Using Sifter: Like Shopping with a Dietitian

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#ad Sifter is a brand new online shopping site that is like shopping with a dietician @SifterShop #GetSifting #SifterPartner #IC #ketofriendly

Oh my goodness, I’m so happy to introduce Sifter.shop.

We’ve had a lot of changes within our family members’ diets within the last year. I was pregnant and at the very end, I followed a gestational diabetes diet, even without a formal diagnosis, at my midwife’s request. Now I’m far enough postpartum to really focus on my diet and exercise. That enough is a reason to LOVE this powerful new online shopping site, because Sifter.shop makes it easy and intuitive to find, explore, and purchase products that fit into your unique personalized diet. And this includes medical conditions, allergen diets, and lifestyle diets as well.

The platform includes evidence-based recommendations supported by dietitians and doctors that cater to shoppers with a variety of health conditions. I’ve never seen anything like this.

And it’s easy to begin.

#ad Sifter is a brand new online shopping site that is like shopping with a dietician @SifterShop #GetSifting #SifterPartner #IC #ketofriendly

Using Sifter: Like Shopping with a Dietitian:

What is Sifter.shop?

As we know, it’s a new online shopping site that makes it easy to find and buy products to fit your personalized diet, lifestyle diet, and medical conditions. What I love, is that Sifter is like shopping with a dietitian, because you can easily identify foods that fit into your diet based on ingredients, preferences, or medical needs. And it really covers a LOT, making it ideal for anyone who eliminates certain ingredients or food groups, covering vegan, allergies, conditions, etc.

And there’s also RecipeSifter. This is an amazing feature of Sifter that allows you to copy and paste a recipe URL. Sifter will analyze the recipe to determine whether the ingredients align with your dietary preferences! For example, my husband is keto-style and we want to make a corned beef and cabbage recipe this weekend. This helps narrow down recipes we want, or not.


This is such a powerful tool because when you research recipes, even by using keyword for your personalized diet, like “keto” or “vegan”, etc., you still get a LOT of recipe results. It can be hard to choose which one is best for you, and that’s why Recipe.Sifter is so awesome.

How We Use Sifter:

My husband, Cassidy, has been on a keto diet for a year now! That’s a long time to really embrace a lifestyle diet, and I’m happy I can help with shopping for him. For so long, he was the one doing all of the shopping. Now that he’s back to working full-time and the baby is old enough to be on a schedule and have some help, I can also do the shopping. Well, of course, I want to buy products my husband can use! And enter Sifter.Shop! This personalized online grocery shopping platform lets you set profiles and filters for exactly what you want.

#ad Sifter is a brand new online shopping site that is like shopping with a dietician @SifterShop #GetSifting #SifterPartner #IC #ketofriendly

And you can use it on your desktop computer or your phone as well. I love that you can create different profiles within the site. That means you can have saved searches for different diets. And you can name them. I can call one by my name, or personalized diet. I can also use one when shopping for me, or for the kids. We tend to like to eat a rainbow, with tons of produce:

Click here to create your own Sifter profile and get shopping!

So, have you heard of Sifter?

#ad Sifter is a brand new online shopping site that is like shopping with a dietician @SifterShop #GetSifting #SifterPartner #IC #ketofriendly

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