How to Plan a Fun and Unforgettable Day Out from Manchester Airport: A Guide to the Top Things to Do and See in the Region

In this guide we’ll show you how not to be like other tourists by helping you plan a fun and unforgettable day out from Manchester Airport.

It might not surprise you that Manchester is one of the most popular destinations in northern England. The city, shaped by the industrial revolution, is replete with historical attractions and fun activities. You should know that all these amazing experiences that the city has to offer are not limited to Manchester city centre. In this guide we’ll show you how not to be like other tourists by helping you plan a fun and unforgettable day out from Manchester Airport.

Park at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is generally busy with travellers from all around the world. It is safe to assume that numerous businesses offer various services to cater to everyone. This is confirmed by simply looking at the wide variety of parking services. From affordable off-site parking to luxury meet-and-greet options —where you leave your car at a designated space near the terminals and a professional driver parks it for you— you can find the ideal deal, regardless of your budget. This discovery becomes fast and easy when you use a comparison site for affordable parking offers like Having all the potential deals gathered in one place allows you to find the one that meets your requirements from a trustworthy business and book it online in advance. Thus, parking at Manchester Airport is now cost-effective and stress-free.

Means to Exit Manchester Airport

With numerous means of transport connecting Manchester Airport to nearby destinations, you’ll have no problems reaching the fascinating sights mentioned below. The Manchester Airport Station welcomes trains from the city centre regularly. There are also many buses and coaches that reach the airport from Manchester and other major UK cities. Those seeking a bit more private transport can either take a taxi or hire a car. Of course, there is also the option of hiring a private transfer, but this should be booked in advance.

Top Things to See and Do Near Manchester Airport

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world full of fun and historical sights?

Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey is a gorgeous Georgian mansion about 20 kilometres from Manchester Airport. You can enter the Egerton family property and admire their lavish home, by exploring the historic rooms adorned with valuable art and furniture. Devote some time to walking through the beautiful gardens and observing the wildlife at the deer park.

The Trafford Centre

For shopping enthusiasts, a visit to the Trafford Centre is a must, as it is one of the UK’s largest shopping centres. Located just 16 kilometres from Manchester Airport, the Trafford Centre offers everything your heart desires —from food to popular fashion shops, golf courses, and a cinema.


For those looking to explore some of the best British towns, a visit to Stockport is a must. Located 20 minutes by car from Manchester Airport, it’s a charming town. You can visit the Hat Works Museum, the mediaeval Staircase House, and the lively Stockport Market.

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