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Adorable Unicorn Party Candy Cups

Guys, who doesn’t love adorable Unicorn Party Candy Cups?
These Unicorn Party Candy Cups are easy to make and are perfect for birthday parties, class parties, play dates, or just because. A fun #DIY project to do!

I’m not a huge crafter, but I do know how to compile candy and curl ribbons like the best of them. Many of you know that my mom has been an artist/art teacher for all/most of her life, but she also used to do centerpieces and sign-in boards for parties. Although that workload was a lot for someone already owning her own business and raising five kids and a dog, it’s that she has always has had a real gift for it. In fact, many times we’ve made goodie bags for the kids’ parties together. You have to bring in the pros sometimes. Look at these adorable creations:

unicorn party candy cups


Before we talk about Unicorn Party Candy Cups..


I know these recipe and craft posts are supposed to be less talky talky and more about getting to the point, but I just did that. I got to the point – these are Unicorn Party Candy Cups – and these are adorable. That said, I understand being less talky from an SEO standpoint – wanting people to share the content, and also the potentials for syndication and re-publishing down the line. I get that. Truly, I do. So, here’s another adorable photo to prove my point and add cuteness.

adorable unicorn party crafts

That’s why I need to say something and I need to say it here. I’ll make it brief and talk about it a lot more in future posts. Last night we saw Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I wrote Bruce a note on a napkin that it was our anniversary and there’s no place on earth I’d rather be. I asked him to play “End of the Innocence” – which he co-wrote and co-produced with Don Henley. They both have their unique versions of it. It’s not just my favorite Bruce (or Henley) song. It’s my favorite song ON EARTH. And he played it. He. Played. My. Request. So what else is there to do on this earth? Oh yeah – I have a press trip to Great Wolf Lodge and to California coming up. And now, we celebrate. I just needed to get that one out.

Unicorn Party Candy Cups

What You Need:

4 Clear Plastic Cups
4 Clear Disposable Piping Bags
1 pkg. Multi-Color Paper Confetti
1 Bag Mini Marshmallows—fruit flavored
Pastel-Colored Candies (I used Sixlets, Taffy, and Lifesavers)
Pink Paper, small piece
4 Bag Ties
Curling Ribbon
Black Marker

what you need for unicorn party candy cups

What You Do:

1 – First, fill each clear piping bag with marshmallows about halfway up. Tie them closed with the bag ties and cut off the top of each bag above the ties. These are the unicorn horns

2 – Then use the pink paper, and cut out 8 little pink ears, about 2 inches tall

3 – Cut 8 pieces of the curling ribbon, 6 inches long. Tape the ends of 2 ribbons together to a piece of candy. Curl the ribbons with scissors

4 – Put a little confetti into each cup and put a unicorn horn in them with the points of the bags pointed up. Hold onto the horns so they stay up straight while you fill the cups with candy. This will hold the horns up.

5 – Tape 2 little pink ears on the fronts of each cup at the top and draw 2 eyes under each ear

6 – Place the candy with the taped-on curling ribbons right on top of the cup in front of the horn. Have the curling ribbon hang down right between the ears, so it looks like a horse’s mane hanging down

7 – Lastly, these cute unicorns would be fun at any party!

first step for candy cups

unicorn party candy cups

sharpie marker

cute candy cups

These Unicorn Party Candy Cups are easy to make and are perfect for birthday parties, class parties, play dates, or just because. A fun #DIY project to do!
Looking to throw an epic Unicorn Party? Try these recipes:


So, do you have any unicorn parties coming up?


These Unicorn Party Candy Cups are easy to make and are perfect for birthday parties, class parties, play dates, or just because. A fun #DIY project to do!

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  1. The unicorn cups are so stinking cute!! And yeah to press trips and am off to Disney on one this week and will be a bit off the grid for that myself. But so excited as I mean Disney and 90 degrees just makes me so happy right about now 😉

    1. I’m so excited for you! We’re going to use the CA one to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco so I am mildly freaking out. (Ok.. majorly)

  2. Wow that is a lot to get out! Bruce, Avengers and Great Wolf Lodge! You go girl. Oh, and these are completely adorable and I know a few unicorn loving girls (big and small) that will want these now!

    1. You’re telling me! So, so much last week. This week is so dreary in comparison, although tomorrow we Great Wolf Lodge it!

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