcorn when we’re sitting together and watching a movie. It’s become a special occasion thing we do during school vacations, so when I heard that the The Land Before Time Complete DVD Collection was being released today, I decided to make a whole night out of it. A savory version – Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter – and a sweet version – my recipe for “Cupcake Popcorn” using Pop Secret Homestyle. Then of course, we have THE movie of choice.

It’s special when you can recreate a special childhood memory/event with your own kids. It shows you how far you’ve come in life (having a family and all), but also how some old favorites will always stay special in your heart. Popcorn and a movie.

If we’re being honest here, and we’re generally honest here, I can’t imagine a better movie collection to binge watch. I once binge watched every Friday the 13th movie ever, so as you can imagine, this is much more my speed. I have laughed. I have cried. I have named one of my stuffed animals “Littlefoot” and cried at night, just thinking about the emotional parts of the first movie. It was my first true dinosaur movie, and I was dinosaur-obsessed. Were my kids ready for it? Yes. So we did it.

We made a night of it.

Recipe for a Perfect Family Movie Night:

1. The movie, of course. I will generally always recommend something brand new to all at the movie night, or something that deeply touched one of the members, and they want to share! Tear-jerkers, laugh-makers, breath-takers. I love them all.

2. The setting. Cushy, cozy, well-spaced, and dimly lit, please!

3. The company. Hey, that’s up to you. Preferably someone you love sharing emotional times with!

4. Popcorn. See first paragraph. I believe that few things are better than good popcorn, with or without a movie, but preferably with one. I’m the biggest sucker on earth for Movie Theater Butter Popcorn. That will always be my true favorite.

5. Scarlet likes more of a sweet popcorn recipe. I like making Scarlet happy. Des also enjoys my recipe for “Cupcake Popcorn.” What do you need? Just a few things: Pop Secret 10 ct HomeStyle Popcorn (I got mine at Walmart), butter, melting chocolate, sprinkles. That’s it! I like to melt about 2-3 tablespoons of butter just so the popcorn isn’t dry when you add melted chocolate in the colors of your choice! Then use sprinkles and you’re done! The best of everything.

I say do it – while you are all together on a spring/summer night. Have a beautiful night together with your kid or kids. Or friends! You can relive one of your favorite movies of your childhood or young adulthood and make a delicious night of it.

Head to Walmart to grab The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection DVD today, 6/14 (while supplies last).

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Pop Secret, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4LandB4time http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

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  1. I had no idea that the Land Before Time was coming out with an entire collection. I remember watching the movies with my older kids, but Madison still has yet to see them. I might actually pick the movie up, and any time is a great time for popcorn. 🙂

  2. I think this is just another reason I love you as popcorn is my favorite snack, too here. Oh and so trying your fun and colorful popcorn recipe above for sure now, as well!! 🙂

  3. If anyone could meld sprinkles with popcorn, it’s you! I love this idea. I’ve binged on Star Wars movies, and I’m afraid if I tried Land Before Time, my vicious girls would be disappointed no dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs. I know, I know.

    1. Or Scarlet! Although Des is into sprinkles too. I put some on his birthday waffles because that’s the kind of mama I am.
      Scarlet has seen Jurassic World, so.. I’m curious to her take on this!

        1. “Why won’t they eat each other already???”
          So yesterday she came home from school and said, “I just saw the saddest movie in the world at school.” Of course, it was this. After I planned this whole thing for the weekend and she already saw the movie!

            1. I saw the first and it was so bad, it was bad. And usually things are so bad they’re good, but this movie required me to amend that sentiment.

  4. Popcorn + movies = Perfect. We often do this at home and make a spicy (Indian) version of our popcorn. Love the colors in your popcorn.

  5. Confession: The Land Before Time always made me super teary eyed so I had to watch the movie by myself when I was little – like the very first land before time. I was too embarrassed to watch it with anyone.
    That popcorn looks amazing.

    1. Yes. That used to be my trigger. Then my trigger became the book “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Then when I got older it became the “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama, and specifically the last few minutes of it.
      .. I dare you.

  6. Popcorn and land before time—my kids would love this! I didn’t know it was coming out again. I’ll have to check this out!

  7. Anneliese is in LOVE with the Land before Time. I id yu not, but we watch it daily around here! Now adding in your popcorn would just about make it the BEST movie chilling session ever. Yum!

  8. We loved the Land Before Time series. I remember we had a book where one of the pages had been ripped out, and we just made up the middle part each time. Why we didn’t just trash the book, I’m not sure. The movies are so cute and sweet:) I ADORE popcorn.. sometimes, when there is no one else to feed, I’ll have it for dinner.

    1. ha! I love that you made up sections of the book. I bet yours were really creative.
      (and popcorn for dinner is one of my favorite things, but it’s rare)

  9. The Land Before Time is taking it back! I used to love that movie when I was a kid. I think I made it through the third movie before I got too old to enjoy them. The popcorn looks so good, too!

  10. I love popcorn too! The first time I made popcorn for Jack, we made it in an air popper and he was jumping up and down with each kernel pop. He was so excited, and it was the first time I actually saw my excitement for popcorn in another human being. Magical.

    An alternative name for your cupcake popcorn is unicorn popcorn. In a world of popcorn, those festive bowls would most definitely be unicorns!

  11. Popcorn + Land Before Time is perfect – my girls would love the colorful popcorn. The sweeter the better for them – the saltier the better for me. Popcorn is so versatile you can do almost anything with it

  12. Popcorn is my favorite snack!! I have some most days. It’s a whole grain and very good for us. However, and it’s a big however, the pre-packaged stuff that is made in the microwave can have dangerous cancer-causing chemicals in the bag, as well as high levels of saturated or trans-fat, and way too much sodium. How you modify the popcorn with added toppings will determine if it’s a health fun snack or the makings of a serious calorie overload.

    1. It’s my favorite too! I think you’d like the way I like it best – Cassidy gets local, organic kernels and pops them on the stove in coconut or avocado oil. Maybe olive oil sometimes.
      Although I do favor a lot of butter, but it’s grass fed!!!

      Does that help?

      1. On the stove works for me. Natural butter is better than any artificial engineered stuff for sure. See you guys on movie night, lol

  13. WE love popcorn and movies! We used to watch Land Before Time with the kids and it is cool to see a new generation enjoy it. I love how you drizzled the popcorn with colorful goodness!

  14. I don’t know if I would consider myself a popcorn enthusiast but I am weak for circus, carnival and disney popcorn. something SO good about all of them!

  15. Well, I sooo love the setting of your movie night! I feel like I’d doze off there though, haha (like I always do when watching movies). So when I plan to watch movies, I’d make sure I get enough sleep first. LOL
    I love the popcorn add-ons too!

  16. We always have popcorn on movie night! Butter is the big hit for me! I remember the boys loving The Land Before Time when they were little! Fun!

  17. My girls would love cupcake popcorn. Any time I try to serve it without special toppings they practically revolt. They’d also love the movie, too!

  18. Tamara, movie nights with delicious (unlimited) popcorn make a lasting childhood memory and with your cozy movie room, its become a movie night party all together! Your kids are so lucky for having you – preparing all those delicious snacks and bonding moments.

  19. I loved that movie.. and my kids showed ZERO interest. They can’t be mine, who left them here?! 🙂
    I discovered the amazing popcorn topping of maple sugar – like actual sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, and a dash of salt! OMG. So sweet and spicy. It’s amazing.

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