Vacation Opportunities: The Best Times to Hit the Road with Your Family

If you want to vacation with your family, you might not feel sure when to do it. Let’s talk about some best times to hit the road with your family members in tow.

If you want to vacation with your family, you might not feel sure when to do it. You’re all probably very busy, and you need to strategize.

You can usually pick convenient moments if you plan, though. Let’s talk about some times you can hit the road with all your family members in tow.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is summer’s unofficial beginning. It’s not yet summer on the calendar, but this weekend still kicks off the summer mindset.

You might schedule a road trip Memorial Day Weekend. If you have kids in school, they may have to go back for a few more weeks when you return. This three-day weekend meets your needs if you want to go camping or something similar, though.

You’ll need personal injury protection insurance and any other kinds of car insurance your state requires. Once you have those policies in place, you can all hop in the car and head out on an adventure.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is summer’s unofficial end. The nights start getting cooler not long after that as autumn rolls in around the country.

You might use this chance to take a trip with the kids and your spouse or partner. Use the last of the hot weather and swim or enjoy other aquatic activities. A beach vacation for three days over Labor Day Weekend might appeal.

The Summer Months

If you have kids still in school, they’ll have summer off. You might tell your boss you’re taking time off from work during the summer. Perhaps you’ll use all your vacation days at once.

Longer vacations work best during the summer when the kids don’t have school. You might try some international travel if you can afford it. Maybe you’ll all head to London, Paris, Rome, or even Tokyo.

You should show the kids other cultures, and you can do that if you plan your trip and save money for this special occasion. Maybe you can do it to celebrate a significant family birthday, your wedding anniversary, or some other event that matters to you.


You might take a Thanksgiving vacation and travel to see relatives. Your kids will likely get several days off from school, including the holiday itself.

Travel over Thanksgiving weekend gets hectic sometimes, so plan for that. You may hit some rough weather, as early winter storms might strike.

You can either drive or fly. Either option might work, but maybe you don’t want a long road trip with the children in the car. If that doesn’t appeal, flying might seem worth it. It’s more expensive, but you won’t hear the kids complain about boredom for hours.

These vacation times might work for you, or you might devise a completely different plan. Everyone needs to consider their schedule and work out the details. You want to make some fun vacation memories you can look back on years later and smile.

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