Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids Roundup

If you’re anything like me, you love getting Valentine’s Day gifts for kids too!

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Stop stressing over Valentine's Day gifts for kids! We have you covered here with a list of 10 thoughtful and fun gifts to make them smile!

Ok, you know I LOVE Valentine’s Day. It will be my first one with four kids! Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids too? Look no further because we have compiled 10 brilliant ideas that will show just how much you care this February 14th. From creative crafts to toys to educational games, these thoughtful gift ideas will put a smile on your little ones’ faces.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids Roundup:

1 – Valentine’s Cards – Create simple cards with loving messages for your children:

Let your kids express their love this Valentine’s Day by creating cards for family members and friends. Pick up some card-making supplies at the store or use what you have at home to create thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards that are sure to delight everyone—especially the recipient! The best is that you can make a personalized sticker greeting card too! Your kids will love to put sticker greeting cards on their water bottles, binders, notebooks, desks, lockers, etc.

2 – Customized Stuffed Animal – Have a special plush toy embroidered or personalized with your child’s name:

Surprise your little one with a customized stuffed animal. Have a special plush toy embroidered or personalized with your child’s name! You can find many different stores online that will allow you to do this, customizing the size, style and color of the toy. This is perfect for kids who have grown attached to their favorite stuffed animal—it adds a special touch that makes it all the more meaningful.

3 – Hawaiian Ice Shaved Ice, Sno Cone, or Cotton Candy Machines:

What do kids love? That’s right. Cotton candy, sno cones, and shaved ice. And you can purchase shaved ice and sno cone syrups in pretty Valentine’s Day colors too! It’s such an affordable delight to be able to give the gift of fun snacks!

4 – Chocolate Bouquet – An assortment of chocolates and candies arranged in a cute bouquet will be sure to delight any little one!

Let your little one indulge in a special Valentine’s Day treat. Choose from a variety of chocolates, candies and treats that are sure to please. Create your own unique chocolate bouquet for a gift that is perfectly tailored to your child’s tastes. If you want to take it up a notch, you can customize the chocolate boxes with personalized photos and messages, making them an extra special gift for your kids this Valentine’s Day!

5 – For the Little Ones: Lovevery Play Kits:

We have Lovevery all over our house and I appreciate them so much. They make THE best play mat on earth. They also have play kits for babies, and no, you’re never too young to have one. You may wonder what to do with your baby all day long? Well this is it. The play kits are actually 0-4 so we have one for Rider as well. They are AWESOME. Every product is designed for learning and fun. You’ll have to check them all out here.

6 – A Date Night – Plan a special at-home date night just for the two of you and your kids, complete with movie night snacks and ice cream sundaes!

Whether they’re 5 or 15 years old, this thoughtful treat is sure to leave your kids with a Valentine’s Day they won’t soon forget. Get creative and plan the perfect menu of all their favorites − from popcorn to warm cookies and cold fruit-infused smoothies. Add decorations like melted chocolate making it extra special just for them. You can even put on matching pajamas or have a fancy dress night!

7 – Soft Bamboo Valentine Clothing:

Oh man, I have to tell you about Free Birdees! I have all the hearts and feels for them! I originally bought the Twilight Stars & Moon footies for Rider when he was a baby. It fast became my favorite outfit of his. Free Birdees uses their incredibly soft signature bamboo viscose fabric, because nothing else compares to it. It’s eco-friendly, breathable, stretchy, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, ultra soft, and can regulate body temperature. Free Birdees has over 8,000 positive reviews and limited edition prints. When they’re gone, they’re gone forever. They have sizes available for newborns – 12 years, and also have family matching pajamas.

8 – Personalized Valentine’s Day Books:

Kids are sure to love gifts that make them feel special, and what better way to do so than with a personalized book! Customize the story using details like their name, hair color, hometown and more. Surround your child with words of affirmation and show them just how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day with personalized books that talk about the unique traits that make them one-of-a-kind!

9 – For Teens: Healthier Chocolate:

Gatsby Chocolate is just.. amazing. It’s the lowest calorie chocolate around, has a variety of amazing flavors, and they just make me happy. I mean, I always say that chocolate is good for the soul, and “healthier” chocolate is often disappointing. This. Isn’t. Just try it. And tell me what you think, please!

So on Wednesdays, we'll share a what's hot list of 10 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. That's it!

10 – Gift Cards:

Give the gift of choice with a special Valentine’s Day gift card. Whether it’s for their favorite store, restaurant, or activity, your child will love having the freedom to pick out exactly what they want. Make sure to write a personalized message on the card for an extra special touch!

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