Waterlase Helps You Stop Fearing the Dentist!

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#sponsored Waterlase Laser Dentistry helps you stop fearing the dentist, because their procedures are faster, gentler, and heal more quickly!

It’s time to talk all things dentist!

As you probably know by now, I am very committed to regular dental care. I write about it often, because it truly matters to me. I had the family on an awesome schedule, but we got a little behind in the last two years, and we’re catching up now. Now I have three kids to take to the dentist, although Baby Rider doesn’t have any teeth yet! That’s ok because it’s important to start him on a regimen at a young age, and to also know that the dentist is an ok place to visit. Des had a fear of going last year, and we worked with him to get to a place in which he doesn’t mind going now. Everyone there is nice, it feels great to have clean teeth, and he gets to pick out a prize from the prize shelf! Since I have to go to the dentist more than anyone in our family, I am always looking into new technologies. I found something cool! I have to share about Waterlase!

laser dentistry

Waterlase Helps You Stop Fearing the Dentist!:

What is it?

Waterlase Laser Dentistry is an amazing way to stop fearing the dentist, because the procedures are faster, gentler, and they heal more quickly. Waterlase uses precise light energy and gentle, cooling water spray, to give your dentist the opportunity to remove tooth decay in a more accurate manner. For many of the Waterlase procedures, it’s so precise and gentle that it allows for less anesthesia and tooth pain. This is really helpful for my son, who fears anesthesia more than most procedures, so I was really happy we were able to find a dentist near us to use these procedures. Plus, it allows patients to keep more of their natural tooth compared to a drill.

#sponsored Waterlase Laser Dentistry helps you stop fearing the dentist, because their procedures are faster, gentler, and heal more quickly!

Minimally invasive procedures:

So these procedures are minimally invasive, and are usually completed in just one quick visit. And after most of the procedures, you can go back to enjoying food and drink without a numb mouth, or other painful post-surgical conditions. One thing I love is that a Waterlase dentist can save you the hassle of going to a specialist, or scheduling multiple dental visits, which always interferes with work and school, and in my case, childcare for the baby. Speaking of children, Waterlase’s gentle method of treatment is wonderful for them, because it’s quieter and less jarring than the vibration of a drill. I know that children really appreciate that.

For the kids:

Waterlase is really great for pediatric dentistry. This is because most children can return to their daily routines, without having to wait for anesthesia to wear off. And they can eat and drink immediately after appointments. It’s so gentle that it is even used to fix tongue ties in infants, helping them to latch and feed normally, immediately after procedure. I really wish I had known about this when Rider was a newborn, because we had so many feeding issues that I had never had before. For children AND adults, Waterlase’s kinder and gentler dentistry helps to eliminate fears and anxieties associated with dental visits.

#sponsored Waterlase Laser Dentistry helps you stop fearing the dentist, because their procedures are faster, gentler, and heal more quickly!

More of what I’ve learned:

  • Waterlase’s patented technology combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth.

  • It removes very precise amounts of tooth, without cracking the rest of the tooth. I found out that conventional dental drills rely on removing large amounts of tooth to get the job done, and the constant grinding and spinning of a drill bur can cause heat, pain, and microscopic cracks, which could possibly lead to future infections underneath the filling.

  • Since Waterlase works without contact to the tooth, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Dentists operate with single-use, disposable tips.

  • Find a Waterlase dentist near you by clicking here. I used the zip code finder, and found that not only are there Waterlase dentists in my city, but they’re also in the small village of the city that I live in.

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