The Start of Summer With Ellio’s Pizza.

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Oh boy, I remember those Ellio’s Pizza nights from childhood so well!

Ellio’s Pizza will forever make me think of the last day of school and the start of summer. With Des’ last day of school happening this week, and Scarlet’s last day of school happening next week, I am remembering my childhood more than ever. When you’re one of five kids, pizza night is interesting at best. Just how many boxes of pizza did my parents have to buy? How many times did they hear us bickering about the pizza? “They’re cut into three pieces! No, cut them into two. No a whole slab is one piece of pizza and it’s three each!” I think my parents enjoyed pizza night as much as we did.

I know I still do.

I used to babysit for three kids from about middle school to mid-high school. They were pretty wild and lived near me and the parents desperately needed nights out, so I’m glad I could help. It was the last day of my sophomore year of high school and I had a babysitting job that evening. I sat with the middle problem child of this three-problem-child family, and we sat in companionable silence, for perhaps the first time in years. I had watched this girl grow up. I had watched myself grow up. This was the last summer I ever had that was just a summer. No summer job (other than occasional babysitting). No summer camp. What did I do all summer? I don’t know but I bet it was grand. I remember sitting with the girl I was babysitting and watching the sun set over a field, as if I was watching a whole summer spread out in front of me – larger and wider than ever.

Summers feel tighter and more constricted as an adult sometimes, but no less magical. The kids make it as such.

After the sun had set over my babysitting charge and myself, we walked inside and I made Ellio’s Pizza for all three kids. And myself. I always made extra for myself. Then we toasted to the start of summer. The start of endless summer.

Last night, Scarlet was having dinner at a friend’s house and Cassidy was in Boston for a baseball game. The excitement had winded down after Des’ birthday and we knew we had a mellow night together, just the two of us. We looked at each other and said, “Deck Pizza Party!” in unison. So, that’s what we did. We toasted each other and the start of summer. It’s here.

Oh, we had such a good time! The start of summer is amazing, isn’t it? To me it’s like the start of a new era. You take everything you have grown with for several months, and then you relax and enjoy life, together. I get happy every time I see Scarlet and Des giggle together, or bicker over pizza, because I have so been there with my own siblings!

So, I say it’s time to start new/old traditions. Think back to the summers of your childhood and what made them so special. Start them up again, but with a new twist. What’s that new twist? Well, that’s up to you. The summer is open before us.

Ellio’s pizza is available in six different flavors, and I couldn’t resist buying three! It’s a convenient, satisfying as a fun snack or meal, and is also part of a wonderful tradition I’m continuing with my kids!

I love to pair Ellio’s pizza with a side salad or fresh summer vegetables on the grill for a balanced meal. Check out the store locator at the top of Ellio’s homepage to see where you can purchase it near you!

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